Why ZOG’s NoG’s?

As “Our” (((Goyvernments))) have taken it upon themselves to replace Our trust in God, with their unaccountable forced integrating of invading unwanteds. So, shall we take that trust, that we hold so dear and precious and turn it into wrath upon the ZOG NoG’s. Being Not of God’s will, the ZOG’s have now their hands full and with so much more coming down the pipe, Hilarious Hillary’s coffin coughin will be nothin to what will be cursed onto these morons who have elevated themselves now to the Ivory towers of the intangible glass ceiling.

With nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, the Nog’s, who are not of God, or not by the God’s, depending, then they are of the mortal will and that is the weakest position to be in, despite the pomp and ceremony bunting placed around it. If I can take a second to explain my version of God, it is Nature, and everything not of Nature is an impossibility, as it has no functionality in this universe.

It’s easy to see that Nature works, it follows consequentially. ZOG NoG doesn’t, it’s abhorrent to Nature and Anti-Logos, as E Michael Jones has put it so well before. So from the point of outsourcing industry to sodomy, and everything in between, basically Zio-Marxist Communism, then we have a forming in the mind of what we’re dealing with.

As with many Jewish concepts, they are often abstractions of the “Truth”, or Nature, always controversial and always contrary to the host Nations culture. The Modernist way is the way of the bland, and what is now, at least attempting to force itself into manifesting, breeding the UNESCO Man. There is nothing new under the sun, yet the ZOG NoG’s wish to force the river uphill, for what reason? There is only one reason, as with all motivations behind their reasoning, that of replacing God status in the minds of men and being the God’s on earth. Basically it is narcissism, or megalomania.


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