The Jewish Merchants pushing the hard sell in the classrooms.

It’s the perfect setting to push the Jewish agendas without interference from pesky parents, or other interfering busy bodies, how else, apart from foodstuffs, media, air polluting can the Jews poison everyone more effectively. If you’ve never been to the make-up stands in dept stores, then you probably won’t get what persuasions techniques in sales are al about. You may understand the concept, but when you are in there with the aggressive sales people there, you will get a better idea of what I mean. It’s basically an interrogation technique to break down resistance and seeking for compliance.

The beauty for Le Happy Merchants, the Jews,  about imprisoning children in a classroom for 7 hours a day, is they don’t even have to be there. They simply aim to get in the government dept. setting the curriculum, that’s their desperate goal. Keep them out of education and all the teens problems won’t occur, four and five year olds wanting to identify as the opposite sex won’t be nurtured, as it was from the Electronic Rabbi in the living room, the TV. link.


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