Take the Jew Free Challenge.

Pick one day within the next five to start your Jew free challenge. Until then, take the time to prepare your day by finding out what breakfast products are not owned by Jews, then onto lunch, try to have a Jew free lunch, and no ZOG$$$’s for buying lunch that day too, make it fun. Then onto dinner, see if you can manage to have a whole day of meals free from Jews. You can do it, just a little bit of research will do your waistline wonders.

You don’t need to do so much preparation, just a little will power can suffice. The rewards will be endless.

*Also you can learn how much of your life is influenced by Jews. How about the clothes you wear, the furniture you have, the electronics you use, how are Jews profiting from your hard earned cash? Also the government representatives, local and national, how much are they influenced by Jews. Get Jew wise and become aware of how Jews interfere in your life and take the Jew free challenge daily. Good luck!

Had a suggestion from a friend on facebook, a Jew site, oh nooooooooo!!! Anyhow, it’s a platform, I don’t even know who owns wordpress? Well, here’s the suggestion from “F” Write a checklist and learn how to tick them off one by one. She says “It would be beneficial to start compiling lists for people to reference. Here in the US, even our laundry detergent and foil is kosher.” Happy hunting!

More shared, and moire cooments, this time by “U” – “the jew controls the FDA, they put poisons in food for the goyim, try finding food that on the front of the label has a circle “O” with a “u” in the center, this is a system that they use so they can find untainted food and water. They used to just put a “K” on the labels but too many people wised up. I have just noted that bottled “Fiji” water has the symbol on it, no more fluoride and chlorine.”


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