Media brainwashing and the Jewish connection.


Running various media outlets, TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and internet sites, including social media and alternative media outlets. There is no accidents in the editing room, everything must follow the political correctness of Synagogues Halakah Laws, Noahide Laws for the goyim. No one gets asked for the brainwashing, it comes free with the telly. It’s not like there’s types of brainwashing to choose from outside of the remote.

How many would choose for a good old Jewish brainwashing upon purchase of the new electronic Rabbi that is going to drill well home what you’re allowed to choose exists. Do the mice know they’re in an experiment and the whole thing is contrived? The poor mice in the labs never smell the sweetness of the wheat fields. It’s much the same with the Jews, who knows Jewish history in Europe before ww2? Well, largely that’s the truth, them being unceremoniously booted the hell out of every country, except Scotland, so far. Don’t count your chickens yet Jews.

My question is, when Jews have their fixation on the invisible covenant that they must obey, and that alleged covenant is claimed by Jews to give them the literal hand of God to bully everyone to submit to their yoke, I for one take deep offence. Let alone that I fly against jewey mumbo jumbo, but that the brainwashed zombified nice people around me, who deserve to know the truth, and by golly, will. Then it’s my social duty to sound the alarm.

The crux is about feedback, the crooked Jews put whatever hypnosis they can muster into prime time viewing, as obviously the TV is by far the more popular. I suggest people have no idea of slight of mouth, language patterning from NLP, covert hypnosis and the like. I’m sure people are aware of sales techniques and the hard sell, especially with cold calling. The advantage of the Jews is they have positioned themselves in strategically powerful positions as a gang. They’re well trained in operating for Jewry as it’s drummed into them at jew school. One only need look where they congregate, universities, media, politics and medical to see that to them the template is precious to keep out of public view, then they get to blame anyone and everyone.

They’re like termites and the docile ever trusting goyim never knew they’d entered through the back door to the highest echelons of society and ever society. Thank goodness now that people have a great way to patiently string events together, so whereas the odd smattering of a Jew here or there in govt went largely unnoticed, Joe McCarthy’s lawyer is a great example. In Germany Bolsheviks were jews, because that’s what Bolshevism was, as it was Menshevism, now it’s Zionism, which is in fact zio-marxism, or organised Judaism.

The Synagogue network has been crucial for the Jews to fly under the radar detector, but as time goes by evermore sensitive equipment is created and none are as good at understanding the requirements for this technology than European blooded people’s. Jews beware, fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

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