Feminism is No Funinism.

As with everything Jewish, it’s a real melo-drama, torture beyond beliefe and more. Look at what Jews have saturated our Societies with here, Horror movies, porn held up by White ethnically European race runaway girls fed drugs and have less than zero value in life or death. Jews can’t help but pollute the lives of non-Jews, they’re so arrogant and righteous, most people would actually think they help, and that’s the problem. It’s like inviting a vampire in to meet you virgin daughters and their virginal friends, while you go on holiday and ask the vampire to look after them while your gone. It’s a no brainer, they’re gonna be eaten alive.

As I have pointed out in other articles, what interest do the Jews have in serving and protecting us again? I must have not got that memo, nor any thereafter, can someone put me in the loop as I seem to be missing out on the warm fuzz feeling you all get when thinking of the cuddly Jew. Of course men want to get on with women, the Jew doesn’t want anyone to get on with anyone. They have a saying in Judaism that goes like this “Division is Our unity.”

So, the bonkers Jew who have set down the authority by replacing the male in the family home by promoting single parent families lured by free stuff. It’s basically a courting by the State, and the goodies is the Dowry, from Dow Jones. In fact the Jew has chameleonised the true societies of the West much more than most are aware of their own cultures. This is because of the Rabbi networking and what the Talmud contains, and the fact Judaism is a debating society, credit to E Michael Jones, under the guise of a religion.

Really, what is the answer to No Funinism Feminism if not families? I’m at a loss, help me out here.


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