Jewish Hedging on the Global Minorities Investments

In a world ravaged fighting for minorities rights, sits the Jew as the eye in the storm. The placater of events, the ring master of the giant circus, pulling a string here, and pulling a string there. No matter where he pulls the string, just as long as it gets pulled enough to upset the status quo and then the minority ticket can be activated. Of course every society wil have a minority of one form or another, and the Jew has took it upon himself to divide the societies up into countless amounts of differing groups all wearing the same or different hats at any one time. As with their comedy, link, so with all their wit throughout, dull, boring, trashy and very much relating to a toilet crowd, where the toilet is the most exciting thing in town. It’s just like in the movie Ben Hur, the young Prince had known nothing different until Jesus taught him about the heart. Jews like to be at the heart of everything to disguise the true sacred heart.

They are the Devil in that regard, trying to sell everything and anything for a shekel and failing miserably with those who see the simple nature and that it is the gift from Heaven to us, not Le Happy Merchants Jewish privilege. Imagine yourself if you wish to being in the shoes of the Jew. You want to play every advantage and every advantage is open to you in a fair and just society. The first thing you would want to do is to question the apparent fairness. Cause confusion and seek allies. So for example you want a house on a hill, but someone lives there, so, you seek where the weak points of the house dweller is. He may have daughters, so you get one drunk and sell her chastity to a soldier, then another time the same, pretty soon the girl has a reputation, which is similar to the Jewish story of Esther, but slightly different.. Or if it’s sons, simply cause trouble for them, make illegal deals with them and play to their vanities as if you’re doing them favours. Keep attacking until you get your way. All’s fair in love and war, right?

Christ was a teacher of things, Jews are the destroyer of things, why would Jews support anything Christ promotes? The Jews will have pre-empted groups at the ready, they actively seek groups that they can attach their Jewish versions of, in case they miss out. As Jesus is a beacon of goodness, so Jews are like Sauron’s eye, seeking to manipulate and abuse generosity, and always more. when people finally wake up en masse to their activities, there will be all hell to pay, and I for one can’t wait. It’s also why I so actively seek to expose the EVERYTHING they do, because they are all bums who deserve publicly birching and exiling to some sort of Jewish paradise, where they can all exist side by side, without animosity to others. Oh yes, when there are fully automated prisons and the Police are automated, and the banking, everything will be computerised logic, haha, that is not good news for the Jew, and they know it. That has been their big cover-up since time began, and they have gotten away with most things, because they’re all lawyers, accountants and hypnotists, as well as Judges and People’s representatives in governments and government depts.

The way it goes is that the Jews set up counter current type associations, or bodies if you will, and they are deliberately set up to upset the status quo for the reasons of bringing order to chaos. this is why they are ALL the Anti-Christ, because Christ is a conciousness, as Jesus was the Christ, so others can too. Most of their gumption is fuelled by privileged drop outs who don’t care much for their lot and fall prey to avarice and gluttony, especially of drugs and alcohol. Consumerism is a great thing to be utilised for the cunning Jew on the daft and docile gentiles the world over. It’s like if you’ve worked in any sales type of job soon selling becomes a thing you function at, once you get good. And with 3 billion Jews and their Zio-Marxist army on call to solve problems at anyone time, that’s a completely functioning war machine that can sweep like crazy and keep sweeping and sweeping and sweeping.

The problem the Jew has though, is that the 3 billion in their rank and file are not all committed as much as driven, and it’s like ham and eggs, where the pig is committed, but the chicken is merely involved. Now at tipping point, when the minions realise the extent the Jew has been slicing up their lives, and getting them to agree to the slicing up of it, they’re gonna be mighty butthurt. It’s gonna be like a catapulting effect, where one draws the thing back, and as the trigger triggers… BOING ~~~ off goes the wrecking ball flying through the air at it’s target, and it certainly won’t be gentiles it’ll be aiming at, haha.

As with the minorities in the multikulti diversity training camps that are being used as faux PTSD rehab centres for the fake refugees who are coming to set themselves up as the Jews own little garrisons peppered here and there until the taxi firms get the call, with no Whites working for their stupid rates of paper, that barely fund a coke habit, haha. The scripts are getting written now for the minorities to come, as is being seen in Sweden, where the cries of normalcy to be changed have begun. The fake Sharia Law drafted by the Jew for utilising in Catholic countries, baring in mind all Protestants are Catholics protesting Catholicism. I actually wonder when they’re going to give that up, and hopefully it’s soon when we’re back to the origins of Catholicism within Christianity. Link.

In conclusion, the Jews are an age old problem, in that they are problem makers. Trouble and problems being their main aims in life. even by their own admittance, link, they work very hard for our downfall at their hands. Link. They even outright say that minority rule is not for them in their home rogue State, the criminal headquarters there in Tel Aviv. Link. The thing is with Jews is they’re trained to be bullies, and like any bully, they try to take control. try to lead the narrative as they dictate. They’re despots, in that they don’t have the majority supporting them, so they need to destroy everything around them until their “cuckoo” like mechanism can take over. Link.


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