When You Learn It’s All Lies.

Preparing yourself for the fallout of what has become a culture of lies, replacing a culture of honesty with the truth, at least within communities within neighbourhoods. The liars soon decimated the neighbourhoods, now the communities are coming back by ways of social media. Time to jump on board, as it’s a growing phenomenon were logic and reason marry well for the perfect pairing. All of the power of the internet is based on logic and reason, it is the antithesis of the culture of lies as born by the Jewish communities, alien to our own.

They bring with them their buffers of Africans and Arabs, who, in their own countries are hostile and violent. This is the antithesis of European culture. Europeans construct, design and build. Jews set the standards for their lot and try to push it on others as if we’re African or Arabs. True many Europeans fell for it, but they’re waking from that walking dream, and the youth brought up on the logic and reason of computer language is having a helping hand in this. To any farming types, logic and reason make perfect sense and are wonderful expressions of man’s consciousness and conscience. Fraud, on the other hand, while maybe useful in a limited capacity, ie naming stuff, when left to liberal opinion causes chaos, confusion and disorder.

Chaos, confusion and disorder are things not workable. They are impossibilities and repugnant to order, reason and logic. Would you try to feed a baby on the trunk of a tree, or drive a bus backwards through a swimming pool? No, this is the madness of liberal thinking, where nothing of any sense has value, and everything of logic and reason is trash. How on earth we’ve got to this toxic place in 2016 is beyond me, but I know for a fact we all need to pack away our false pride and prepare for humility. The politicians are all high on cocaine and bought for by the Jewish meddlers behind the scenes. We are on our own, this is 1000% clear. We must gather together as best we can using social media and other forms of communicating. We must think smart and demand results of ourselves.

Too long we are the cannon fodder of the mortal enemy of us, time to change that equation and turn the tables on them, once and for all. Tell as many as you can, we are in the most important phase in history that history has ever known.


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