(((Leveraging God’s Covenant)))

Parenthesis: Being a burdened by God’s Holy Scriptural Covenant Jew, we Jews are God’s chosen says us, now what are going to do about that Goyim. It’s not simply God chose us to use Noahide Law on you for our own benefit. We Jews must shoulder the burden of God for you, so actually you owe us greatly. When God chose Abraham to kill his son, then changed his mind and said kill the goat, what he was actually saying was, “Never Forget muh six gorillion over here.”

God, of course, was using a euphemism for us to set up the Federal Reserve and all the worlds Central Banks to fund wars on both sides to bring peace, so we’re actually the peace bringers when you understand God’s covenant correctly, Goyim. We Jews were then placed with God’s own authority to fleece the Goyim using His words. It was God who gave us the notion for brokering at the stock markets and creating a worthwhile market place for the investors to trade, using our brokerage houses of course, and only our brokerage houses.

God wanted the Goyim to know that Goyim were safe when following the Noahide Laws as we acted them out, as per the Covenant for your benefit Goyim. Why can’t you see we’re actually the ones losing out on the deal here, otherwise we would have to be farmers, and fishermen and actually produce things from the sweat of our brow, God did not choose this for us Goyim. God gave us compound interest to control all of the worlds finances for a reason, and your misery is that reason, it’s a square deal for us Goyim.

Imagine if your people was burdened with that chore, what a mess you stupid Goyim would make of it, and who would fleece you then? You Goyim never think of that. No, it’s all unicorns and rainbows for the Goyim, while we Jews suffer by the Covenant that we police just for you. This is why God gave it to us and not you. We even use our positions to give you Monsanto GM crops, where is the appreciations for that. We stopped the evil Nazi’s by bombing Japan with illegal weaponry, how about a round of applause. You think we like trading in organs, ok we do, it’s kind of the Jewish way, but it’s for God and the promise he made to us for Israel.

Wake up Goyim, it’s a Jewish world that is your benevolence, we Jews find it pretty deplorable that you can’t understand our legal position, which is why we’re all lawyers and accountants.- End Parenthesis.


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