Free the Right!

Only the Right Wing of Communism is allowed in the Liberalist quagmire of a multitude of sins. The average conscience of the average liberal cannot bear to admit that Internationalism is unworkable and Nationalism is the only workable model tied with Socialism. I got to thinking that as long as there are people, there is a social by it’s very definition. So to undermine the relevance of nations is to bolster the claims of the Internationalists who are sapping the the lifeblood of the Left and keeping them dizzy and confused by controlling the narrative.

The Right way is the only way, that’s why it’s called Right, it does what it says on the tin. The Public has a right to hear from all side, and it has a duty to maintain that right for everyone. It is too long now the Liberal Communist Left have disqualified the Right’s voice without warrant and have made a sham out of the political arena by being so lopsided and siding with Israel time after time, after time.

The People have been poisoned by the Liberal Communist Jew lackies and the immune systems that are being triggered are a natural thing to quash the horsehit being constantly barraged into the Public as if it’s a type of politics that holds any water. It’s completely a base system with zero spiritual uplift at all. It is merely a token that old Jewish farts may soar the heights unknown with other people’s money being the fuel that raises them. The very People who are paying for it is the majority and they are the ones misled, misguided and misdirected to follow some fable that these are the only politics possible.

I’s been said it many times in past articles, podcasts and videos, that there is a rising up now from the frustrated masses who have learnt show much and have showed good faith and good spirit in pushing the Right agenda to the fore. It will always be being pushed further as more and more latch onto it, the old Jewish led Liberal Communist led Zio-Marxism will have shed it’s final skin. Hail the Nations! Hail Nationalism!

Great audio here: Link



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