Currency values – Jew money vs. Kek memes.

It seems that the Kek phenomenon of Pepe the frog has bottomed out Jewish hedge-money. And, isn’t it interesting that in Witchcraft a hedge witch would be a sort of part time opportunist witch, like a snake oil salesman. With the expressing of the voters now in the hands of themselves, for use on the interweb with just a little creative thinking. The sky has become the limit for political debating that was not there before. Petitioning Gods and Deities for bringing balance and harmony to Our Earth is something that we have always done, and it appears a certain tribe are not exactly overjoyed to see these happenings encroach on their hegemony

Oh dear, never mind! Whatever will become of the Jews and their way of paying themselves to the top now? How can they compete with the actual Truth, that they have for at least 8000 years fought tooth and nail to keep out of Public viewing… Ahhh, what joy!

As Jews never like to accept any blame whatsoever, it seems that so much blame actually lies on them and their actions as beasts of the very Devil himself let loose on mankind to poke and prod the Good People and drain every necessity to a base version of the same, and then passing the bill on, obviously, oy vey!

“When in shark infested waters, turn the sharks onto each other.” This is the formula I have been following for years now, and finally the many, as Greg Johnson of put it, “inner contradictions of the system” will indeed destroy the Jewish system. It is also that it is a system forced on the Christian agrarian system, which obviously cannot work, as the Roman Empire was the height of sophistication in the history of this planet and it saw to it that the religion would be suited to the People’s it’s now serving.

As I’ve said in prior articles, for me, Christianity is a very simple thing, and yet it is very far reaching and profoundly based in the idea of posterity. We must be uncovering all the True strengths of Our European People. What potentials remain as yet untapped, we know virtually nothing of who we really are, nor what we may be able to achieve. It’s logically following that we certainly have so much more potential than the Jewish system is allowing for and memes are balancing out the battlefield.

We are merely seeing the rise in intellectual freedom of expression and as people learn more about the values of “meme magic” then even the very sky itself is of no limits to us!


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