Sweden – From Heaven to Hell

With the terrible gang rape of the girl in Sweden last Sunday, today being the 8/10/2016, and the further ridiculing of the Swedish woman, and all Swedish women, by the release of the rapists. It can be officially declared that Sweden now is in a hells hole. The incident has not been reported in English speaking countries, you may read the story here, but you made to translate it. Link. It is truly a tragedy of our time that anything like this happens, but it is happening way beyond the limits we can allow.

Obviously, all of the governments now are in cahoots to destroy the people, and none more aggressively than the European governments, with the exceptions of Poland and Slovenia, so far, and they are trapped by the Internationalists too. Of course people want to help others less fortunate than themselves, when they can, but we’re seeing a dreadful abuse of the generous nature of the Swedish People by the Internationalists who have targeted Sweden for their propaganda machine. While it is a strong argument to get clear in showing benevolence to the war torn countries victims, the people. Can people afford to have them live among us, when they are allegedly suffering from trauma. Are our countries rehabilitations for trauma victims? No, they are not, they are places where people have the rights to have a secure life  with liberty intact, without this, you can therefore help no one, for now you are collateral damage of the war and not a haven at all. Link.

Unfortunately, navigating countries is something Internationalists do as part of their self-appointed remit, and were never voted in. They have all the money in the world available, and when not, they simply print it, how can we compete without cooperation from our country men? The thought that crosses my mind most frequently is where are we going in the next 5 or 10 years following this dogma? What benefits can unending war bring? It is not so well known but during the last war here in England, children were moved to the rural areas from the cities, and the Jews escaping from justice in Germany from 1936 t 1937, were placed in the houses of people and given better rations. This is what is happening here in England now, there are calls for the war torn to be placed in people’s houses, and I know Sweden currently has a big problem with the housing shortages. The war torn people will not stop coming, the Internationalists will see to it.

What is worse is the assumed dependency on Western European People’s riches, and that they have endless amounts of resources to give forever, without limits. This is the thinking of mad men, and it is stemming from the Internationalists who instigated the EU. Internationalism is a reality of modern life, it can’t simply be discounted as something that has no place in everyday life. It has made it it’s business to be in everyday life. I will give you the benefit of my life’s history here. My father’s father was a farmer boy from the rural west of Ireland. He came to Liverpool during World War 2 and had ten children and worked very hard building the Liverpool Docks here. I am the eldest male of his grandchildren and my family no longer have the farm in Ireland. I am akin to one of the war torn people’s who are coming to Sweden now. My roots are not here, and they are no longer in Ireland.

I have come to realise that I am a victim of Soviet Bolshevism, and I believe currently all Western European countries are being put under the same kosh. It is not something I am dreaming up, it is very much real, and very much instigated by the Internationalists to grab land, the true value of human labour. From the movie Gone with the wind, or Hellstorm in Dresden, our Western European societies are now facing a different war, but war none the less, that the rest of Europe had encountered before. Even it is not limited to Europe, it is beyond, and always the same model is patterned out. We are dealing with a well honed machine of Internationalists who flirt with us and destroy us by using ourselves as their weapon of choice against us.

The first thing they have done to the Western Europeans is to cripple the backbones of the People. The moral values, the ethics and disciplining of the nation through communities has been dissipated with the version of modernism that is found as part of what the Reform Jewish movement hooked onto for the promotion of their minority people in all countries. Still many countries will not allow them to be in the countries themselves, but they are the Internationalists, so they use this advantageous position to manoeuvre their will on to the country needed to be put in line. Currently we are seeing this with the women of Sweden, they are not being raped from random events, but from strategic Internationalism, and this will grow, so please look after your women in Sweden and every country. Link.

There is a simple solution of course, in Russia. In Russia is what is called the Jewish Autonomous Oblast (Region), it is a land the size of Switzerland and is a true State of Autonomy. Link. It is a place that was set up in 1934 for the benefit of the Jewish People, for them to have a homeland and do as they will. No, they chose not to take it, but have to go to war with the British government, who were already long infiltrated by the Jewish People, since Lionel de Rothschild entered into the Houses of Parliament in 1856, being the first Jew admitted, and how things have crumbled from there. That is only the first part of the equation, and I believe it is not unsubstantial, I should like a country the size of Switzerland for my people to fall back to in times of need. The second part is that the UN are running a programme for Africans to go to Ghana. Link. Why aren’t the politicians calling for these solutions? There can only be one answer, they have zero political will, and are benefiting in the positions the sit as cuckoos. They will never stop taking and they surely will never stop implementing the wants of their bosses until we throw them into the sea.

They have everything to hand, and yet look at the mess they create. Sweden is such a wonderful and beautiful country, I lived there before and I love the forests and the huge houses, the fresh homemade breads and cheeses. So delicious and healthy. Picking berries and nuts from the forest around this time of year and fishing some nice tasty fish to cook on the stove with wood as the fuel. I don’tsee what value the war torn people’s find in Sweden, but I’m sure they are prospering very well. What confuses me is why are they biting off the hand that feeds them? Are there really plans for them to take over Sweden, or have they already done that by way of the Internationalists? My guess is that people can work out the problem, the actual root of the problem and my faith in the Swedish People is my faith in all European Peoples who wish to end the Internationalist nightmare being created to ruin our lives and our dreams.

People can make a difference, because People are the difference, and there are many, many great things happening to stop the shadow of the Internationalists increasing it’s power, and the Internationalists are also busy working away to keep up the illusions that they have ruled with since the times of Babylon and who knows when. We now how everything to stop them in relation to knowing how, and all is not what it seems, but we must be good house keepers right now and tend to the importances of self-preservation and self-protection. There is no time for crying wolf, so forget that here, it is time for becoming acutely aware of the dangers, and understanding that things can be done in the civil way as we would like them to be, and to upset the agenda of the Internationalists and their employees the so called governments. Link. Lycka till, Sveriges!


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