Corporate Communists Creating Non Corporate Fascist Demons… like it’s a good thing.

As Stalin was quoted as saying, and he’s bound to have picked it up from elsewhere- “In order to defeat the opposition, one must lead it”.

This saying is exactly how the Corporate flunkies to the Internationalist Globalist Jews are following the template given to them by their Jew masters. As the People of the world are made into demon fascists, the media whores flog their rags full of tripe and crap. There is a growing mass opposition to this and it’s buckling their hegemony over the narrative. The Public opinion is a harsh task master, and that is what the Jewish people’s media attempts to promote, or people may starting looking at important areas, such as finance.

Remember just last year when Greece was battling with the (sp)EU over austeriy, apparently there wasn’t enough money to go round. Yet, Russia, Syria Israel, US, China and other Jewish lackey countries spend money willy nilly on death and destruction. Let me put this example to you. North Korea have flown in the opposite direction to the Jew Internationalists and the UN has clamped down so heavy on that country, for the one simple reason. It has nuclear capability, which compromises the Israeli monopoly on the countries allowed to have them. Israel has that tech in the back pocket, and anyone dare to go down those avenues without their administration is a demon fascist. even though North Korea is plugged so often in the media as being Communist, they dropped that in 2009.

Death and destruction to all, to bring peace. Look at the Calais Jungle, like the UN or governments couldn’t disband that, come on. It’s all the work of Shylock, and the money is the only thing that counts, and the Jews are the accountants. We’re looking here at Economic trade wars for protection racket mafiosi’s who have come together in their droves to assist in a global push on the People of the worlds psyche and con them into believing there’s no money. Money is a subject people need to learn about and what they don’t understand of it, they must learn. It’s imperative.

Imagine the farmer not learning about fences when the foxes are attacking the chickens, and the wolves are attacking the lambs, it’s a no brainer. This whole set up is a robbery and it revolves around money. The game is from the Book of Numbers, which is an Old Testament book, and that is what the Jews call one the five books of their Torah, pronounced Terror. That Torah has been incrementally changed to no longer represent the contents of what was a Holy book, but is now simply a manual of continuing theft practices.

I really can’t emphasise enough the importance of money in the mind of the Jew, they simply set everyone else’s aggressions against each other and clean up on the International money markets while everyone is busy. The convenience of the mass immigration as started by Merkel, has been one that came without warning. She wasn’t offering help, she was helping hiding the fact that Golden Dawn were getting nearer to being the Party in control of Greece after Syriza had sold Greece out and went completely 180degrees on their promise not to agree to a bail out. The chutzpah was on a scale of 99 out of 10.

Nationalism is the mortal enemy of Internationalism, for obvious reason, but the most obvious is the control of the money. The banks are controlling the revenues right now. The governments are nothing but false shepherds using quasi military law as a means to terrorise the people in a low impact assault on the People. Isn’t it funny how it’s the same template in use the world over? Everybody is looking at poverty while the military forces fly around in gear that could sustain infinitely the States that they’re being used on. Let’s take an example that may just make sense.

With the budgeting of the Social Security, the budgeting of the military, in balance as an accountant, how would we foresee these events unfolding should we be for example Jack Lew? Let’s say we need to have so much in the bag for contingencies in relation to Social Security, and likewise for military purposes. Well, for a start which bank are we going to keep those kinds of money in? In the US ~Treasury, where is it coming from in the first place? The Federal Reserve? How does that happen? Etc., etc., etc.

What if there was a surplus of monies from the years before, where do those moneys go? Just exactly who is doing the reckoning up over here? I can guarantee Netenyahu knows exactly how much to the dime goes where and what for, and how much his cut for running the operation is. Of course, if you have any questions, you’re a demonic fascist and should be purged from Communism, and the Jews will be at the centre of that.





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