Left and Right Unity is Our Duty.


I grew up in a home where my father said he was Labour, or to the Left, and my mum said she was Conservative, or to the Right. What never made any sense to me amid these declarations was that my father would always conserve, possible more than my mum, and likewise my mum would do all the housework while my dad rested. I never saw the side to him where he worked like a slave on construction until I was at least 14, when I was taken to earn cash. I had already noticed these contradictions in actual living, to spoutings of political leanings. My mother was more shy about hers, typical reserved conservatism, but she ran the monies, as in any traditional household. I mean women run the money now, but they’re not so traditional in that they no longer have men with them.


We ALL have a duty to ourselves to make sure that “Charity begins AT HOME” we can’t give from what we don’t have, and the way the Jews are stealing everything the only thing we’ll have left is crippling debt. We NEED to get together as a matter of National Importance. It’s a no brainer. Come away from your sports, betting, drinking and other less important endeavours or we shall be eaten up by this Jewish machine that is tearing down great civilisations without so much as a twig of defence due to their strategic positioning at the highest levels. Come one! WAKE UP!!!

The youth are being filled with mindless drivel now in order that actual thinking, let alone critical thinking is a thing of the past. It’s a super, super easy jigsaw for the Jews and their Freemasonic cohorts to fix together for their benefits. What do they care if every woman, and child, is used in porn, let alone a degenerate virtual porn lifestyle where high morals and standards are replaced with drug fuelled gang banging and promiscuity. What kind of environments are these ways of living forming for the future? Sodom and Gomorah, and if you believe the Bible or not, everyone knows what that means. Is it sustainable? Well who’s running the damn thing?


Of course! The sneaky Jews in education, no wonder Jewish lackey, under the handling of Lord Levy and Peter Mandelson, among others, Tony Blair pushed for educating. It was never about educating, it was about indoctrinating into Cultural Marxism, not even Marxism per se, but a wiping clean of tradition to replace with despotism by proxy. Indoctrination, Indoctrination, Indoctrination. The indoctrination industry.


Come on, let’s get our priorities set and deal with the major things first.


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