Worst Goy Ever!

It struck me earlier that our paradigms have been built upon lies, and in uncovering truths we’re learning the extent of those lies. Then I thought, what if the Communists had have won the 1933 German election. Then the drug running would have continued, the prostitution, the loan sharking, the media control, the mad interest rates and God forbid as to what else. Looking at the Ukraine, Russia, East Germany and Stalinist Albania these weren’t nice places to live. In fact they were places of certain death.

As much as is known, and not known in its entirety of the NSDAP era in post World War 1 Germany, so is it also largely unknown as to what horrid liberalism the Germans were placed under after the signing of the Versailles Treaty. I’d suggest looking at the pictures of National Socialist Germany under Hitler, that the faces speak the story. If every picture paints a thousand words, then imagine the books you have read on the subject when looking at the citizens of the new nation of Germany post 1933.

It must have been an incredibly tense time while waiting to get the results of the votes and the months leading up to the voting. I know there were power struggles in the victorious party and so many Jewish people left Germany and went all over the place to get out. Does that not reflect something of a retribution they were expecting with the voting in now of the new ruling party, with 15 million votes? They scarpered to Switzerland, UK, U.S. and Scandinavia.

Just exactly what were the Communist plans for the country of Germany so soon after defeat during World War 1. With Lenins new USSR in full play, and having bumped off the legacious Romanovs who had ruled for 400 years the nation of Russia, to which the USSR ruled from. And more to look at the wars with Japan in China, and indeed their own internal war with the Nationalist Kuomanting, who were heavily supported by the US in the fight against Communism.

As usual, we will of course be shocked to learn the truths of the events, when all people wish for at heart is a simple life, free from dogmatic control, surely, isn’t it? What terrible times we have come through to be born into yet more terrible times and looking to be more terrible, but not of the will of the People. The Jewish Oligarchal Banking House of Rothschild have the motto: “Through war we can bring peace.” This is outlined in the 1934 film “House of Rothschild“, which cohencidently was the first film to have a colour scene.

No, the NSDAP did win, and they freed the good People of Germany for at least 12 years, and who knows how long into the future that seed can continue to grow, as it surely is as it’s roots have rightfully grounded themselves into the very earth that men walk upon today and tomorrow. What sickening and dishonourable courtesy the Jewish people as a tribe have shown to their most worthy adversary, whose odds were so stacked against them. But they cared not for a fate worse than slavery and through caution to the wind. They have in every other respect than the (((victors))) writing the history, actually won.

No way in the world can these Jew types keep up with what’s coming down the pipe. As we’ve seen with Hillary Clinton’s death, whether she’s alive or dead, she’s dead. There’s no defeating the Truth and the Truth is out and it’s not going back in. The meme wars will win the battle of this low intensity warfare campaign by the Jewish people. They’ve committed themselves to it, and so we match them and raise them. Even if their lies carry any weight, they’re always going to be lies, and lies beget lies and that is how the whole system, as Greg Johnson puts it “that system will collapse by its own inner contradictions” This is true, see what I mean.

Any four year old child is told not to lie and the dangers of lying. In folklore we have the boy who cried wolf, he lied and eventually when he told the truth, so he never got help, because he’s burnt all his bridges, and no man is an island. What we have here now, with the internet, is the first level playing field of it’s kind throughout the whole of known history. These are crucial times, and as the Jewish people have chosen to rearrange what liberty means, so the meaning will be re-rearranged back. As with BLM, all these cranky concepts based on feelings, LGBTQ and Feminism,  being the two most outlandish dogmas that people are falling for. So shall the record be set straight by Nationalist Socialism.

What has happened is what has been missing from the school life and the modern society has created vacuums in people’s developing and learning. These vacuums have been intentionally created, and it’s only going to get worse should it be allowed to continue, which it is not being. These intentional vacuums are being filled by dross and dogma, and lots of Jewish people’s funding methods. They use charities, they use banking, they use every possible means to further their advantage, and for what? What tangible things are they actually creating by these crazy mad meanderings?  Nought, but revolution, revolution, revolution, the inexhaustible cry for (((CHANGE))). Yes the most trusted non bigoted change they don’t want, and how well they’re versed in that.

It’s like there’s some sort of eco-plasma that doesn’t affect people who know how to think for themselves and do think for themselves. in a recent podcast on the Daily Shoah, a (((journalist))) gets grilled, and obviously she’s got no argument with the hosts ideology, even though she “says” she doesn’t agree with it. Isn’t that pure evidence of a void, and in following the maxim of natural law as said by Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, the famous US Constitutional Judge, “Nature abhors a void.”



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