The Jewish Culture Vultures.

Here’s an easy one to answer, with all of the Jewish people in the stock markets, brokering houses, banking, law, insurance/assurance, auditing and accountancy firms, courts, and government. At what point do the interests of the non Jewish people enter into the equation as something of importance for the Jewish people to put foremost on their priority lists?

Let’s get to the meat and potatoes of Our culture as a Continental People, long since separated by time and less and less by distance now with the advent of the interweb. Surely something of a trigger mechanism is kicking in to unite us all against the common enemy of Our kind, and indeed the world’s, it would appear. Let’s run through some disastrous scenarios that as men we have to weigh up and bring conclusions to, even if as mere contingencies.

If for a moment we imagine ourself as a Jewish person, what importance would serving Christian investments in the culture be to us? What benefit to the Jewish People is promoting Christian culture to us? What about the inverse? What about crippling the Christian culture and rendering the Jewish People as the overlords of the Christian culture? Why is this not a Jewish persons priority?

Questions are abound as to what service the Jews offer the Christian People’s or indeed all People’s when the opportunity for dominance shapes itself as a reality in the real world for a Jewish takeover. Everything in Public life has the need for insurances these days, and I cannot see any genuine policing of our culture in ways that serve Our economies. When the designed to fail banking houses have the eternal guarantee of the governments, for which the Jewish People have one single State in the mix, that State being Israel, all of Our countries are Christian countries, simple fact.

Where are the mechanisms to police the White Collar industries that are effective and being implemented in ways that can strike out Jewish hegemony? Where are the liable laws that stop Jewish propaganda, from lying, in the media being implemented? What kinds of terror are being thought up, as that seems to be the new idea, go beyond the lawful mechanisms, yet stay under the radar of triggering military intervention. It has been announced that the US government is now preparing to sell $1.5 billion of arms to Saudi, who will be brokering that deal? What are the contents of the contracts?

UK is now the broker of all Chinese bond trading via the sui juris City of London, how is that serving us? Why are the contracts held from being freely available in the public domain for the inspection of those, allegedly, represented by government to view? We are living in a Free Market madhouse, where the only rules that count are the ones set by the Globalists for their obvious best interests, while we hold nothing more but the bill for the fun of those brokering the thing and profiting from them also.

There are currently too many loose ends to tie, and not being tied up, creating tidal waves of contradictions that the media barely scrutinise in a productive way. What about clamping down on the madness should the media report it anyway? Rendering the People of the Nations helpless seems to me to be a worthwhile goal for those who wish to profit and remain outside of the law. Imagine a signed cheque book and all you have to do is fill in the sum amounts, and off you go to the synagogue and get the nod from the rabbis and hey presto, you’re now a super rich genius.

What sustainability is there in this system? Obviously the capitalist system can produce far more goods than is required, so why all the wasted energy? Please do start looking at the brokerage houses on Wall St., the top law firms and who they are. Look at the bankers, what religion do they espouse too. IAs they won’t do the auditing, it’s time for us to do the auditing that is so necessary and fundamentally flawed due to lax rules that are weak, as they obviously are. Everything can be found on the internet. High finance and governmental controls are not bad things to have when you have but zero affiliations to the People they belong too. And yet more, they hold you in the highest esteem because you made it so.

When is a spade a spade? When does the pink elephant breed with the flying pigs? What if all the trillions and trillions of $$$’s were fairly distributed, do you honestly think the world’s economies would be in the toilet that they are finding themselves currently in? Contrasting scenarios often bring up reasons as to why what is promoted may not necessarily be the best of what could be, given the will. We need to find the will to take back the controls of government and social media pressure seems to be having great results in doing this.

Nothing more can be done, nor needs to be done than actually distributing the wealth in ways that sustain life and promote life, which is contrary to what is happening currently. There are too many gaping holes in the finances, to the point of vacuumous black holes sucking the money to where? Off-shore bank accounts for gaining interest, what purpose does that serve?


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