Hats off to Hitler.


As the honest truth spills over in a big gooey Jewish mess that the more we look the more abhorrent is the jew to our nature. They are truly sick psychotic sociopaths dressed up in the best suits.

From Marc Dutroux and the huge cover up there, to Propaganda Due, P2, to Greville Janner, the list of their insurgencies on us is practically endless. Now Trump’s putting yet another Jew in as treasurer for the US secretary position in the form of mortgage foreclosure terrorist, Steve Munching, backed up by the newly appointed commerce head, Wilbur Ross, The king of the bankruptcy.



Is anyone else seeing the recipe being concocted here?


  1. People can be greedy, liars, backstabbing and corrupt, but never ever will I ever believe that Jews are any worse. Muslims ARE the most vile.
    I say my prayers to God in English and Hebrew!

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