Plunder… part 5/10 Refugee

Excerpt… “The Jewish tribe has been encouraged to harness a career giving them access to an open cheque book that bolsters their lucrative industry while £aundering and socially enslaving us. Even the parasites anti-Semitic trick is played through the quango, a myriad of so called ‘foundation trusts’ set up to manage all societal structures. To break the back of this deceitful Jewish leased/contracted off network of quango’s, we need to assert ourselves and take back that which is rightfully ours.”

Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

My time in the sit up…..

I took advantage of this arrangement for 10 nights and was able to openly and attentively interact Nazi 2with a number of switched on individuals even though I knew I was being monitored. Discussions during my time in the sit up were varied, but a notable one taking place was the recruitment drive in full swing concerning a well-funded trade union group called the ‘Love activists‘. This group have a regular stall in the city centre, feeding on the homeless and interacting with ‘immigrant imports‘. A coordinated, solvent ‘charity’ front, they also have a discreet symbiotic relationship with the network of Marxist trade unions and occupied council. As such they were keen to offer ‘homeless individuals‘ and ‘immigrant imports‘ indefinite bed, shelter and food on the condition that they camp at a local park close to the city centre in Aigburth…

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