World War 2 – Proof Positive a War on Ideology.

The residual political paradigms sprung from what has been coined “The Perestroika Deception”, Perestroika being the alleged end of Communist rule of the former USSR. All the clues now that we’re seeing where the political ideologies of the victors are the only ones allowed, and repugnant to the Constitutionally protected Rights and Duties of the Citizen. Had there not been such a desperate need to keep Hitler’s Germany down, then we wouldn’t be seeing a continuing of that in the present day, but we do.

This continuing war scenario is very definitely from the Hellenistic philosophies of Ancient Greece, which form the very cradle of Our European Democratic process. The political stage we see before is none other than a foreign and malignant one to Our ways of thinking. All the history points to a wholesale subversion of the European Political and Aristocratic way. We are not Anarchists, we do not proliferate Anarchy, nor Communism, they have been born from the French Aristocracy and their views on Jews and their freedoms. The English Civil War, aka “The Glorious Revolution” also a patronage of Jewish ideology at war with the host nations people.

Russia had for a long time, at least 400 years, and the entirety of the Romanov rule of the world’s largest country, been wrestling with the Jewish people, only to be done away with in yet another Revolution, the October Revolution, the second within ten years in Russia. For a minority group these Jews sure do get around, and cause hell in abundance, it’s as if they’ve created a religion out of it. At the present moment now the US is battling to save itself from being strangled by the many tentacled beast that clans together from all over using it’s vast network of synagogues and high society influence.

Being with morals, ethics or virtues is not something that we Europeans, as a group of Races finding Our origins in Europe would have allowed of Our own kinfolk, but for some reason it’s the order of the day for those who profit so massively at everyone else’s cost and misery. Pay your dues, or face the wrath of the very government who claim to represent you, what could be more absurd? Where are the returns on investment from the countries earnings being stored that have accumulated from past business ventures in the name of the countries the governments represent.

Are we literally seeing a parallel universe under our very noses, where the electronic banking systems hide away all that the White Rabbit is in a hurry to fetch? There’s nothing worse in our eyes than dastardly folk, so no matter the gripes you have with other groups, please find time to look at those who sit as the bankers of this living monopoly board the Jews. Please come to your own conclusions after taking some time to study just what these muppets and their usury do to the society at large.

Being able to conjure up money out of thin air, as a monopoly, then charge compound interest, Actuarial Science, on the thing does not make you Gods among men. No, it makes you very much targets with pressures that have long been explained do not work, and always leave Jews in trouble. Take this as a warning to the Jewish people if you will. The Law of Lucky Luciano, a Jew, states that once one person has worked out your scam, then it’s time to pack up and move on. The only thing is with the many advantages for Non Jews, Jews now have nowhere to pack up and run to. Their gig is up, and it’s all on them now how they wish to proceed, because the battle lines are drawn and the People are no longer phased by the quick talking snake oil salesmen as they once were, due to their good nature, and only due to their good nature.

The good nature has been abused and then dragged out way beyond the call of duty. The day of the Jew is coming to it’s dusk and when night falls on them, and it will, then the celebrations can begin and the emperors can get some proper clothes on.


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