Making Whores of Our Sisters – The Guilt of Men.

As through time the chosen ones have chosen their targets with precise accuracy and diatribe, so have the societies under those Rulers suffered. As most never knew what a Jew was or did more than being perhaps some landlord, or cheap goods shopkeeper, perhaps a doctor or even a lawyer. Generally speaking there wasn’t an actual fabric of substance that bound them together in any particular way that was visible as it is now with banking, law, accountancies, education, medical and most of all the sexual revolution with feminism

During the early years of the Romanov Dynasty, the Roman Dynasty too, the Weimar Republic and in today’s current times of modernism. Modernism I first heard linked with Jews was to do with the Peel Commission of 1934-36 where an Arab said to the British Palestinian Mandate government there, “We don’t want the Jewish Modernism”. Further when studying Trusts and Trust Law I came upon the findings of the great lawyer and soon Professor of Cambridge F.W. Maitland who found modern times did not, as he had suspected, start with Victoria, but had started in the 12th Century. The Domesday Book was written in 1086, 20 years after William had taken England by force from King Harold. The Domesday Book is the book for the tax collector as England moved from the Danelaw/Danegeld system to Taxation as the Tithing.

In the bourgeois lifestyle promiscuity is very much promoted and yet looking at Communism, it has always been a part of the Jewish hypnosis of the leaders of tribes, as written in the Book of Esther. Obviously in maintaining this grand illusion, it is necessary to breed it as a culture from the Ruler down to the Serf’s who share the same blood stock as the Ruler, and less of the privileges. Imagine if you will the snake, it’s movement when winding through the grass, now imagine many snakes the same. This is what is happening to our psyche front and back.

Obviously, in teenage years a certain amount of sexual exploration is warranted with the biological changes of the body readying itself for procreation. Our way for thousands of years has been a luxurious agrarian society, where the only necessities are sowing seeds and harvesting, the rest takes shape around us in an everyday sense. In the hamns, hamnlets, towns and villages everybody knew each other and the family they related to, lest they were a stranger. Stranger became foreigner, foreigners became wanderers, and we find them now a tribe of their own kind, without land, property or goods, but they do like ours.

Through time the wanderers have became known as Jews, though the term has many significances, that one has stuck as being the one that separates the entirety of them as being different to Our blood stock. Whereas we have a culture based on positivity through productivity, theirs is based on a culture of negativity, theft and/or destruction. This sly method to gain advantages has become their artful dodging, their craft of witchery. It’s not held by God or Gods in the sense as we know how to revere God, God has become the excuse for hiding under the veil the Devil himself, who they follow.

They keep pushing agenda after agenda, but really the kernel of it all, as Freud pointed out, is sex, for that is the pivotal point of procreation and creation. So, the idea to whack the family unit out of kilter and create whores of women and customers of men. This is not the protective place that man has culturally followed within the family unit of our culture. This is a foreign and strange way. It begs the question do we want to survive as a race of ethnic Europeans free from Judaism and Jews or are we happy to let them control the finances, control the narrative, control the sexual development of the children who are growing in this toxic society that they’ve ambushed? Sit back and do nothing and it will continue on, or find ways to share information that stops the Jews at every juncture of promoting their trash. Not too mention the drug misuse elevated to that of high culture, when it certainly and most definitely is not of that quality.

The more people learn of them, the more we will all be being shocked to the same degree, and while we have cctv cameras everywhere, the Jews have people watching their every move now. We are seeing a takedown of Jewish Hegemony and at the same time seeing just how they have operated from being a largely invisible dot to being the only block in the pursuit of a free and civilised world full of potentials and greatness.

The Jew is not Our fault, but it is a fact of Our Lives and an unnecessary one when the bell tolls. They are the trolls under the bridge, the Rumplestiltskins, the King Herods, Loki, Medusa and more. We have in Our hands now the means to extract them from power as was done in the Byzantine Empire which flourished for 1200 years. The Etruscans, the Greeks, The Vikings, many examples of rich and high culture have flourished when the Jew has been removed from the equation. Go let them do their own accounts for their own financiers. Let them Police themselves as only they know how, as they know themselves the best. Let them try to survive without Us, without their unwanted and unwarranted influence on Our Leaders.

National Socialism is what Europeans understand and Jews hate, there are many examples of it, but for some reason the political movement in Germany has become the focal point of the Jewish press, using Hitler as the talisman of hate, pfft. As with all magic, it is based on illusion, and while it may dazzle at first, the glitter soon wears off. We are seeing all the glitter fall of the illusions, and when a trickster is a one trick pony, then his reputation is damaged and his means of income compromised. As with all lifestyle choices one has to breed in the new habits, and I would suggest that refraining from partaking in their grand illusion is the best way of information gathering. Even if you cannot, at least be aware of what is happening when you part with your hard earned cash and fuel the Jewish system that acting as a tapeworm has trickled itself into every nerve ending of Our societies.

We know how fast things can be turned around when the will is there, it is Our duty to build the will, to strengthen the will and to force the will into existence for Our Own People’s, because it is Right to do so! The children who are not being born, because of the dam effects of the lack of support for Our blood stock children to be born, leaves are women loose and men emancipated. That is a very horrible equation right there. We need Hope, and it will not fall out of the sky for us on its own, in continuing with pressuring the goyvts we act out our will. When they refuse to do, then we take them down, and Our numbers are growing.

Much more positively is now we’re learning what works and gaining experience in doing, that is gold for us, and a lead balloon for the jews, soon to be concrete boots unless they yield and get out!


The symbolic nature of the Jews being turfed out of the temple revolves around Ourselves being the Temple. We are the Church and We are the State, make of it what you will, I am sure it will be great. I think Our willingness of acceptance has been stretched to incredibly Ultra-Liberal levels and is quite frankly an abuse of Our generous nature that we could do well without.

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