President Jar of Ash

With all the tensions being built around the next Trojan Horse infiltration of the Whitehouse in DC, one can only say that a Presidential victory of the underdog at this stage would be a win for Hillary Clinton. All well and good the loveable rogue from NYC, Donald Trump, putting forth the arguments of the People, though they be as blighted as an Irish potato, and by the same villainous crew too.  My question is, just how much corruption are we looking at in fact. Apart from Haiti, apart from obvious connections to ISIS and Netenyahu and apart from the point of the Oligarchical Jews just walking away from the US on the strength of a vote isn’t at all laughable is it?

So, what of the old English story of putting the true heirs in the Tower until death?European history is pitted with such similar events, and worse. What makes this debacle that we’re seeing unfold before our very eyes, any different? I noticed that for such a businessman as Trump, and I joined his Trump University for about 5 minutes until I could see what was going on behind that curtain. Joining very often is the only way to learn from within. And in this super secretive world of comerical espionage where they people don’t even matter, let alone the votes. Then I have to lay down some twine to leave myself a path for a way back.

I have rode on the trump train for a little bit and it’s not the easiest train to ride, because it’s obviously full of Jewish rhetoric that is fuelling the thing. In contrast with other millionaires and next billionaires of past history, usually their contributing factors of the reasons why they’re so rich touch you on everyday levels. With Trump I can think of none, and certainly the same for Clinton. Usually one would be touched with a smile or a thought of how useful that rich person has been by contributing whatever it is too society. As with all things these days, tainting by the Jew is never far away.

Why is that the base level of our day is not exactly filled with overwhelming enthusiasm to do for ourselves, for our family and for our countries in that order. For years I was told doing for others is richer than doing for oneself. Yes, true, but see how long that equation can sustain life. No, we must build ourselves strong, mentally, spiritually and physically in order to fulfil  3 simple hungers within us. Of course we want to do well for another, and we wish others well, but do we not deserve for own first, and that accumulated thinking then shared as a group. I’m sure it was Jung who proposed it also, as I’m sure any decent philosopher would.

Isn’t it funny how Jung really isn’t considered a philosopher per se, yet he used his psychological knowledge to offer philosophies to shape the healthy psychology of others, and Jewish Freud then given the mantle. Of course the Jew replaces the European in the narrative, what simple solutions for the Jew when every avenue of possibility is cordoned off by your propaganda ministers. I think that what is necessary is a hurrying to crunch time, if not least in our minds, then somewhere. We need it to understand the dynamics in play, the risks and possible risks. It’s no uncertain task, yet when we are scrambled now it has been without an actual order of hierarchy.

The disadvantage set us at the moment is that there are no policings of the White Collar crimes that are looting the place in an endless looting that has been nailed to the wall as the normal way. The figures have escalated, along with the drugs, the prostituting, the illegal behind the scenes crimes that are unseen and can simply be wiped. We are literally basing our realities on what we perceive as being the reality in a non occupied land, and yet is 1000% occupied. While it is not exactly nice to walk through the valley of despair, I think in many ways it is a productive walk.

Every way possible that can be walked must be walked with an end goal in mind. Clues must be picked upon and advantages must be played. Yes, it’s a game, but most of all it is a race. And involved in those races are races, ideologies, strawmen, dreams and nightmares, all rolled over by thick lavish layers of propaganda that tease our minds this way and that. Imagine the place free of the poisonous industries that blocking the views from such great and plentiful lives. One thing about the Jews, the politicians and the hasbara agents, aka Zio-Marxists, is they never discuss conscience. Conscience is the Con science that unwravels all untruths.

I think those that have been brought up on traditional values and hold those values in esteem and revere them, understand their significance, and vice versa. Yet more, those who have trashed them after being passed them down as part of their legacy have really accumulated into an unnameable group of all sorts of liberals, leftists, anarchists, communists et cetera. Whereas the unnameable group will be continued on to be unnamed in the Jewish Press, then the opposite crew of that unnamed mob will be the ones bearing the torch of sustainability, truth in life and basically all of the ripe fruits of the labours of our forebears that are being lain to to waste by this nasty bunch of individuals in the other camp.

It’s basically a matter of driving a sub-economy against the real economy, the one already destroyed anyhow. But the dangly carrot may still work on the masses and it’s a matter of use what works. As yet we’re tied pretty much to the donkey, even carrying the thing in many ways, while it tries to catch the carrot. Yet nothing we can do, save drop the donkey and surround the carrot holder, can work. Finding out what works and what doesn’t work in a patterned sense is something that is made all the more difficult by the agents and sub agents of the same, to “only lie a little bit” You can’t only lie a little bit here, and a little bit there in this game, it’s too big a game and the tangents too unpredictable. I do like the idea of hedging in this way though. Always double your stake and only bet 2/1. This will always bring bigger returns than losses. We’re basically gambling now with time, efforts and skill, but we are mobilising, and this is a fundamental key to the organising of our groups in extremely similar ways to any who wish to gain strength.

It is a simple fact that nothing is insurmountable, and all is countable in ways that cannot be predicted, but merely can be attempted to be managed damage limitation. We can only take heart from our efforts thus far and look forward to a very, very exciting next five years were the learnings are going to be tremendous. Godspeed to all of Our People! Hail Victory! \



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