Directing the media, from all angles, disinfo and info.

Misaligning information is way to easy to be done. Think of all the words that swim about in the ether waiting to be used cleverly, or not so cleverly. But, is this even the extent of what can be made from mere words? To understand words I recall reading a court case where the Judge asked the defendant why words mean so much to him. The defendant said “Your Honour, the word not may be the difference between me being guilty or not guilty. As I am not guilty, I simply want to make sure that I am not going to hang. Good habits are worth building and maintaining.

So how about the shabby press and their one aimed message portrayed in many guises under the remit of providing the public a service? Actually, as with Shindlers List, I’ve noticed they are becoming “to pay for sites”. Why do I compare it with Shindlers List? Only that it is no longer sourcing the truth, but just creating a safe space for fiction. Link.

I do read a lot, and hopefully it’s reflected in the articles I write, but one thing I always notice, and I don’t think it’s me at all. I notice that many thousands upon thousands have to call on Hitler, the “Evil Nazi’s” “The Holocaust” (Holohoax, really). To me, this is not only a cop out, but also pandering to the lamestream, samestream media message that you know who, the Jew, controls from behind the Israeli curtain. While on the subject of all things Israel, it’s also a point of not that as things escalate t expose the Jew, so they’re struggling more to keep a lid on their criminal hideout over there protecting the Suez Canal. You know, the Suez Canal, where the Somali Pirates operate. What coincidence, pushing insurance premiums up so.

The way I see it, link, is that Trump is the willing useful idiot here. Link. Aided by all these platforms of Alternative media, that no one really knows the source of, or who’s paying them to say what they say. Growing meticulous about the message makes the message more potent, useful and pure. Who wouldn’t want that? And with the levels of intellect around these days, thanks to the non-Jewish university of the internet, where people are spending years on intricate complex research that secrets and hidden mysteries all point in one direction. Link. People ask me why am I so adamant it’s the Jews? Link. When you study and learn, with an open mind, then many, many things point to the Jews as a cultish movement, like the Freemasons, lobbies like AIPAC and both the British and Australian Bord of Deputies. Link.

I admit it is at the tip of International relations, but if you want the Truth, then that’s where it is. It’s a cruscendo gaining momentum as more and more people catch onto the popular wave now that is exposing the Jews and what they actually do in killing culture. Link.

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