You, Your Rights, Jewish Bullshit and the Criminal Invasion.

Contrary to your popular belief, Y.O.U. have Rights, you also have Duties and Liabilities. Your understanding them is either skewed or ignorant. You will be told you need legal representation for the least little matter, which of course you will give up on. Time is not a luxury allowed in the Jewtrix Matrices that have been layering themselves as an ever thickening web on our lives, which you are paying for. You will continue to pay for that into beyond time. Until after your extinction.

You body will be squoze till every last drop of your sap is accounted for by the Jewtrix accountants. You are probably thinking your body in it’s physical sense. By jove nothing could be further from the truth, and further exposes yourself to your ignorance and skewed mentality that you paid for. Do not think yourself beneath the content of the link to be provided here. Think it through with logic, research what may be meant by it, in other words, actually do some valuable work that can amount to a treasure that cannot be lost once you have it. Here is the Link.

When you believe you have grasped at least something of the above link provided, please be my guest to continue reading now that we can lay out the context here: We are made up of various “bodies” obviously words are concepts and the English language so beautiful a thing to make anew concepts that fit our understanding and expression of will. There is a body politic, which is the group, there is the body corporate, which is lesser than the body politic, which is the Nation, Tribe or Race. The body corporate is what is incorporated in an artificial sense, not a biological one. There is a temporal body, a physical body and even a spiritual body that we call a Soul.

All of this has long been hammered out for the posterity of Our People, not Africans, not Asians, Our People, the Europeans. That is a blood stock and we carry the likeness’s within our DNA/RNA. Unfortunately Our guards have been down for a few thousand years and a horrible leech like creature has been letching off of us for as much as it can get in a smash and grab scenario. They have been the beast in the cellar, the ghoul in the attic, the ghost in the corridor, all of the above and more.

They worship a god of war, that generates fear, which is their lifeblood, and Our demise. They are vampires and Our ancestors knew this. They set up things that it is Our Duty to carry out, and Right now, We, as a Race of European Blood Stock, need desperately to put pressure on the Nesferatu like Governments that have abandoned the Offices in a National capacity and are but Agencies of the International Jew.

We have the Human Right of Liberty and Security to uphold and protect us from this Jewish led invasion by third world dwellers who have not built their own countries, much as we would like, but have come to have their lives paid for by us. My question is, how many generations can we sustain this? I do have another question, why are their Rights to be whatever they claim, economic migrants, refugees, “in search of a better life” what constitutes their needs above Our own? We have a plethora of problems. The ones in the Ivory Towers obviously think we do not, well how is this representative?

It’s not representative as dismissive, we have here in Article 5, taken from here, and here is a downloadable pdf. And speaking of dismissive, for those of you with mortgages and children, and you wonder why your children are acting the way they do, and you appear to have no control. That is because they are being told different by the cuckoo parent, who has dictated themselves as the authority on all things, this is Extreme-Leftism. It is obnoxious, rebellious, the cause of so much upheaval in the family, in the Nations and in everyday life. They call themselves the Governments, they are the pets of the International Jew. They are not Our elected Officials, though they try to maintain something of that, in name alone for the most part. They are well groomed through the Jewish Masonic Lodges and then onto the World Stage for the Jew to bestow upon them loans acting as “riches

It is a thoroughly Jewish concept revolving around the Frankfurt School, which has dug it’s hooks in by attacking the breeding. We must find ways to overcome any and all negative thinking and put every hand to the pump. We must find Our true working class ethic to get things accomplished and finally be rid of the curse that has been farming us for millennia upon millennia. The Jews don’t care about us, the Africans don’t care about us, the Arabs and Asians don’t care about us. They are quite happy to see us erased, we serve them no purpose but to show that they lived in mud huts, camel trains or bamboo houses 100 years ago. I sense the Jew is up to it’s usual tricks of planting thoughts in the minds of others to cause mischief, for that is their way, to create war.

They will soon wipe us out, and funded by Our money as hijacked by the Jewish bankers in the Jewish banking system, that through the stock market is literally in everybody’s business. Whether you think you’re insulated from them, then you are not. If you think you have the Duty NOT to speak out, you do NOT. YOU do however have all the liability of YOUR Race and your race’s Nations to be part of in this uprising against putrid Jewish hegemony.

It can be turned around for Our Race to thrive as the other Races are thriving. Soon every family could have up to ten or twelve children, supported by government, but NOT while Our taxes pay for theirs. We’re not even getting equality in that respect, the women who should be going on to be mothers are being tempted by the dangling carrot of a “career”, “independence”, which actually means sterility. Feminist lesbianism is rife, homosexuality among men is rife, breeding by Islamic and Jewish families is huge, and Our economies are in the toilet. That is not a successful equation for Our People. We are being bred out by the governments we pay to protect us, and it’s a Jewish thing.

Africa can be the monolithic continent it once was, as can Asia, and Our continents have to be too. The Boers and other White South Africans can return to here. Other Ex-Pats of course would be welcome. Even the UN has a programme for ALL Africans to return to Africa right now. They are needed. Here is the link. Fear is merely illusion, learn to control your own mind. Generate your own thoughts of how you wish to express your thoughts, emotions and desires for the world you may not know. You will never know what you may achieve unless you do. Good luck and Godspeed!


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