Hitler therapy – the truth is Anti-jewish.


Everybody knows that shady secrets well up inside and get eaten up by the conscience to make us, hopefully better people. The face can give much away, or body language, even just a look tells the whole story. At the moment we are seeing the jews, as a collective consciousness, struggling to keep the lid on the black hole of lies they’ve been selling since ww2. And this is a good thing, therapeutic to clear the air, and thanks to Hitler for that.

The jews are being called many names now, as their criminal hideout burns. Noseberg is now more prevalent, and it’s going to get worse, because of the law of lucky Luciano. Lucky Luciano was a Jewish ganster who worked with the jew Al Capone. The law is, pack up if even one person rumbles your capers, because it’s game, shot and match. The jews are so full of chutzpah that their vanity eats them up. It’s not our fault, it’s their natural way.

Hitler was how most of us would like everyone to be, just normal and not criminal minded. Criminal mindedness is toxic and short sighted. Who wants to live like that? It is the way of the jew, but now they’ve brought so much heat on themselves they can’t lie their way out.

I was about 4 years of age when I first remember my mum telling me to stop lying and she told me about the boy who cried wolf. It was quite fascinating to me to be instructed against the way my mind was thinking, then she told me about conscience. This is why maths is so important to understand, especially algebra, in my opinion, as it is so useful for everyday life.

The problem with the Jewish way is it’s care free and aloof, and this is not at all how life works. The jews always had the advantage of numbers behind the curtain for influence, but the tables are turning and the jews are running out of places to hide. That’s their problem.

So, Hitler and everything that he was voted to lead for is now appearing to be a whole load of PTSD baggage lifted of us all and being transferred to the shoulders of the nosebergs where it verily belongs.

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