How can it not be the Jew?

Muh holohoaxers, they’re everywhere, Sheldon Anderson, George Soros, Jack Lew, Janet Yellen, ALL of the Rothschild’s, the Rockerfellers. The list goes on and on and on.

Then there’s the handlers, which some of the above are, but they’re also the financiers.


Above is (((Lord))) Levy, Tony Blair’s handler, and considering he was with Peter Mandelson, Greville Janner, Clare Curtis-Thomas, Louise Elman, Luciana Berger, Max Steinberg and oh so many others.

People are still confused why things continually fail to function. The competence at destroying the eco-no-money, the lack of protection in industry, the invaders from every third world country that I can’t even spell, the rapes, the drugs, drug gangs, drug wars and drug lords. Nothing is adding up, where is all the money going?

One major fact that most people overlook is the more money getting drained, allowed to be drained, rather. Then the more burden on the country as a whole and you can guarantee the aristocracy don’t want to know. The aristocracy have become the mechanism for the beginnings of the tape worm like jews to get their barbed fangs in.

The masonic lodges running the rule of the Rabbi, the noahide laws of the Halakah Laws. All seen as being a step up in the social circle, but unfortunately hoodwinked to tear each and every nation apart leaving them wide open for the super-thieves to come in and keep poking the furnace.–ZXOjc

Here’s a movie somewhat explaining the stranglehold.

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