When You Learn It’s All Lies.

Preparing yourself for the fallout of what has become a culture of lies, replacing a culture of honesty with the truth, at least within communities within neighbourhoods. The liars soon decimated the neighbourhoods, now the communities are coming back by ways of social media. Time to jump on board, as it’s a growing phenomenon were logic and reason marry well for the perfect pairing. All of the power of the internet is based on logic and reason, it is the antithesis of the culture of lies as born by the Jewish communities, alien to our own.

They bring with them their buffers of Africans and Arabs, who, in their own countries are hostile and violent. This is the antithesis of European culture. Europeans construct, design and build. Jews set the standards for their lot and try to push it on others as if we’re African or Arabs. True many Europeans fell for it, but they’re waking from that walking dream, and the youth brought up on the logic and reason of computer language is having a helping hand in this. To any farming types, logic and reason make perfect sense and are wonderful expressions of man’s consciousness and conscience. Fraud, on the other hand, while maybe useful in a limited capacity, ie naming stuff, when left to liberal opinion causes chaos, confusion and disorder.

Chaos, confusion and disorder are things not workable. They are impossibilities and repugnant to order, reason and logic. Would you try to feed a baby on the trunk of a tree, or drive a bus backwards through a swimming pool? No, this is the madness of liberal thinking, where nothing of any sense has value, and everything of logic and reason is trash. How on earth we’ve got to this toxic place in 2016 is beyond me, but I know for a fact we all need to pack away our false pride and prepare for humility. The politicians are all high on cocaine and bought for by the Jewish meddlers behind the scenes. We are on our own, this is 1000% clear. We must gather together as best we can using social media and other forms of communicating. We must think smart and demand results of ourselves.

Too long we are the cannon fodder of the mortal enemy of us, time to change that equation and turn the tables on them, once and for all. Tell as many as you can, we are in the most important phase in history that history has ever known.


All I Want for Christmas… is Trump!

The great man, the Emperor God Donald Trump, Saviour of Nothing and The House of the Grand Casino. Running numbers on Trumps roulette wheel may seem a great bet when you have the luxury of unlimited resources and are playing for leisure as a tax payer. I remember reading Trumps famous book, which I put down after page 1, because I got what the book was about. It was about the nothing that is the brand name Trump. Trump, rhymes with flump, dump and crump which about sums him up, from what he offered in his most famous book, at the very least. I actually think I may have got to page 2, but re-read the first paragraph and put it down, as I didn’t want to catch that infection. Other than I can’t think of any significant contribution that he’s made to anyone’s life in particular?

I’d joined Trump University at the time you see. I’d just learned about how to download from torrent sites, and found the book conveniently floating there. Now, I’m not saying, just because, the book was conveniently floating in hyperspace  that it was all some cockamaney deal to rope idiots in and get them to part with their hard earned cash to, the then “Dean”, or whatever he was called of Trump University. He didn’t look like a Trump, nor was named as Trump, he was a Hawaiin as I recall. I did continue on with being an avid downloader from torrent sites though, even though this blind alley of Trump University led to a dead end, I knew there was more I could piece together from the torrent sites, but that’s another story for another day. Link, link, link.

I remember one time I downloaded a three hour long lecture on marketing strategies. I was quite excited to learn about how to structure template plans for promoting the many business ideas floating around in my head at the time, such as sustainable and genuinely eco-friendly villages. Where the Solar panelling of the hobbit styled dwellings could power for free all amenities. The vertical farming practices to make plenty of food for everyone, for free, and no cash required, as the ethic in education would be to work together to create necessities. It seemed the, as it does now, a very nice idyllic way to cohabit, and I wanted to use as a springboard for exporting the idea all over. As, at the time, late 90’s, the world to me appeared very much lacking in a sustainable direction. How naive was I?

So here I was then, rejecting the work of Trump, whose university idea seemed to me not more than a croc. Him being a multi-billionaire running a sham university, this is the conclusion I’d drawn after assessing the pros and cons, and I’ve worked on several multi-billion pound projects in my years in the construction industry. The sham Liverpool One project, which decimated the the lifeblood of the City and brought to light how far the thieving alien Jewish mafia had dug their claws in on the backend of highly dubious drug waves. Link, link, link.

Now, I’m not saying all marketing these days is heavily laden with hypnotic tags and catchphrases that advertising companies have spent trillions honing, as not everyone can afford the luxuries of such measures. No, what we’re living in, and this was so well put in the Foreword by a former FBI Agent who managed to get not one, but two sex slaves out of the clutches of the “Governmental Administration” people, we’re starve of information, we’re in an information drought. Cathy O’Brien and her daughter were both induced using Ocean Monarch mind control techniques developed at Stanford Institute and finely tuned from the university networks around the globe. Honed to such a degree as to warrant claims of unethical use, as had been claimed before with such connected an association as the Sociopathic Zio-Marxist Frankfurt School.

When the download was complete and I put it on to watch, I was hugely disappointed that it was a terrible Jewish presenter of such low class that I couldn’t go on, after he’d started his opening gambit with “just say anything, you don’t have to care”. I actually did care, I was serious, more fool me, that an actual chance existed that a man could be measured by the content of his character, how naive was I? I was so naive, but I soon savvied up and have been savvying up ever since, and not without trips. There are trips, traps and pitfalls littered everywhere, because Money has become the “New God” of society at large and the pursuit of it akin to religious fanaticism. Even drug fuelled and vanity driven, with envy behind the curtain creating this artificial type of toxic environment that no-one really wants to be in, but it’s sold as cool. Therefore warrants merits, as you simply won’t get on in the Jewish ran pond life circuit.

I’m a grown man, and I grew up near the crop fields enough to know what horseshit is when I smell it. Link. So with Trump, I did have my suspicions up, but with the desperate state of the US currently and with some pointing in certain directions by friends, I decided to climb aboard The Trump Train to see where that was headed. Well, off we choo-chooed and straight to oblivion it was with Trump having endorsed the political head of the Jewish mafia and gatekeeper of the criminal hideout Israel, Benjamin Netenyaho. So, it wasn’t exactly off to a good start from the get go. I kept posting it around, and as shocked as people told me they were, still they said what can we do? Link.

It’s literally been downhill all the way. I mean, come on it’s a no brainer, he can’t beat Hillary in debates, when the whole country knows she needs a short rope from a high platform for treason and sabotage. He has to be complicit, there’s no other way. He’s as phoney as baloney and reminds me of a young Richard Bandler who is a Jewish NLP “Guru” who has a very jaded past and all indicators from my research lead me to conclude he’s Mossad in covert operations to corporatise people into believing life is something it isn’t. The service based industry crackpot notion of how to exist is a wholly lunatic endeavour that even a five year old could see will starve the world, as it has been doing for eons. Now, I never professed to being wholly ruled by conscience, it’s a folly to think that we can, though we can aspire to it through the any teachings of it by great men who’ve left us their legacies to uphold. I’m finding I’m learning, and I’m sure others are too, isn’t this the real goal, to learn how to be?

The thing that strikes me the most about life’s paradoxes is that many of them have been placed there deliberately and are not there as a natural outgrowth of the existence of man on this planet. It’s a bully system where might is right and the despots are held in high esteem by crackpot medias who feed the beast like goons feeding animals at the zoo. The sign clearly says “No feeding the animals” but the braindead see that as a way of entertainment, because they’re not aware of the rat run they’re in and therefore miss the glory of life that is all around waiting to be discovered and shared and not manipulating the caged and less fortunate. The most annoying parts are that people have given up hope in the creativity of their own imaginations and are proving themselves dependent on other people’s illusions. You can’t serve two masters. We’re simply not designed that way.

Working together with benevolent people who accept our input as valuable is something of beauty, and I wish people to live this way. I just don’t see this with incompetrump. He’s not useless, obviously, but he is in tow. He’s not thriving from his own well spring of inspired love of the arts, he’s just some smuck from Queens who the continuing Bolshevik revolution has chosen to be their man, pitted against a has been drug running sexual deviant, and not that he isn’t. It’s well known that we’re creatures of habit, so while the fun and games of politics keep people mesmerised by the clown like antics. There are actually real positions on the chess board being manipulated in the bee hive of power struggles that EVERYONE is involved in, whether they like it or not. – “You may not be interested in politics, but politics is definitely interested in you.” – springs to mind.

Where’s the spiritual uplift, those feelings as a child that drive you to things, and not those fake feelings that you took on board because you thought they were true. It’s time to realise who we are, and why we are here for getting the true value of living in return for our existence, and not throwing pearls to swines, so to speak. Link.


Professor Marvel – Snake oil salesman.

The following detailed background on billionaire real estate developer, TV personality, author and GOP presidential candidate Donald J. Trump comes courtesy of an excerpt from Michael Collins Piper’s book, The New Jerusalem: Zionist Power in America, which was published in 2004 by AMERICAN FREE PRESS.

By Michael Collins Piper

An inquiry into the background of flamboyant American entrepreneur Donald J. Trump provides some surprising insights into Trump’s path to power and influence, for the fact is that Trump’s rise to stardom came as a direct consequence of his having functioned as hardly more than a colorful front man for some very wealthy behind-the-scenes sponsors.

Everyone knows, of course, about Trump’s gambling operations and of the wide-ranging links of the gambling industry to organized crime. But the story is much bigger than that. In his own memoir, The Art of the Deal, Trump proudly described how in 1987 he bought his first casino interests when he purchased 93% of the voting stock in the Resorts International gambling concern.

What Trump doesn’t tell his readers is what the late Andrew St. George reported in The Spotlight on October 30, 1978 (and in the previous September 25, 1978, issue): Resorts International was established and controlled by front men for the Rockefeller and Rothschild families and their “enforcers” in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and its allied intelligence agency, Israel’s Mossad.

What made the report so explosive was that this newspaper pointed out that the illegally rigged casinos were being operated with the collusion of “respectable” politicians, law enforcement officials, Wall Street financiers who floated loans to finance the gambling resorts and the high-profile gambling resort operators themselves.

St. George pointed out that many of these casino resorts run by the mob through a variety of front men have actually been engaged in a de facto partnership with behind-the-scenes mobsters who have assisted the CIA and the Mossad in massive laundering of drug and gambling profits that have been channeled into covert operations of the two allied
intelligence agencies. In return, the CIA and the Mossad, using their own influence, have provided “protection” for the illegally fixed gambling operations, preventing law enforcement authorities from cracking down on this corruption.

Where does would-be president Trump fit into the picture? To find the answer, one must turn to the murky origins of Resorts International.

Resorts evolved from a CIA front company set up in the early 1950s by then-CIA director Allen W. Dulles and his close associate, three-term New York Governor Thomas E. Dewey, political functionary in the so-called “Rockefeller Republican” wing of the GOP.

The front company in question was the innocuously named Mary Carter Paint Company, which operated a national chain of paint stores but was set up to function as a covert CIA money-laundering operation.

In 1958-59 Dewey and a number of associates used a reported $2 million in CIA funds to buy a controlling interest in the Crosby-Miller Corporation (headed by Dewey friend James Crosby), which was then merged with Mary Carter.


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Among other things, the new corporation laundered CIA money for arming the anti-Castro Cuban exiles. The company also launched into lucrative casino gambling enterprises in the Caribbean where the CIA was quite active during that period, having engaged the Lansky crime syndicate in now-thoroughly documented and widely known plots to topple Fidel Castro who had enraged the mob by closing down its Cuban gambling enterprises.

Thus it should be no surprise that in 1963, Alvin I. Malnik, a top henchman of crime syndicate boss Meyer Lansky, was found to be closely connected to the operations of Mary Carter Paint.

In 1963, Mary Carter Paint spun off its paint division and during the next several years began developing its casino operations, particularly in the Bahamas. In 1967-68, Mary Carter Paint officially changed its name to Resorts International and began massive international expansion. The Spotlight determined that several principal investors provided the funds and assets for the venture:

• Meyer Lansky, the acknowledged “chairman of the board” and chief financier of the underworld gambling syndicate, who maintained his own longstanding ties to not only Israel and the Mossad, but also the CIA and the American intelligence community;

• David Rockefeller, head of the Rockefeller financial empire, who provided his family’s clout and CIA and global banking connections to assist in the operation;

• The Investors Overseas Service (IOS), then the world’s largest flight-capital conglomerate, controlling assets worth $2.5 billion.

• Tibor Rosenbaum, who was not only the Mossad’s Swiss-based chief financier behind covert arms deals but also the head of the Banque De Credit Internationale of Geneva, the Lansky syndicate’s chief European money laundry; and

• Baron Edmond de Rothschild of the European banking family and a personal business partner of Rosenbaum in Rosenbaum’s Mossad-related ventures ranging far and wide; and lastly,

• William Mellon Hitchcock, one of the heirs to the Mellon family fortune (one of America’s largest private family fortunes, which, for many years, has also maintained close ties with the CIA).

Resorts International expanded by leaps and bounds and soon became one of the most profitable of all the gambling enterprises, and by 1970 the underworld figures who were running the casinos (in league with their behind-the-scenes partners) began moving to expand casino gambling in the United States.

Mob chief Lansky called a high-level meeting of gambling syndicate figures in Acapulco, Mexico and there the assembled mobsters pinpointed the fading resort of Atlantic City as their first new target. (Prior to that time, of course, the mob had already established Nevada as the only outpost of legalized gambling on U.S. soil.)

In the wake of this meeting, the resources of Resorts International were used (publicly and privately) to begin the lobbying campaign that resulted in the legalizing of gambling in Atlantic City and once the New Jersey legislature opened up the Garden State, Resorts moved in.

In 1987, upon the death of longtime CIA front man James Crosby, the nominal head of Resorts International, up-and-coming young New York real estate tycoon Donald Trump stepped into the picture and bought Crosby’s interest in the gambling empire.

Trump soon became a household name, with his colorful personality and his insistence upon naming a variety of luxury hotels, apartment houses and other commercial ventures after himself. But while the name “Trump” appeared in the headlines, the names of the real movers behind Resorts International remained hidden from public view.


Jewish Hedging on the Global Minorities Investments

In a world ravaged fighting for minorities rights, sits the Jew as the eye in the storm. The placater of events, the ring master of the giant circus, pulling a string here, and pulling a string there. No matter where he pulls the string, just as long as it gets pulled enough to upset the status quo and then the minority ticket can be activated. Of course every society wil have a minority of one form or another, and the Jew has took it upon himself to divide the societies up into countless amounts of differing groups all wearing the same or different hats at any one time. As with their comedy, link, so with all their wit throughout, dull, boring, trashy and very much relating to a toilet crowd, where the toilet is the most exciting thing in town. It’s just like in the movie Ben Hur, the young Prince had known nothing different until Jesus taught him about the heart. Jews like to be at the heart of everything to disguise the true sacred heart.

They are the Devil in that regard, trying to sell everything and anything for a shekel and failing miserably with those who see the simple nature and that it is the gift from Heaven to us, not Le Happy Merchants Jewish privilege. Imagine yourself if you wish to being in the shoes of the Jew. You want to play every advantage and every advantage is open to you in a fair and just society. The first thing you would want to do is to question the apparent fairness. Cause confusion and seek allies. So for example you want a house on a hill, but someone lives there, so, you seek where the weak points of the house dweller is. He may have daughters, so you get one drunk and sell her chastity to a soldier, then another time the same, pretty soon the girl has a reputation, which is similar to the Jewish story of Esther, but slightly different.. Or if it’s sons, simply cause trouble for them, make illegal deals with them and play to their vanities as if you’re doing them favours. Keep attacking until you get your way. All’s fair in love and war, right?

Christ was a teacher of things, Jews are the destroyer of things, why would Jews support anything Christ promotes? The Jews will have pre-empted groups at the ready, they actively seek groups that they can attach their Jewish versions of, in case they miss out. As Jesus is a beacon of goodness, so Jews are like Sauron’s eye, seeking to manipulate and abuse generosity, and always more. when people finally wake up en masse to their activities, there will be all hell to pay, and I for one can’t wait. It’s also why I so actively seek to expose the EVERYTHING they do, because they are all bums who deserve publicly birching and exiling to some sort of Jewish paradise, where they can all exist side by side, without animosity to others. Oh yes, when there are fully automated prisons and the Police are automated, and the banking, everything will be computerised logic, haha, that is not good news for the Jew, and they know it. That has been their big cover-up since time began, and they have gotten away with most things, because they’re all lawyers, accountants and hypnotists, as well as Judges and People’s representatives in governments and government depts.

The way it goes is that the Jews set up counter current type associations, or bodies if you will, and they are deliberately set up to upset the status quo for the reasons of bringing order to chaos. this is why they are ALL the Anti-Christ, because Christ is a conciousness, as Jesus was the Christ, so others can too. Most of their gumption is fuelled by privileged drop outs who don’t care much for their lot and fall prey to avarice and gluttony, especially of drugs and alcohol. Consumerism is a great thing to be utilised for the cunning Jew on the daft and docile gentiles the world over. It’s like if you’ve worked in any sales type of job soon selling becomes a thing you function at, once you get good. And with 3 billion Jews and their Zio-Marxist army on call to solve problems at anyone time, that’s a completely functioning war machine that can sweep like crazy and keep sweeping and sweeping and sweeping.

The problem the Jew has though, is that the 3 billion in their rank and file are not all committed as much as driven, and it’s like ham and eggs, where the pig is committed, but the chicken is merely involved. Now at tipping point, when the minions realise the extent the Jew has been slicing up their lives, and getting them to agree to the slicing up of it, they’re gonna be mighty butthurt. It’s gonna be like a catapulting effect, where one draws the thing back, and as the trigger triggers… BOING ~~~ off goes the wrecking ball flying through the air at it’s target, and it certainly won’t be gentiles it’ll be aiming at, haha.

As with the minorities in the multikulti diversity training camps that are being used as faux PTSD rehab centres for the fake refugees who are coming to set themselves up as the Jews own little garrisons peppered here and there until the taxi firms get the call, with no Whites working for their stupid rates of paper, that barely fund a coke habit, haha. The scripts are getting written now for the minorities to come, as is being seen in Sweden, where the cries of normalcy to be changed have begun. The fake Sharia Law drafted by the Jew for utilising in Catholic countries, baring in mind all Protestants are Catholics protesting Catholicism. I actually wonder when they’re going to give that up, and hopefully it’s soon when we’re back to the origins of Catholicism within Christianity. Link.

In conclusion, the Jews are an age old problem, in that they are problem makers. Trouble and problems being their main aims in life. even by their own admittance, link, they work very hard for our downfall at their hands. Link. They even outright say that minority rule is not for them in their home rogue State, the criminal headquarters there in Tel Aviv. Link. The thing is with Jews is they’re trained to be bullies, and like any bully, they try to take control. try to lead the narrative as they dictate. They’re despots, in that they don’t have the majority supporting them, so they need to destroy everything around them until their “cuckoo” like mechanism can take over. Link.


Ich kämpfe (I Fight!)

This book was presented to every new member of the NSDAP. After WWII the Allies tried to burn it. Included are articles by Philipp Bouhler, Alfred Rosenberg, Robert Ley, Viktor Lutze and Joseph Goebbels, quotations of the Führer, a description of the National Socialist way of life, a statement of purpose, a listing of important NS dates, a brief history, an honor roll of martyrs of the Movement, the Pledge of Loyalty, words to the Horst Wessel Song, and more.Heil Hitler!

Source: Ich kämpfe (I Fight!)

Gottfried Feder – National Social economist

You will like this – Gottfried Feder created the goal of “Brechung der Zinsknechtschaft” (Destruction of Interest Slavery)

Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

Gottfried Feder – Social National economist anti Jewish Zionism..

(1) nationalization of banks and the issuance of debt-free money;
(2) institution of a monetary work standard;
(3) creation of a debt-free, non-inflationary system of public works; gottfried-feder-intrest-free-money
(4) establishment of a defined economic border; and
(5) barter in international trade.

Gottfried Feder created the goal of “Brechung der Zinsknechtschaft” (Destruction of Interest Slavery) which took Hitler to power —
In 1932 Gottfried Feder wrote:


Understand this clearly ! In all areas, in our iron and coal industry, clothing and textiles, stone and earth, mining and shipping, wood and glass, in our construction industry, in the gigantic chemical factories, in our formerly internationally dominant electrical industry, in our machine and locomotive factories, dockyards and paper factories, transportation and food industries ; short and sweet, in the infinitely…

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Wandering Jews come home.

Excellent subject, it’s very much the answer to ridding the world of the war pests and keeping them in their “safe space”

Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

birobidjan-titre Did you know Jews already had a homeland the size of Switzerland ?…. No, not Madagascar….. Birobidzhan” ”yes!.

”The Jews of Birobidzhan”, ”Calling Israel!” ”Calling Israel!”….”A calling to all Jews….While all our  Jews globally wolf cry a failing Ho£o’cau$™®©lament of victim hud, we still have plenty of room here in Birobidjan the Capital City of the eponymous Jewish autonomous Oblast of the Soviet Union for your resettlement”… ”Yes, Siberia” ….. “So now its all a rocki’n please come a knocki’n” ……”and the world, surprising once known, will support the Jewish Zionist resettlement in an instant!!!!!”

Jewish Policing London The Shetar works in the interest of Jews. Jewish Policing London 2015.

Meanwhile across the globe we see and feel a rise in Jewish awareness to all their self anointed supremacy, skulduggery and covert power structure over the gentile, that awareness they use as a sign of Anti Semitism and make…

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What Politicians Can Match?

Here are some words to compare to the boring, boring poisonous blaggards who poise themselves as politicians these days. I swear they’re all from the lowest form of pirate stock imaginable. everyone of them has been compromised by the Jewish International Mafia and only the sway of Public opinion can humiliate them into submitting their resignations, en masse, and crawling back under the rocks they have crawled from. In the pursuit of great destinies, then actual workable models that function as they’re supposed to are required, not least demanded. Please compare your politicians with the great words you are about to read here.

– German Youth!
For the third time you have assembled for this parade, over 50,000 representatives of a community which is growing larger year by year. The importance of those you represent here each year has constantly increased. Not just in terms of numbers; no, we see it here, in terms of value. When I think back to our first parade and to the second and compare today’s parade with those, I see the same development which we can see in all other aspects of German national life today. Our People are becoming visibly more disciplined, fit and trim, and our youth is beginning to follow this lead. The ideal of what a man should be has not always been the same even among our People. There were times – they seem to be long ago and we can scarcely understand them – when the ideal young German was the young fellow who could handle his beer and his liquor. Today, I can say with joy that we no longer idealize the young fellow who can handle his beer and liquor but the young man who can face any weather, the tough young man. For what matters is not merely how many glasses of beer he can drink, but how many blows he can withstand, not how many nights he can spend doing the rounds of the bars and pubs but how many kilometers he can march. Today the German People’s ideal is no longer your average beer-drinker but the young men and girls who are fit and trim.
What we want of our German youth is different to what was wanted in the past. In our eyes the German youth of the future must be slim and trim, swift as a greyhound, tough as leather and hard as Krupp steel. We have to educate a new type of person so that our People are not destroyed by the symptoms of the degeneration of our time.
We do not waste words, we act. We have begun to educate our People in a new school, to provide them with an education which begins in youth and is never-ending. In future a young man will be transferred from one school to the next. Schooling will begin with the child and will end with the old veteran of the movement. No one shall say that for him there is a time when he can be left entirely to his own devices. It is the duty of each of us to serve his People, it is the duty of each of us to prepare himself for this service, to toughen his body and to prepare and strengthen his mind.
And the earlier this preparation begins, the better. In future we shall not waste ten or fifteen years in the German education system and then be forced to correct previous unfortunate mistakes. It is our intention and we have the will to inculcate in the hearts of our young the spirit which we in Greater Germany would like to regard, indeed do regard as the only possible one, the one which we want to see survive into the future and which we shall see survive. This is not merely our wish, this is what we shall accomplish. And you are part of this development, much fitter and much tougher than three years ago. And I know that this will continue to improve in the coming years.
A time is coming when the German People will look at its youth with great joy; we will all enter our mature years free of anxiety and with complete confidence, happy because we are profoundly convinced, we know that our lifelong struggle has not been in vain. Behind us others march on. And their spirit is our spirit. They have our resolve, our toughness, they are true representatives of the life of our race.
We will make ourselves tough enough to withstand any storm. But we shall never forget that all our virtues and all our strength can achieve their combined effect only by obedience to a single will and one command. It is not by chance that we are all standing here now. It was not because each individual did what he wanted. You came here because you were summoned by an order from the Supreme Commander (Reichsjugendführer) of your movement and because this command was echoed in a thousand individual commands. And because each one of these commands was obeyed, an organization has formed from millions of individual young Germans and tens of thousands of your fellow members of this organization in Germany have come here today to form this rally, this parade. Nothing can be achieved unless one will commands which others must always obey, from the highest to the very lowest. And this, together with physical education and the toughening process, is our second great task.
We are a body of followers, but as the word implies, to follow means to show allegiance. We must educate our entire People so that if at any time anywhere one person is destined to command, the others recognize that it is their duty to obey, because the very next hour it may be their turn to give orders, and this they can do only if in turn others obey them. It is the expression of a nation state which speaks with the voice of authority, not of a weak and wordy democracy, but an authoritarian state in which everyone is proud to have the privilege of obeying, because he knows: if I have to give orders, I shall be obeyed in precisely the same way. Germany is not a chicken coop where everyone runs around and cackles and crows. We are a People who from an early age learn discipline. If others do not understand us, this need not be our concern. It has never been the worst things in the world that most people did not understand, quite the contrary.
We have not put our hands in our laps and said: “That’s something we simply are incapable of doing; nothing more can be done about it.” No: something can be done! And we have done it! And you, my boys and my girls, you are the living proof of the success of what we have done. You are the proof that this idea has taken root in the German Reich and you are the proof that this idea has now been realized. Believe me, there will come a time, when German youths will have wonderfully healthy and radiant faces, healthy, open, honest, brave and peace-loving. We are not a bunch of rowdies. If the rest of the world misinterprets our discipline, we cannot help that. This discipline will cause the world less trouble than the parliamentary democratic chaos of our times! We are following our own path and have no desire to cross anyone else’s path. Let the others not bother us on our way. That is the only precondition for our love of peace. Do harm to no one and let no one harm us!
If we in this way map out and put in place the path that the German People will follow in life, I believe that there will gradually develop and grow within other nations an understanding of such decency, and this understanding will induce one or the other of them to offer us their hand as brothers. Let us, however, never forget that friendship is deserved only by the strong and granted only by the strong. And so let us make ourselves strong, that is our watchword. And you have a responsibility to me to see that this wish is fulfilled. You are the future of the nation, the future of the German Reich!
“Not just in terms of numbers; no, we see it here, in terms of value”.
Fuehrer Adolf Hitler, Nuremberg.
September 21, 1935

My own commentary on the above speech:- If, the eyes are the windows to the soul, then words are the doorways, and by reading Hitler’s words, we can see how he saw, and feel how he felt. His visionary spirit is clear and focused. He sees value in building on potentials and capitalising on the knowledge of how to be fit and healthy using politics as the platform of education. This is exactly how politics can, should and must be done. I’m sure his is not the only model, as with Frederick the Great, of Prussia, Tsar Alexander lll of Russia, Presidents Jackson, Mckinley and Kennedy to name some of the US presidents. The Emperor of Japan before the Edo period, many emperors of China during the Qing, Ming, Sung, Tang and Qin dynasties. Indeed this is the method of posterity that sits as a self-perpetuating insurance policy for posterity.
What impresses me further, is that for these levels of concentrated effort, Herr Hitler could not have been a phoney. He obviously has taken the time with great efforts in studying these matters of High Office that are generally boxed away and taught only to direct heir apparent. How often, when we have an heir and a spare, we see the spare heir aloof, degenerate and caring nothing for his own position as a potential platform to spread great wisdom. Princess Margaret of Kent, Prince Andrew and now Prince Harry. All revellers, yet here we have a man who had been in pursuit of his art and suffered greatly in that pursuit. Only then to be needed in war and further then later sent to jail.
I remember growing up and watching the Wild West films from America and how revered these films were by the English for their content. It seems we have lost the affinities to Our own backbones and being kicked around like a dog is what we seek to pay for, such is the inverted capacity of our understandings of what society should be. Where the drug lord is seen as the benevolent, the drug business taken as legitimate and charities set up as fronts parading on the TV’s to present such goading of the victory of inverting for the liars, cheats and murderers that were once guests of the Kings, and now the ruling jesters of the Courts of the same Kings.

Further, here’s some commentaries made on the achievements and aims met by the NSDAP under Adolf Hitler, just remember to keep those comparisons to modern day politicians in mind, thanks.

– What did Hitler’s Germany do for the People of Germany?

Read on:- Residential homes for people were given top priority in the Third Reich. In the years 1933-1937 more than 1,458,179 new houses were built according to the highest standards of the time. Each house was no higher than two floors and had a small garden for the cultivation of flowers or vegetables because Hitler did not want people to lose contact with the soil. The construction of multi-family houses was not advised. Rental payments for housing construction were not allowed to exceed 1/8 of the income of an average worker.

Newly married couples were paid interest-free loans of up to 1,000 RM (Reichsmark) for the purchase of consumer goods. The loan had to be repaid at 1% per month, but 25% of the loan was issued for each new born child. So if a family had four children, the loan was paid in full.

The same principle has been applied with regard to housing loans which have been issued for a period of ten years at a low interest rate. The birth of each child also led to the deletion of 25% of the loan to the fourth child, with which the loan debt was completely canceled.

The farmers also benefited. Between 1933 and 1936 more than 91,000 farmsteads were built in Germany. In 1935 the agricultural inheritance law was introduced. It ensured that all holdings larger than 15 hectares would only be transferred by family reunion.

All trade unions were united into an organization called Deutsche Arbeitsfront (German Labor Front). The rights of workers were protected by a Social Court of Honor, which laid down the conditions of employment. These schemes were better than any comparable legislation in the world at that time – and even to this day. As a result of the harmonious relationship between employer and employee there were no more strikes.

Taxation of workers, especially those with families, has been greatly reduced.

The Reichsarbeitsdienst was created 1934 under the direction of Konstantin Hierl. It initially served to combat unemployment. Later he was required for all men between 18 and 25 years of age for a period of six months as compulsory. Its members came from all classes of society. He served for various civil, agricultural and construction projects. One of his main goals was to communicate camaraderie.

The organization mother and child was created for the welfare, health, safety and financial support of pregnant women and mothers with children. To support their needs, more than 30,000 local centers, kindergartens, children’s day care centers have been provided. Mothers with inadequate funds were paid child benefits.

On July 14, 1933, the law for the prevention of hereditary offspring was created. This law promoted the spread of valuable, healthy newborns, and at the same time prevented a progeny of hereditary people, which meant a heavy burden on the community.

For the young people (10 to 13 year old boys), the Hitlerjugend (14 to 18 year old boys), the Jungmädelbund (10 to 13 year old girls), and the federation of German girls (14 to 18 year old girls), organizations were established to sign And prepare young people for citizenship and nation.

Sports and recreation were actively promoted. All major commercial and public concerns with recreation in shipyards, sports grounds, swimming pools, modern canteens with separate smoking rooms were freely provided. In August 1936, the Olympic Games took place in Berlin and were a complete success. Germany was the most successful nation with 100 medals, including 41 gold.

Summer camps were provided at subsidized prices, while sea voyages on large cruise ships abroad were made possible with the “Kraft durchFreude” program. These journeys were available to workers earning more than 300 RM per month, but those workers who earned 200 RM or less were preferred. The British government did not allow these ships to dock in England, for fear that their oppressed workers would learn the truth about working conditions in Germany.

Most Christian confessions were tolerated in Hitler’s Germany, and the two great churches, the Evangelical Lutheran and the Roman Catholic, were subsidized by the state. On September 10, 1933, Hitler decided a concordat with the Vatican.

Since churches are focused on spiritual things rather than on secular matters, worshipers returned to their church in increasing numbers. During the Third Reich, 640 new churches were built. It was not unusual for a priest or priest to complete his ministry with the words “God Bless The Leader”.

(Remark by Thyl Steinemann: Imagine, today a priest in the pulpit would complete the service with the words “God bless our government!”)

In the winter of 1933-1934, the winter relief was known as a great relief for the work. This was done to help the millions of poor and unemployed. Those who had a job were asked to donate a small portion of their wages to the unemployed in exchange for a glass or a wooden badge. On the first Sunday of each month, families with a good income prepared a stew dish and donated the money for fuel, etc. to the needy, who could enjoy a hot meal in a large common kitchen. More than 17 million unemployed, day laborers were widows and orphans who were supported by these charitable efforts of the people.

In terms of crime, one of Hitler’s first antitags was to disarm the police and remove their rubber nicks. He did so to make people feel less threatened and gain more understanding of the role of the police. At the same time, a law relaxed the private possession of weapons. Crime fell to very low levels, while drug addicts were unknown.

The protection of the rights of the animals was an important concern of the National Socialists, who created a law in this sense, namely the Reichstiersschutzgesetz. The Reichsnaturschutzgesetz was a notice of 26 June 1935. It was one of the most progressive laws of its time and included the long-term forest management, which is still used today for the reforestation of forests.


Ernst Zündel: The Hitler We Loved and Why

Ernst Zundel is a man who studied Adolf Hitler very closely and was not swayed by post-war propaganda to blacken the name of a man he wished to learn about independent from biased rhetoric.


“A single will is bound the mightOf millions living, millions dead.In a single Faith is joined the forceOf countless million anxious souls.In a single hand the warm saluteFrom joyful throngs of outstretched hands;In a single fist the bold demandOf endless ranks of hardened fists;In a single heart the storm and lightOf all a people’s fearless hearts.With the thund’ring might of pealing bellsHis voice resounds throughout the world.The world will listen…

Gerhard Schumann (translated from the German by Luther Williams)

At no time in recorded history has a leader, a wielder of power in human terms, not as popular figurehead or celebrity, had such a closeness to his followers, his entire people, as did Adolf Hitler. It can only be called a love relationship.

What, other than love, can explain the German people’s glad welcome of this humble, but thoroughly dedicated savior from the Eastern Marches? What, other than love, can explain how the people of greater Germany remained with him in bad times and in good, for better or for worse? What, other than love, can explain the fact that those who remember him love him still?

We loved him because he stood for the best that was in us, and as our Leader, demanded of us our best. It was never Hitler’s Germany. It shall always be: Germany’s Hitler, the man loved by his people.

This is why we loved him…

We loved him because he loved us and our children.

We loved him so much that we, the young and not so young, made pilgrimages to his home in the Alps – not to ask him for favors, but merely to catch a glimpse of him and to be near him.

We loved him because he was a good listener and lived simply.

We loved him because he spoke the unspoken thoughts of our souls in such a way that all could understand. He did not “over-simplify” our problems. He clarified them. He did not beguile us with cheap solutions and easy panaceas, for there were none. He did not “guarantee” us a better world. He asked us to FIGHT for one. Fight we did, for we who heard him knew he was right.

We loved him because he was honest. He did not expound the supposed virtues of democracy and then corrupt the process with purchased votes.

We loved him, not because he was a “great dictator”, but because he was a great teacher, a living example of the order he preached. Without order, nothing can exist. How well we who had suffered knew this lesson! But when there is no basis for instruction, no racial pattern, no heredity, the lesson of order cannot be learned, no matter how brilliant the instructor. He taught us this all-important truth of Race. Hitler’s inspiration kindled our racial potential for construction and creativity. His order was not imposed upon us. It came from within.

We loved Hitler because he was a White Man. He practiced our White virtues of forthright honesty and his actions matched his words. If something was filth, he disposed of it as filth with sanitary thoroughness. He did not enshrine the excrescence of sick minds. He was not ashamed to burn shameful enemy propaganda which was aimed at the destruction of our souls.

He was not like our racial enemy and his democratic stooges who preached freedom of the press and practiced suppression.

We loved him because he replaced the wasteful idleness of our penal system with productive labor and punishment with redemption. Even habitual criminals fulfilled useful roles in our society, roles which even they could look upon with pride. Not only did he save us from them, he saved them for us.

We loved him because he protected us from religious charlatans — preachers for profit who posed as prophets of God in order to batten like vampires on the trust of simple believers.

We loved him because he defended us against the racial enemy’s campaign to spread perversion among us. He knew that sexual perversion was poison and that enough of it could kill any race.

We thanked him for removing from circulation the many Jew smut publications which championed all manner of sexual deviation, including abortion, in the name of “freedom of the press.”

We loved him because he removed our alien dominators and place them back among their own kind.

We loved him because he freed us from those corrupted by gold and replaced them with able and incorruptible men.

We loved him because he did not surround himself with persons who sought idle privilege, but who sought instead the privilege of serving us. No means of helping our people was too humble for our “high and mighty” leaders. We contributed freely, for we loved our leaders almost as much as we did our Leader.

We loved him because he made our police force work for us, not against us. Our young learned that our police were not against us, but a necessary help in the establishment of a healthy society. Certainly, all available help was necessary to protect the honest citizens from the machinations of traitors, secret societies and minority pressure groups. We supported our police because they were German police, working for German government. Thus, we required far fewer police to “maintain public order” under Hitler than we do today, under alien domination.

We loved him because he did not persecute our enemies, but prosecuted them. without fear or favor, according to law — our law.

We loved him because he saved us from the alien invaders who promoted the extinction of our Race, the White Race.

We loved him because he kept our entertainment media free of the perversion of race-mixing and race suicide.

We loved him because he used the entertainment media to educate us about life and true values. The themes were uplifting in ways which were never dull. Best of all, they were OUR plays and films, by OUR people.

We loved him because he taught us the truth about Race and proved, even to skeptics, that the White Race is the founder of all great cultures and civilizations and that race-mixing is the great destroyer.

We loved him because he hid nothing from us. He was confident in our strength to face the worst atrocities our enemies had to offer — and surmount them with courage and determination.

We loved him because he taught our Fellow White men, the Poles, the truth about their Jewish Soviet “liberators.” He showed the world the ghastly face of communism by revealing the Katyn Forest Massacre of the Polish officer corps and by proving forever the guilt of the Soviet system.

We loved him because he had bold plans which benefited man and harmonized with nature.

We loved him because he gave us the best roads in the world, envied and emulated by other peoples ever since. Not only did he give us roads, but a cheap, practical car to run on them, the Volkswagen: the People’s Car.

We loved him for giving us honest money and thereby saving our jobs, our homes and our industry. He made our lives not only bearable, but fruitful.

We loved him because he did the Work of the Lord, by driving the money-changers out of our country. He taught us that true wealth is not based on gold nor upon credit. but upon the productivity of our land and people. Honest money is only possible with honest men. No system of law or gold can protect us from criminals in government. There is no substitute for honest men.

We loved him because he wrested the creation of our money away from the Jews, like his American predecessor, Abraham Lincoln. He restored our economy to peacetime prosperity. It was not preparation for war that ended our depression. Where the Jews retained their money power, the depression worsened. Unemployment rose drastically in America and Britain at this time. As the British military strategist, Liddell Hart, maintained: The last thing Hitler wanted was war. But war came at last. and none too soon for the Jewish bankers! War was declared by Britain in 1939, but little fighting occurred. Britain announced Jewish terms for ending the war: Kill Hitler and return to the international gold standard. For Germany, the choice was certain death by starvation or possible death in battle.

The Jewish bankers had created massive unemployment in our country, just as they had done in England, France, America and throughout the world. They did this by decreasing the supply of money, which our racial renegade governments had allowed them to control entirely.

Before Hitler came to power, 7 million Germans were unemployed and over 6 million only partially employed. In the four bleak years from 1929 to 1933, despair and hopelessness caused the death by suicide of some 250,000 of our people.

We loved him because he freed us from dire dependency on the whims and vagaries of foreign suppliers of domestic necessities. He taught us that political independence was possible only with economic independence.

In 4 years, from 1933 to 1937, he made us virtually self-sufficient in the production of steel, aluminum, chemicals, petroleum and general industrial production.

We loved him because he had a deep reverence for our past. A people whose roots are strong cannot be toppled by gusts of fad, fashion and foolish innovation.

We loved him because he was a deeply spiritual man who did not allow the Jews to confuse Christian teachings. The Christian churches loved him. Over 40% of the SS were Catholics.

We loved him because he built churches for us. Christian churches. In the name of Christianity, our enemies destroyed these churches, later bragging about the “precision” of their bombing raids. Today, Rabbis lecture in “Christian” schools. The Talmud of the Jews, their “holy book.” describes non-Jews as “beasts of the field” and “cattle.” The Jews have not changed. Why have the Christians changed?

We loved him because he reaffirmed the goodness and the wisdom of wholesome work and wholesome food.

We loved him because he trusted his people. He did not find it necessary to restrict firearms ownership. No true Leader need fear the armed members of his Race.

We loved him because he taught us to appreciate beauty by creating it with our own hands. Perfection and excellence were our goals. As we worked to master our medium, we learned to observe Nature and to apply Her Laws. Thus did we become artists and also National Socialists, for National Socialism is simply the application of Nature’s Laws to politics.

We loved him because he encouraged the sexes to realize their full potentials, as complementary rather than competitive beings. Men were made for women and women for men. Each was trained for that which he or she could do best. This did not mean that men could not be artistic or creative, nor did it mean that women could not be great aviatrixes, photographers, film-directors, athletes. etc. It simply meant that, whatever we did, our men were manly and our women feminine. Enemy inculcation of sexual role confusion with the aim of crippling the sexes’ role in child-rearing was thus overthrown and scattered to the winds.

We loved him because he devoted much effort and care to provide the unborn and parents to-be with a healthy and pleasant environment. Beginning with healthy young parents, Hitler encouraged good prenatal care by stressing healthy diet, exercise and freedom from intoxicants. The unhealthy and the mentally-defective were discouraged from inflicting more of themselves upon our hard-pressed population; sterilization was recommended for carriers of genetic defects. The German people could decide who should have children — not the Jewish bankers.

We loved him because he protected the rights of the unborn and because he treated the young with the love and respect they deserve as our successors and he made them worthy of that love and respect by training them for responsible adulthood.

We loved him because he brought us Europeans together. With him, we knew our strength and felt the awesome importance of our Racial Mission as never before. He brought all of us together, even Americans, Russians and Britons. White men from all the countries of Europe joined his ranks to defend the Holy Swastika Banner of our Race. Because we fought to the end, the destruction of White Civilization was avoided. Our sacrifice was not in vain!

We loved him because he brought out the best in our fighting men. He bestowed upon us a new generation of heroes. He was loyal to our allies and backed his words with action.

We loved him for his greatness in overlooking the mean propaganda pricks of enemy gadflies.

We loved him for his chivalry, his conduct of war so as to lose as few White lives as possible — friend or foe.

We loved him because he honored our heroes. A Race without heroes is a dead or dying Race. Our White heroes are brave, forthright, strong and kind. The “heroes” of our racial enemy are cowardly, devious, weak and cruel. A Race is known by its heroes, because heroes are examples to cherish and to emulate. Thus do we differ from our racial enemy, the Jew.

We loved him because his spiritual presence prevented our sufferings and sorrows from overwhelming us.

He was adored like no other mortal, before or since.

Today, his spirit soars beyond the shores of the White Man’s home in Europe. Wherever we are, he is with us.”



Understand Nationalism and Socialism


As the Devil’s own caste run the Banking systems, what exactly are they trying to cover-up by wholly displacing the brilliant Germans and their beautiful political ideology? That the 79 British Commonwealth countries, the 15 States of the Zio-Marxist USSR and ultimately the 50 States, who never wanted to join in, of America. As well as places like China, Norway and Sweden, and with Spain backing out after being paid off by Britain not to fight against the Allies in Europe. The Germans in asserting their Right to Self-Autonomy were basically wiped off the planet, why is that? What is it that is so terrible about a political ideology that asserts Self-Rule away from Jewish Internationalism? Maybe we can all learn something here and now.

“German women and German men! I have spoken at numerous meetings and have taken repeated positions on many issues. But today is something very special for me: it is special because today I stand before Germans who work hard every day or who must live in dire poverty, and who have therefore learned from their own experiences what National Socialism is and what its victory means for productive citizens.
My dear citizens! We are living through a National Socialist revolution. We emphasize the term “socialist” because many speak only of a “national” revolution. Dubious, but also wrong. It was not only nationalism that led to the breakthrough. We are proud that German socialism also triumphed. Unfortunately, there are still people among us today who emphasize the word “national” too strongly and who do not want to know anything about the second part of our worldview, which shows that they have also failed to understand the first part. Those who do not want to recognize a German socialism do not have the right to call themselves national.
Only he who emphasizes German socialism is truly national. He who refuses to speak of socialism, who believes in socialism only in the Marxist sense, or to whom the word “socialism” has an unpleasant ring, has not understood the deepest meaning of nationalism. He has not understood that one can only be a nationalist when one sees social problems openly and clearly. And on the other hand, one can only be a socialist when he clearly sees that nationalism must triumph to protect the living space of a people from outside forces. Just as nationalism protects a people from outside forces, so socialism serves a people’s domestic needs. We want the people’s strength to be released within the nation, forging the people once more into a strong block. The individual citizen must again have the sense that, even if he is finds himself in the simplest and lowest position, that his life and opportunities are assured. He should see that his own existence is rooted in the existence of his people and that he must serve his people will all his strength. If I want to ensure that each individual has the ability to survive, that each individual German can be active, can work, can support himself once more, I must also work to ensure that conditions beyond our borders make that possible. We did not make a national revolution in the sense of a barren, outdated hyper-patriotism, but rather this revolution is in the truest sense of the word a National Socialist revolution. Previously the two fought each other, divided by hatred and unfortunate enmity. Nationalism and socialism stood opposed: the bourgeoisie supported nationalism, the Marxists socialism. The bourgeoisie fell into a barren hyper-patriotism, lost in pacifistic cowardice. On the other side, a Marxist layer of the people, a Marxist class, wanted nothing to do with the Reich or a people. There was no bridge between them.
Marxist socialism was degraded to a concern only with pay or the stomach. The bourgeoisie degraded nationalism into barren hyper-patriotism. Both concepts, therefore, must be cleansed and shown to the people anew, in a crystal-clear form. The nationalism of our worldview arrived at the right moment. Our movement seized the concept of socialism from the cowardly Marxists, and tore the concept of nationalism from the cowardly bourgeois parties, throwing both into the melting pot of our worldview, and producing a clear synthesis: German national Socialism. That provided the foundation for the rebuilding of our people. Thus this revolution was National Socialist.
Our idea grew out of the people. And because it grew from the people, led by the unknown corporal of the World War, this idea was destined to bring an end to fragmentation and forge once more a unity among our people.
Outwardly, the Reich was weak, existing only on paper. Inwardly, the people was torn apart, bleeding from a thousand wounds. At home, strife dominated between parties, occupations, groups, classes, and religions. Our Führer Adolf Hitler saw that the Reich could survive and grow strong only if one achieved unity within the German people. That was the work of our party over the last fourteen years: to make once more one German people from a people of competing interests, from a people of differing religions, occupations, groups and classes. My German citizens! How often have we stood in this place, how often elsewhere in Germany, today in this city, tomorrow in another one! We raced from place to place, spoke, raising the spirits, even of those who despaired. Ever again we hammered at the masses, a hundred times, a thousand times, ten thousand times: A German people must rise up! We tore one after another from the despair of the parties, classes and groups, making them into the bricks, the pillars of this new Reich. We worked hard for years. Today, amidst the jubilation of victory, we may quietly remember the hard struggle, the terrible poverty, which often we no longer believed we could master, yet which always drove us to new inner strength, to one more attempt. The movement collapsed, hardly born, splintered, yet climbing upward once more.
What enormous effort, what huge sacrifice, what devotion! That is why, in the midst of our meetings and celebrations that demonstrate the powerful awakening of our people, we must always remember those who gave everything they had. Countless of them are no longer alive. Others are crippled, still others left alone. They fought, they sacrificed everything. Their only motto was battle and work. And when the Reds claim that we are now the bigwigs, we answer, fellow citizens, as follows: We have not had the time to become bigwigs. We had no time, and too much work and too many battles to fight, which hardened us. We want only to be workers in German construction, masons on German projects. In exhausting labor and through great exertion, we have slowly built that which has risen up.
The parties are finished! They tremble in cowardice. They were cowards because they were born of cowardice. The System was cowardly, and it left in a cowardly way, because it also grew from cowardice. How miserably they went, fetched by a lieutenant and two officers. It did not even take a dozen men. How these labor leaders betrayed the workers! I can tell you this. If I had the time and opportunity to let German worker look at the files of their so-called leaders, at the countless and many requests to their bosses for support, even when they themselves held the highest posts, he would learn the truth about those leaders. One could show the German worker the attempt by a top Red party bigwig to get credit toward his pension for the time which he betrayed the German people and our fatherland as editor of a Social Democratic newspaper. Thirty or forty years of pension credit were not enough for these gentlemen. They wanted to start at eighteen with their military service. That is how those Red gentlemen were! They lost their followers because they thought only about themselves, no longer about their followers. No one demanded of them that they live in poverty themselves, but they were not expected to forget about those for whom life was hard. One expected that they would work for others, not for themselves, the expectation Germans have always had of labor.
We have slowly begun to create unity from the chaos of parties. Today these old parties play only a comic role. Today when one says something political about certain parties, a speaker can hardly do it. As soon as he names certain parties, laughter breaks out in the meeting, since people no longer take them seriously. Who today knows anything about all these ridiculous parties and party splinter groups? Everyone laughs at these leftovers from former times, rather as one looks at antediluvian animals. One shakes one’s head that such things ever existed in the German Reich.Only after Adolf Hitler had established the first foundations of domestic unity could we begin to think about strengthening the Reich internationally. For centuries, it had been only a hope, a dream, in Germany: He reestablished the unity of the Reich with a single law from the ruler of the Reich. Where are all those party leaders who a few months ago were saying: Herr Hitler will soon learn that south of the Main River his day is over. This law achieved what generations had longed for: the Reich, the scepter of the Reich, governs all the German provinces. The variety, the uniqueness, the ethnic heritage, all that will be maintained.
Now that the Reich once more firmly controls the individual provinces, the German people must be forged into a similar unity. Now, my national comrades, you members of factory cells are the blacksmiths who are forging our German people. You must work toward this in your cells, in your factories. You must constantly explain, constantly educate, constantly attempt to make clear to your fragmented national comrades what is at stake. Comrades, for years we struggled for the German soul, to win over each individual, to transform him, to free him from all the filth of a corrupt system, to make him again into a German fighter, a German person. Now you must continue this in your factories. You must continually fight for each individual German soul. You must raise them from their lethargy, and you must educate and persuade those who have been misled.
To be sure, we have won a great victory, and each victory has certain consequences. One such consequence is competition. We know that there are many who really have no deep support for us, who have no understanding at all for National Socialism, yet today they have suddenly become the best National Socialists around. They have spread like mushrooms. We must be cautious! Clothing is not enough to make a National Socialist, nor the badge for which we were persecuted for a decade, nor the Heil greeting. The heart alone determines whether one is a National Socialist. We want no fighter, no National Socialist, of the mind! No, only he who is one from the heart; he must come to us from his own feelings and senses, and become ours. We therefore must look clearly and sharply, with ice-cold vision, into their hearts, not into their brains, to see if they have become National Socialists. But on the other side, citizens, we also should be generous. We no not want to take petty revenge. We are, after all, the victors. What difference does it make if someone once called us criminals, or brown bandits, or something else! Years have passed, and now they have come to us with real conviction. And we, too, were not National Socialists from birth. So let us be generous, remembering that we also once thought differently, and are thankful to those who led us to this splendid goal! The more we are ourselves National Socialists, the stronger and freer we feel it, the more we can forget the past and warmly extend the hand of reconciliation. But on the other hand, where real crimes were committed against the people, there must be pitiless and just revenge. That is the prerequisite if we are to forgive the others. The big ones must be caught, not the little ones. We want to let the little ones alone, but we must settle accounts with the big ones who know how to juggle things back and forth, doing their business here and there. They must receive just revenge with pitiless hardness.
This is the context in which we have to understand the new civil service law, as everything is being cleansed, purified, and rebuilt. Citizens, we cannot deny it: This is a hard law. It affects the individual with, when necessary, great force. It shatters careers if falsely applied. Since it is so hard, and must be that hard, I have ordered that no one except a minister himself can decide the career of a subordinate. Whether it concerns the fate of a worker, a porter, or a state secretary makes no difference. Everyone is affected equally. We want to be clear about this: The law may not be used by anyone who wants to apply his personal instincts, who wants to settle old scores with someone he has been unhappy with since his schooldays. That may not happen. The sole factor is whether the person in question is for the state or against his people. That is the only factor that may be considered. The individual civil servant with a good conscience can proudly hold his head high. Nothing will happen to him or any other employee. As much as a person can be just, justice will be the policy here. Be aware of the great responsibility here, for you have this responsibility too, not only the minister. I know that today denouncers are appearing, almost a pile of them, complaining about someone or another, mostly from envy, since they perhaps want to have someone’s job, or because they do not like someone. People are ostracized, gossiped about, or denounced. People’s comrades, he who denounces someone else reveals his true character. He who openly says: “I accuse” will be listened to, but he must be willing to stand by his accusation. Denouncers are those who carry on their filthy business at night, with anonymous letters with the worst sort of accusations. Mostly, this consists of lies. We must keep our state and our people pure. Anyone has the right to make an accusation, but if his charges are false, if they are lies, the laws of libel apply. If we follow this guideline, I am sure that this law will be a blessing for our people despite all the difficulties.
People’s comrades, we have spoken of those all too eager to accuse others, who are driven by envy, But let me assure you that not everyone who comes to us today does so out of envy. Believe me: Despite the busybodies, despite all the excess, these people are, thank God, a tiny minority. Other motives and other reasons explain the thousands and ten thousands of others who have come to us. In part, as you know, the pressure, the force was so heavy that many could hardly do anything, even if they wanted to. That is not the most important point. Do not forget something else — something about which we can be proud and happy: Millions of Germans throughout Germany over these years had no idea what National Socialism was.
They saw the brown columns, they read terrible things about those columns each day in the Jewish press, they read how bad National Socialism was, they read that it would destroy everything, that it would ruin everything, that it could lead to anarchy, to collapse. They did not know us. In part, they had become too dulled to worry about the nation’s fate. There was no point to it. Everything was too dismal, too tragic, the desperation was too great. And then, suddenly, the movement came, tearing through the clouds, suddenly there was light again, the sun shone. Hundreds of thousands, even millions, of people suddenly woke up. The scales fell from their eyes and they saw something wonderful. They suddenly saw how a movement that had been insulted, outlawed, estranged, took the light in its hands. They were happy to see a new spring coming that would change everything. There was new joy, new hope. A faith that had been buried, that had been soiled, came alive. Those are the ones coming to us today, the ones who say: “We did not know it. Accuse us of being too weak. But we were not bad. We did not know. Everything that we only dreamed about, what was in our subconscious, has become true. Let us in! The number of these people’s comrades is growing! These are good people who may be fighters tomorrow. You must further awaken them, strengthen their sentiments. They should become a great army, so that one day Germany will think and feel only in National Socialist ways. Then this people’s unity will be eternal. Men and women of the factory cells! You should certainly handle economic and social problems in your factory cells. You should certainly be an economic support for your comrades. But that is not the main task! No, the material is not the prime goal, rather the ideals. The factory cells, too, are called first of all to train the German worker, the German employee, in worldview matters, to form him, to educate him, until he has become a German National Socialist. That is your main task. You must make clear to the former Marxist or communist that work is no curse, but rather a blessing.
That is how we want to build the state once more. Slowly, with exhausting effort, we must reestablish the right to work. We want to give German people work again so they can earn their own bread. We want to sow once more and show that a person can live from his own efforts, not depending on some kind of support, that no one starves because someone has stolen from him the right to work. The whole nation must demand that. On the other hand, I demand that each individual puts his whole strength in service of this people and this nation. People’s comrades! Much has happened in the past weeks. We have seen and experienced new things. In the past few weeks, Marxism apparently collapsed, outwardly, at least. Through laws, through regulations, and other such things, one can destroy Marxism’s external organization. But that is only external. The state, the police, the government can only deal with the external forms. You, however, must smash and destroy the idea of Marxism. One cannot destroy and eliminate an idea with outward means, but rather the strength to overcome an idea must come from another idea, a better idea. It must be clear, more active, more energetic, if it is to drive the other idea from the world. The National Socialist worldview smashed Marxist insanity in this way. The factory cells have to keep attacking Marxism. You can do that only from within. The strength you need must be found in your confidence in what we preach, in what we do, in what we want to build. And furthermore, it requires blind loyalty, loyalty to the Führer who has created everything, without whom there would be nothing that we see today. They strength grows with discipline. A military unit can have everything it needs. It can have the best position, better material, great superiority, the best leadership — it can have all this, but without iron discipline it will be defeated, it will be destroyed. A small but disciplined unit will always overcome and defeat a larger undisciplined mob. That is why inner discipline is necessary, first the inner discipline of the individual, which then shines from the group, from the movement to which he belongs.
There are two more sources of strength, and they above all will help you to bring our idea to victory and the other idea to defeat. That is this unshakable faith: Germany must live, German will live, because we want it, because it is necessary. This idea will give you strength. And from this faith will come hope, the home, the longing, that always helps a person to win, even when he wants to despair. Night may surround us, but as long as the torch of our hope shines, no one will be defeated. Action must come from these inner sources of strength. You must bear the idea and help it to victory.
Confidence, loyalty, discipline, faith, and hope: These are the pillars on which this movement must rest, because this movement has become the bearer of this powerful idea. We want to live, and therefore we will live. There is a vast field of ruins before us. Everything has collapsed. Wherever one looks, things have been undermined, hollowed out, broken, become rotten. Small steps have already been taken. A little has been cleared away, here and there is the start of firm ground on which one can build. But the destruction extends far, far to the horizon, with wasteland everywhere, everything in ruins. My people’s comrades, you are used to working, and therefore in the coming days there is but one slogan: work, work, and still more work for our people, and for our fatherland that must be rebuilt. Get to work, and may God bless our labors!”
The source: Hermann Göring, “Nationalismus und Sozialismus: Rede auf der NSBO. im Berliner Sportpalast am 9. April 1933,” Hermann Göring: Reden und Aufsätze (Munich: Zentralverlag der NSDAP, 1941), pp. 36-49