The Perfection of Hitler’s National Socialism.

Like a fine connoisseur tasting the finest foods and palatalising sophisticated fine bouquets of wine, in order to enhance measurably the experience of life by simple adjustments here and there. Like a master craftsman needs not tools to do the job for him, but for him to follow the vision of his dreams and detract away that which ought not be present and to focus in on creating the future, this is the true master. These are simplicities that have been removed from the educating of the children, and Hitler sought to replace them as an encouraging movement for the good of the People, and how they loved it.

As a child, and not only myself, I’ve come to learn, I was more drawn to what was being cast as evil to me via the TV set. Now with the might of technology I can investigate from objective viewpoints that which I could not before. Last year I travelled to Munich, quite by chance as much as by divine inspiration, I’m sure. There I actively sought out what I could find on the subject of National Socialism. I do not speak German beyond kindergarten level, and my reading of it is as much guess work as haphazardness with some words looking a bit English. But, the pictures, as they say, tell a thousand words, and in Munich there are not so many available to the Public in Public places, such as the libraries and shops that I visited. The ones that are, tell their own story, and they are very beautiful, I can tell you that.

In the Technical University campus that sits next to the beautiful Elbe river, they have some large books and even some in English on the subject of National Socialism, but you must order them. It is no big deal, but they need some twenty minutes to fetch the orders, or even overnight depending. So, I asked the librarian which books there are available on that subject specifically and a couple of general ones, which where not of much use, because they were text only. I do regret not looking inside the book “Hitler in Pictures” by a Spanish lady, where, when in Seville, Spain I found it being put back in a box on one of the many, many stalls at the Feria market, on Thursday morning. I said to the man I should return and hopefully buy the thing, for 6 euros, but it got so hot there, in August, 50+ degrees and overcast I actually left to return to England. I did find the book on Ebay though, it was selling for 2000 euros.

Well, back to Munich, where every picture I saw from the recommended books by the enthusiastic librarian, who apologised to me there were not more. I must also say, I did see his rather surprised reaction to my overt disappointment that there are basically only two books of any use to the non-German speaker and just one in English, it was actually quite amusing. Every picture I saw as I sat there, an Englishman in a German University studying German National Socialism, certainly not something others did, but one man did give a smile as I returned the books when 5 O’Clock came. He was waiting by the booth for the librarian and I saw him take a peek inside with interest after I’d simply left them at the tellers desk, as I had done the past few days, and would do again. It was nice to see the history of National Socialism is not gone from Munich completely. I also saw a very neat book in the library just next door to the Arbeitsarm, or jobcentre there too. A small book with just some high definition pictures and written in German. It was actually this book that gave me a clue there maybe more, as it was on open display in the library, at least it was after I put it there.

I did have something of a tête-à-tête with a certain individual who I was staying with. His girlfriend came to visit, with her friend, after she had been demonstrating at the G7 summit in Milan. I never saw her again after this chance encounter, but she was very excited to return to Germany and politely spoke in English as we stood together chatting in Tumblinger Strasse 62 about politics. I spoke a bit and to my surprise I was told I made great sense and had a great philosophy on life. After that, my friend dodged me like crazy, unfortunately, he was a good man, but had sacrificed his beliefs for his vanity. the funny thing about this chance encounter is the girl was agreeing very much so with my high political ideals, and wanted to give her input, which was technical in a world political sense. The point of leaving good political structures for the next generations was my gambit, and that is National Socialism at it’s heart. I didn’t name it, but I’m sure her boyfriend soon told her, and obviously she never was there again, even though she was local.

One day we had taken a stroll along the Elbe, when all of a sudden when crossing a bridge the Police went flying past, then another, sirens wailing and in what seemed to be a desperate hurry to get to whatever thing was occurring. I asked what could possibly be so urgent for the Police to be so reckless and rapid in the City Center. I was told it would be the “Neo-Nazi” demonstrations, on a Tuesday afternoon. I wanted to go, as it was in the very traditional part, but the friend I was with pulled a face and said we should go back. It was very disappointing. I have come to learn that really National Socialism is the natural way of People. and that to use it from the political platform of power is a very healthy thing for the Nationals of a Nation.

All this smoke and mirror globalisation is stagnating and aimless. It is a mish mash of whatever the Jews and their Talmud want to profess on the Nations, and apparently without free choice for those who it is enforced upon. How rancid the whole Jewish idea of such abomination in perverting the thousand years old Greek ways of thinking that formed the Western ideals for us to aspire too. Now replaced with toxic slow deaths by way of a thousand cuts, administered to ourselves under heavy inducements, using Operant Conditioning methods of persuasion, as seen in the Monty Python debate link. As with Jesus, Socrates, Galileo, John the Baptist and oh so many martyrs for the People, Hitler was another in a long line of great folk who merely wished the best. His specific fortune is, that his ideals were realised and he can be held in high esteem by those who understand the why’s and wherefore’s of that plight.

How ordinary men become extraordinary men is by means of learning and growing. Developing themselves by way of improving, never stagnating and always advancing a little bit by a little bit to eventually have conquered the mountain. Hail Hitler!


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