Crazy Soviet Jews and the Perestroika Deception.

When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 this sparked a deluge of Jewish Zio-Marxist invasions to New York and the rogue State of Israel. Perestroika is the Russian language term for the so called end of communism, but in fact, the nice communists may not have been as truthful as we would have liked them to be. It certainly looks that way.

The Cold War period marks a humiliating time throughout modern history, as with the Long March, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and World War 2 as other notable points of Jewish disgrace. Their blood thirsty ways and obnoxious twisting of reality, link, have come to turn China into a stark and bare version of the colourful and traditional place that it was, link, also with Korea, link, Vietnam and of course Russia and the former USSR States. Some are trying to rejuvenate their traditions, but the overwhelming arm of Jewish hegemony and political control is the ever toxic buffer to that.

The crazy soviet leader currently is Netenyahu and his henchmen are, Merkel, the Hatchet-woman of Berlin, Obama, the Pansy of Chicago, Hollande, the Psycho-Arab from Algeria and Putin, so called, because he has been put in, by the Jews. Let me use this scenario to draw a picture, imagine the internet as being connected the world over, and the architecture behind it is similar to the Perestroika Deception. While everything you see on the screens appears to be correct, behind all of that the stage management is taking place. The stage management is in control of subliminal messaging and trolling of the web.

The idea is to distract, deflect and misdirect all threats to Jewish control of this planet. It is similar to a computer game with actual risk at stake. The governments following the orders of the Jewish megalomaniac and narcissistic psychos making the decisions and pulling the strings are being dragged out of their comfort zones and into the worlds eye. They are not used to being seen, and control things by the end of a gun. To find ways to stop them considerably unorthodox means may be employed. Originally the biggest fear of the Jewish controllers was Jesus. the words from his mouth gave the Anti-Jewish message and they crucified him for it. The next in the phase was the printing press, the English Civil War was a war sparked by the acquiring of the printing press. link.

From those times nothing has changed, the French Nationalist tale of The Hunchback of Notre Dame was ultimately about the printing press, that is from the 13th century. Now, we have that printing press with the internet and we are seeing much progress being made with it. D.A.K. 16.10.16. link.


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