So what do governments do for the Jews anyway?

I thought that it’s a good time to bring about how the role of government changed from the time Roosevelt took all the money away, because Hitler had kicked the Jewish global monopoly on money into touch. There are only so many things governments can deal with. As to how they stretch those things is basically, these days, for their Masters. They volunteer into the situations they put themselves in. They have control of the magic money making machine, which they can authorise and book it to the plebs. They’re accountable to the People, in so much as the People hold them accountable, and this is the game. Link.

As the hens come home to roost, then a few home truths need to be ironed out about what’s what and who’s who. Here’s one man’s ongoing story that is entertaining in the sense that it’s a real life thriller, comedy, tragedy, all the ingredients of a hero’s tale. Link. Finding out what and how Jews hide behind every piece of paper their printing machine can create to bring deflections, distractions and misdirections is the love of the Jew. It’s very confusing to us minions who work in factories, build houses, medical, educating etc. You know useful things. It’s outside of our scope of awareness’s and we already have plenty to contend with, raising families, finding potential life long spouses, working 80+ weeks for $5’s an hour, after taxes.

When all is told it’s a pretty grim tale of working for your own destruction, and how that’s helped on by societies structure is to most mind blowing at the very least. Who would think that every politician is connected to a Jewish handler. Every leader around the world is tagged by a Rabbi. Of course the Rabbi’s will parade their Priest and Immam entourage, in a, as if it’s the normal thing to do. As if it’s accepted by the country folk, when most people haven’t a clue what it’s about,t hey just see it all as ornamental gesturing. What built this cognitive dissonance and need not to know. Well that’s to do with the formation years, and as I’s sure your very aware of, one of the leading subjects of the studies of Freud. Who said he gave up with the Irish mind. This is because it’s foreign to him, it’s alien.

So many of the Kosher geniuses have been set to blow things up, destroy thing, find ways to destroy things or send people in bids to destroy things. Einstein and Oppenheimer, Freud, Christine Lagarde, Merkel, Blair, Cameron, Obama, Sadiq Kahn, these are all Jews, despite the Jewish media claims that some of them are Muslim. even Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury is a Jew. The latest is that the toxic plebs Corbyn and Kahn, the (((Mayor of London))) are set to wage war on the good People of England now, because they choose not to have their homelands overrun with as many Non-British as they can muster between the two of them

I hope this goes someway to making people aware somehow of what the Jews do in relation to governments. Do your own due diligence and check the internet often, and you will see more information than on any other subject on the internet, I guarantee it.


Put on your 3-d glasses now!

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