Recognising International Corruption at Local Levels.

This is just a pointer as to how to recognise International corruption at local level, which is actually where the Jews make all their money. There is no money outside of localities, the People are the money, and labour the value. The Jew is the thief, now sophisticated and aided by all manner of mechanisms including human ignorance and compliance. Almost all major crime now is White Collar, not that the press will publish this. Prof. G. Manning PhD. says in the US as of 2008 5% of crime was White Collar Crime, yet accounted for 95% of the money earned through crime. Forensic accounting and financial investigation 2nd edition.

The first port of call is to question what you see. What organisation is behind it? How do you benefit yourself, is another extremely important question, because of the Jewish brainwashing and mind control, we very often are in a state of cognisant dissonance. This means we cannot differentiate between what we’ve never known, because we have no reference point to draw from. Obviously if something is for our benefit our physiology will respond. While I don’t want to get into the bio-chemistry of our functioning in everyday life, it’s just a simple fact that our physiology tells us the differences in truths and we can learn to use it.

So many charities are scams, if not all. The Church has been roped in to launder for the Jewish Mafia with the Vatican 2 Council being the administrators of that affair. Obviously, or sometimes less obviously, but generally obviously, lies when questioned draw similar responses, and often no response or violent responses. It’s a game template, we’ve been getting played and the best way to cure is to understand the problem. I hope this gives you enough to make something of a stand in stopping in your own mind and thinking things through on a day to day level in how the things around you will affect you in the future, or not.

The idea of putting oneself in an observers position first is to be knowledgeable, then with the knowledge gained, experience can be earned when putting the knowledge to the test. The long road of life awaits, and there’ll be Jews looking to ambush all along the way, so take care and learn to recognise yourself and put trust in everything that you are. Good luck and Godspeed!


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