Cutting Edge Tips on Health.

As a bit of background info regarding health. I worked in all weathers as a bricklayer from boyhood to manhood. I have built houses, factories, airports, shopping centres, universities, train stations as well as working on the roads in all conditions. Keeping fit is vitally important, so here’s some tips for the coming winter:

Drink soups, take vit D supplements, keep warm, take magnesium, everybody is lacking in magnesium. We need 375mg’s a day, and 10mgs of Zinc if you’re a man. For women during menstruation take yarrow, you will not be disappointed. I am recently hearing K2 is very beneficial, so please look into that. As a side note, we should not be reliant on supplements, they are called supplements for a reason.

I cannot recommend at least 5 lessons in Alexander technique, and also ba gua, tai chi or any callisthenics are very good. It’s just the first two are also good for self defence too, and have colourful philosophies. If you do not wish to do foreign things, then hill walking is great, get the blood flowing and the larger muscle groups in the legs going for great blood circulation and pressure. Cycling I enjoy personally, but talking to Scandinavian friends, they all ski, so jealous. My brother was an ameteur wrestler for many years, Greco-Roman and is it shoot wrestling or something, he’s quite tough, but now he owns a snow boarding place in Bansko in Bulgaria. Hi Tim, hope all is well.

For a structured way, here would be my tips: Have a good hot shower in the morning with as hearty a breakfast as you like, just do some stretches first and get grounded. Walk more, if you have sedentary job. Go swimming, take up golf, anything to get de-stressed, just get great posture from Alexander technique and the world’s your oyster. Any self-defence is always a good step in the right direction, and when feeling more adventurous it’s always exhilarating to go the forest and do foresty stuff, hunting, camping, hand gliding, mountain climbing etc. Just prepare good kit and boots, have your wits about you and please try not to die. Have fun this winter and keep National Socialist! Hail! \


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