Follow, not follow… Do, not do… Jew, not Jew.


Being within a thing, be it a building, a car, or a state of mind, to name but a few. Perceptions will guide from senses stimulated by environment. Finding our way alone like a mushroom in the dark. Only the pressure in natures forces us to appear from nowhere at certain times of the year in any given moment. Of course we have a little control over some pressures, but not over natures forces ultimately. There’s a wise saying that to an idiot a wise man can look like a fool, but the fool to the wise man may not look the fool, and I’ll add the idiot will look idiotic either way. With varying degrees of competence in things, amazingly summed up in the Art of War to a large extent, and in the Tao for the remainder, as well as other sources of enlightened wisdom be they as they may. What works for the carrot may not work for the runner bean, but paradoxically they both need similar nourishings to a point.

If I can see the sun, does it make me one who can boast good vision, or good eyesight. If I can hear the rain tapping on the window does it mean it may not snow. If I feel the wind in one direction to turn a corner and feel none, did the wind stop, will the wind ever return in the form that it was, or where did it go? W ‘ve al se n th e perime t wher  le  ers  r  mis ing. And we can become more bold with practice, or not, depending on our risk taking, and assessments to managing risk, actuarial science. We watch a sportsman compete against another sportsman, or teams against teams, or runners against the clock, but to feel it for ourselves is forbidden by professionalism, or we can make it for ourselves at amateur, God willing.

Is that freedom taken away from us, or simply freedoms not earned. Have we placed ourselves in prisons of our own minds, or simply not have the resources to enjoy our dreams realisations? The millipede admires the snake, but the snake about the millipede knows not how. A dog knows a cat, and a cat knows a dog, yet as stereotyped as this relationship can be portrayed, life shows us another story, one perhaps not for the market place, unless for another purpose. Link. Erring towards questions of why conflicts are promoted in the entertainment, and what correlates that. Link. Link. What brings a message of hope, of high moral standards, good business and economic ethics. Good housekeeping, accumulating wealth and caring for that accumulating wealth, looking after animals and tending to plants and gardens, or even to enjoy music, playing, writing, listening, remembering.

Obviously is obviously because it’s obvious, obviously, but is obvious always a thing consciously noticed for our attention for utilisation. A good breakdown for understanding why this and that may not be noticed by some and noticed by others, and noticed in certain ways for certain things and not for others. We may call it spacial awareness, to an extent, or ingenuity, or practicality or innovating, blah, blah… the English language has become the swamp that is causing the desert by the use of those that administer that desert in the entertainments, the media, the medical, the political, religious, accounting, bookkeeping, educating, psychiatry, psychology… the list goes on and on and on, yet all roads lead to the synagogue, Israel, the Jews, the fake Jews, the fake news. There are reasons why Judaism is very much promoting and working worldwide to do the very many things that people who study Jews and Judaism can give testimony too. Link.

This is not an area that is difficult to navigate per se, it’s exploring the possibilities in understanding the directions of the Jewish ways to do the things they have been doing, which they have preferred to do behind the scenes with knives to throats. Even by way of economic sanctioning at varying levels. Whether it be DPRK (North Korea), now Russia, or some unemployed person who chooses now the Noahide Law and it’s Shetar outcomes, but is prepared to stand by the Nations Constitution that Jews find exceedingly Anti-Semitic, given that it is usually these Constitutions that always end up getting them booted out of the very countries they seek to destroy by destruction of Constitutions through manipulation of laws in legal land.

According to this report, as an example, there were forty lawyers prosecuting. 4 0, forty. Imagine being brought to the court by forty lawyers when you are being touted as a war criminal after losing the war to the very criminals that you were trying to protect your homeland, Constitution and all from. an you imagine it? Link. And if you don’t know by now the enemy of the Axis powers was Jews and Jewry. Link. The All-Lies, who mostly were lied to, and/or arrested. Link. Link. Link.

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