Activating Electronic Currency Control


As if anything without a conscious intent in this world made up of the minds ideas can bring anything of a value, other than perhaps Tracey Emmit, Jewish genius, oy vey, having a shit in the bed, then dovetailing in what has worth should… should, be, the most natural thing in the world. So why isn’t it? Oh, well, go see a lawyer, that would be complicated legal stuff. Go see a politician, that would be complicated political stuff. Go see the doctor, of course it would be beyond his remit, but he can prescribe anti-depressives for it, he’s even taking them himself. You could ask the Priest, but by God, she’s a lesbian from Zimbungu and speaks no English even though she drives a brand new Mercedes and has a regular spot on the local radio.

Moving along from the days of nomadic existence, like say the Arabs, who have certainly done well for themselves stumbling upon all that oil there under the desert. Or Israel, that little, I would say Kingdom, but of course they crucified the King of the Jews, didn’t they. Where what when how and indeed why, is so much so complicated without being as simple as nature in life these days? Maybe we can have a seance and ask the recently departed from the longest list of celebrity deaths in the history of celebrity deaths… Man the ufo’s we’re soon off this planette.

Luckily the lovely cuddly Jews who help look after us so well will be on hand to facilitate loans from their great financier Houses for which we simply have to return to them in like kind in amounts that even the printing machine cannot keep up with.Link. Link. Link. Link.

Now for a like for like payment of goods or labour, that would be a harmonic exchange of goods or labour in return for the advancement of life. Of course all these women now going into Universities, and all the men left unprotected in crumbling Industries, then what a lovely recipe we see being put into the pot for stewing up the broth. Oh, of course, the trades and industry of the past millennia of course are not sufficient to change over to the “modern” demands, so what better than to top up the war ravaged populations than by bringing in war torn populations from places that are so bleak that people will literally walk here just to sit in a room with the ever resourceful minions waiting to foot the bill. The same minions who, of course, can’t pay their own way in the “modern” world. Obviously we need more Arab kebabs and barber shops and Chinese and Vietnamese nail “art” shops to fleece the women of the extra money they have got, now that the non-supported “Women’s movement” has had real impact. Link. Link. Link. Link.

Don’t think, don’t speak, don’t even breathe!

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