Better Health by Fascism.

In the ever degenerating world we’re being sunk into by our Zio-Marxist led governments lackies. Some of us are learning to swim and drawing on the past to carve our future, and I say with not little success, but actually with great success and it’s a good start point. I myself have traversed through good clean healthy living, and not exactly appreciating it as much as taking it for granted. While I did not realise, nor listened to the warnings of my parents about my wayward ways when reaching manhood, for which Marriage was the initiation and all around marriages were crumbling.

I have worked so desperately to find my way, the one that allows my nature to over flow as a geezer spouting an endless fountain of spring water. I had grew up in a modern town, from city living. The modern town was a by-product of the fallout of World War 2 and basically the end to covert Communism and the very beginnings of overt Communism in Europe. I believe Communism was already overt in the U.S. before World War 2 and that is how the rightful victors were cheated from their victory, and how we remain punished by the loser cheating to victory in the present time. Losers, will always be losers, as Victors will alwasy overcome them.

Never finding me a wife that I didn’t see £££ signs flashing in her eyes, and the average new marriages being broadcast in the media as no longer lasting 2 years, and yet costing anything up to £12k for the wedding. Then seeing so many new weddings fall apart and the fallout of them being sold at much reduced costs mixed with animosity. The Zio-Marxists must’ve been wetting their pants. I’ve lived through now at least three major drug epidemics, mixed with gambling, theft, prostituioning and corruption, not least being pulled by guns on more than one occasion. I really don’t think the 10 years I spent in school readied me for the environment I was living in.

Eventually after many years festering, and working my tripes out as a bricklayer in the construction industry. I decided I wanted a better way of going about my life, so I found some good martial arts schools and eventually went to Shaolin Temple to learn what that was all about. I have learnt many, many things on the way, and now sit each day hour on hour learning Spanish Guitar styles, and loving it. I have the time to exercise, ride my bike, walks by the beach, Alexander Technique, which I can’t recommend highly enough, but I’d suggest you DO NOT get involved in the politics in that field and simply learn what you need and continue on with your stuff.

I was set on a trail to basically find the Truth, and whatever forms it may take, and I believe there is Truth in fascism. Certainly tons more than in Communism, which is a den of vipers were the “Workers” are eaten up by the benevolent (((Unions))) that are nothing more than Zio-Marxist set-ups placed in industry to quash the worker. Basically it kills the worker and let’s the worker kill themselves. It’s so deceptive and cruel and yet, when it is the only option, and one sold as the only option then passionate people are easily led. They’re led by villains, in places were it is seen from the bottom up as how things work in upper management. One has to be a villain, treacherous and conniving. all backed by Hollywood’s narrative, media outlets, sport shenanigans. Basically, the whole of the controlled society is a croc.

Well, that not being good enough for me, despite the warnings of family, I decided to drop everything, as it was suicide to continue that path. I decided not suicide for me, nor suicide for the whole of the world, as at this time China was very much in the ascendency, so my task was not small, I knew that. I also knew it was the only way that fitted how not to be part of the suicide/genocide machine that was eating the world up. I had 6 times been to China to partake in the most arduous training on the planet and survived. So wherever I needed to go to learn more was going to be easy, I just needed faith, and I had confidence in my faith, thank God.

I basically walked to Italy from England, not all the way, but certainly at least 1000 kilometres until I could hear from the horse’s mouth what was Italian Fascism. I walked and saw much Communism and bits of fascism, then when asking about the seaside path from Ventimiglia to Genoa I was on, I find out it was a product of Fascism. So while the signs of Italy may boast Communism, as Communists love to feed their vanity through boasting, another Jewish trait. So I could bounce on my way like a yellow brick road.

After visiting Italy, Germany and Spain over the course of 5 months and with what I’ve then put together since listening to and other nourishing sources. I conclude that Fascism is great. It promotes physical health, the Italian Constitution was the only Constitution that actually says it promotes the family unit. It is a healthy ideology because it seeks to make work through co-operation. It is somewhat crude, but it’s a working man’s model and promotes family values. If it was implemented I’m sure good honest people could perform miracles with it for the future of ALL States throughout the world. It is for me what Communism has been sold to me before, and to the masses. It’s almost like an anarchists wet dream in that it is everybody getting together to move forwards and still have the right to private enterprise.

I call to all who do not comprehend fascism to seek the positives of it, and to help bring ideas for a working model, and of course that natural progression would be for National Socialism, which is the perfect working model fusing the best of the left and the best of the right to make everything possible. It is idealist, and ideals can be reached, go study some things, music, reading, speech therapy, Alexander Technique, as I have said before, and see if you don’t/can’t make improvements. Viva Good Healthy Living!!!


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