Himmler, Rohm and Hitler.

I’m still not really sold by the whole “SS” gig, it seems somewhat contradictory by the actions against the SA. Allegedly the SA was run by homosexuals. Yet, they were the same homosexuals that routed the Jews out and placed Hitler on top of the political sphere in pre-National Socialist Germany.
Indeed the film Triumph of the Will was brought out as a sort of piecemeal to pacify the masses on the issue after the Night of the Long Knives. I have searched high and low and I wouldn’t exactly say I’m a slack researcher as much as there doesn’t seem to be anything there that Rohm or other memebers of the SA were engaging in anything other than celebrations.
Again, Rohm’s last words were reportedly Heil Hitler, as was one of Hitler’s final decrees to arrest Himmler and execute him for sabotage and even unwarranted placement by himself as Reichsfurher and Reichs Chancellor.
Having listened to Himmler’s speeches I can’t say I’m even in the teensiest touch by any passion, motivation, inspiration or anything. Considering the position and assumed importance of the man, speaking would and should be a skill definitely worth learning. Yet it was not so.
I have no dog in the fight as to which side to be on, I’m simply looking at things from an objective viewpoint, and Himmler to me seems as creepy as hell. The choice of the skull and crossbones denotes straight away piracy and is very much linked to the freemasons, which Hitler had attempted to do away with. If there is one question mark over the whole World War 2 deal it has to lay with the SS.

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