Living On Borrowed Time.


Of course time is money, at least they want you to think that while they leverage the crap out of it down at the trade floor, that you… Y. O. U. are not allowed in, without a large chunk of shekels to buy in at least. Why would the Jews give you any of their time then is my question? Time is money, right? Jews love money, well,they actually love the control that it brings and they’re ever pushing that through the electronic rabbi inside the electronic synagogue the T.V. We all know time will never run out, not actually, but they want the destruction of Our Nations to be a triumph of their time… pfft, I don’t think so, not on my watch.

The very gall of how they parade around, Janet Yellen, Jack Lew, Jacob, Evelyn, Nathaniel and David Rothschild, among many more. I’m yet to see a picture of them help an old lady cross the street, or drop off a food parcel for a war veteran, they’ll rule it should be done and take all the credit in a false economy where they position themselves as seemingly giving something… Well check the stock market trades and the corruption in charities… Do it!!!

Their time for full despotic hegemony is running out, and our time as fleeced goyims is running out too. It’s easier for us to throw them into the sea than it is for them to do the same to us. Now here’s something for free too, in Africa now, Communist China, and we all know who brought Communism to China, right? The Jews, oh yes! They are swarming over Africa now, and the propaganda videos show this super duper harmonious symbiotic relationship between the knowledgeable and ever so willing Africans, yet they pour out of these countries where China is setting up camp. At least 16 countries belong to the Chinese economic restructuring of Africa currently. This reports lists a minimum of 20. Link.

The interesting part is while the US, Canada and Europe have been deflated of funds, save for regenerating Eastern Europe after the Perestroika Deception “Fall of the Berlin Wall”. Now China boasts to be putting billions and billions into Africa, obviously as loans, and then comes the Shetar, the age old tried and tested Jewish way of alleviating host nations people’s of their homes and properties.Link. Link. Link.

Chinese ivory carving. Ivory will be banned in China as from 2017. (see above links)


The only question is, where did all this source of money for all this Chinese booming economy, just in the past 15 years, come from, and how do they foresee the exploitation of Africa as a productive venture when they have how much infrastructure and people to feed in their homelands? The origin of the source of monies being bandied all over the world now is not from Jewish origin, and I don’t care if God owes them big time cos he defaulted on his debt payments at just 29% repayment interest. God came first. You don’t loan to the one who creates,  you think you can steal, but believe me, that shall be on borrowed time, and IS! Link. Link.


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