Public Health Warning for Women and Girls!


I was speaking with people in a Charity Shop and a lady interjected into the conversation, which was about how the managed decline of the local economy is so dangerous and unjustified. What the lady said, in response to me saying that working men, as valuable assets to the local economy are basically undervalued and we’re living in a human trash heap. She said that the value of women is being hugely undervalued and that she’d had to take in a neighbour, for a few weeks, who had been made homeless.

I promised I’d look into the matter as a specific group, women, which I have written about before, are indeed being viciously targetted by the zio-marxist anti-White propaganda machine, as well as the hijacking of the Public amenities within the governmental infrastructure, both local and national.

While the majority of zio-marxist useful idiots laud the cause of which they are very highly ill-informed, or misinformed, as it’s a deliberate rouse by the founders of the zio-marxist movement then both labels apply. Finding, without frustration, methods to move up in society are cumbersome, at best, and laden with manifested sabotage throughout, via governmental policy, which basically controls the purse strings.

Finding solutions to problems is easy enough, and proposing them isn’t rocket science either, but fusing the two with the governmental dept’s that have been hijacked by the politically correct zio-marxist dogma is where the problems mushroom into mountains. Such a slight thing as being unemployed is a full-time occupation, as the DWP well know, because they made it so. Fighting for survival is an option, or as many are oh so easily lured into is the world of addiction, which is very conveniently accessible for any with just a few pounds daily. Indeed, it’s an absolute endimec misfortune right now, if not even epidemic.

And, what the politicians? Where’s their conscience in all of this? Well, they’ve long been paid off and their accounts laden with the debt money in circulation currently. How does the debt currency work? Well, it all works on futures “spread across generations” is what HM Treasury told me. The whole world is in what’s called a Central Banking economy, where each seperate country pays the Jewish people a rental on the paper that is printed by the printing companies they hire, ad that bill for the use at EVERY transaction is billed to the People. It is ALL an accounting jungle, where off-shore banking has been invested into by the governments, so they can accrue enough returns to pay their bills, which in turn are our bills, but we’re not told this, certainly didn’t vote for it, did we?

The liberties taken by the governments these days stretches way above and beyond the scope of their duties, yet who is policing them? The fox guarding the hen house? The government have inflated their ego to the point where the hypnosis they proliferate has become largely unquestionable, or unchallengeable within the infrastructure. This causes tensions between the clients, actually the owners, ie YOU! And the “advisors”, who given computers cannot “do” anything, and it is merely their job to advise. They are now, agencies, not the actual government depts, as they once were, who are being funded by the public purse to appear as the Public Service they are paid to be, but due to the infleibilties of their policies, and the lack of will by those who work at these virtual morgues, does not build, or journey with the community spirit that White countries believe in and work hard to maintain.

The invading armies of brown people from Zimbunduland, have no roos here, and are therefore easy targets for the restructuring of the Constitution of the country without referendum. This means of producing mere labrats in our societies is undermining the centuries of legacy that our forebears laid out for us to pick up on as well as advance upon. The invaders have no ties to this, they are simply here to slay the benefits that they are advertised with, and to churn as much revenue from us as is possible, and that is aided by the government, the governmental departments and the agencies working for them, and no one within dare challenge it. It’s plain sailing all the way.

Of course, drugs can help stimulate the populous, so both legally, via prescriptions, or illegally from dangerous street drugs, the whole merry dance we’re being led is paid for by who? Who? Yes, yes by YOU. Y. O. U! YOU!!!

As for the women and girls who will be women, then woe betide you in your later years, when promiscuity was sold to you as the ethic to aspire to, and being the good girl you always wished to be you aspired your very best. Not knowing what can exist, against what does exist is hard to compare when one doesn’t exist. This is why we have dreams. Notice how European blooded countries have similarities in building great societies to live in, whether it be Town and Country, or the great cities organised for the convenient living among traders and commercial workers. Africa and Asia have had their different ways, that is their way, the European way is different, and cross blending, cross-pollinating is unethical and tantamount to acting with genocidal intents.

Think about what is being lined up for the future generations. Are our future generations being protected from mass invasions, obviously the zio-marxist way, multi-national corporate policies as laws, is vying for the aggressive take over of the Nations of the world, crippling the governments their by appearing to the Public at Large as if they’re like little angels, while all along they are dancing to the devil’s tune and forcing, through freemasonry and economic warfare, stricken governments to yield to their will.

There are no police to beckon, no insurance policy makers to call upon, everything is being mangled at the stock exchange to which the Jews, formerley of USSR (Communist Russia) now in New York lord over the world by manipulating stock prices. Look at modern art, property prices, the cost of living, etc. The whole thing was based on the weights and measures of corn and wheat, now what are prices linked to? The world is crazy, and notice, it’s the world, not the countries, per se.

The world is being dominated by despots, where’s your self-defence to that? The future is what we can choose it to be, that matter of choice is what’s being kept from our power, even though it belongs to us. There’s nothing we can’t do, except go to Africa or Asia and open English chip shops, we can’t even do that here. We are actually in desperate need right now to protect our trade and industry as it is continually sold to people who have no interest in our welfare, and certainly no interest in us owning our own lands, when they can. Be smart and get savvy, your life is at stake and you can form part of the changes needed to simply throw these zio-marxist government types into the sea. Together we can do! Get talking with friends, search the internet for sources, forums, groups etc. Get organised, and get mobilised. Victory is our only option. Hail Victory!


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