Racism is Sanity.

Nothing of nature breeds anything but racism, it is a simple fact of life that under normal natural conditions birds of a feather indeed do flock together. Now I could include many, many authoritative links, links that would stand in a Court of Law for example. I shan’t add those links, because as much as I’d love to make the easy solution, here I wish to articulate this in a way that, without external links, simply makes sense of its own merit.

It’s interesting when actively seeking to unhook certain ideologies that come from the philosophical schools, being schools of philosophy and not necessarily academia. Those schools are therefore more ethereal as a concept than an actual building with a sign that says school. From philosophy comes politics, and religion, which is basically at its primary functional level, not more than talking about resources and the allocating of them for the wider community. As most people who follow politics could agree that something of an abhorrent, even obnoxious, culture of disrespect of the tax payers has been bred throughout the Public Offices in order to cover up a template list of debauchery, paedophilia, cocaine and other substance abuse, including alcohol,  theft, the lack of will to support and supply the People with actual protections and not sham protections that can be spieled on the Talmudic Voiceover (T.V and media) as thinly disguised protectionist politics. It’s ever more frustrating to see the obvious lies broadcast on the Talmudic Voiceover, where bringing answer is left to your own devices in this freedom of speech community were pogrommed into.

It’s a thing now where the People are wholly waking up to the (((Left-Wing, Right-Wing))) paradigm, and boy has that been something that has sucker punched the generations (gene-race-ions, say it fast) before. Where the (((Unions))) have been posing as false dichotomies and acting as dichotomies by not admitting to destroying whole communities by Zio-Marxist Cultural Marxism. Nor being policed in any way shape or form, as I’m aware. Certainly Trotskites were active in Anti-Policing the Unions where I’m from, after many a shop steward had his legs broke, and was to afraid to speak out for his families sake.

The world is sobering up from a massive global inducement into Communist Zio-Marxism, the word is out, the smoke signals are doing their job and the word is being passed on down the line, free from Chinese whisper syndrome. The People are of certain bloods, it’s without culpability to them and they are learning the true history of the worth of their blood. We are biological organisms living in a vast space that is being debased by deliberate disillusionment proliferated by an age old machine that appears to have shed it’s last skin. Sanity is returning through communicating well, passing on information that is rock solid and bona fide concrete in substance.

Take for example the Constitutions of each of the Nations, which as a side note all Councils have, as do corporate trusts. Without the protection of a Constitution being in place, also note Germany has not a Constitution, nor Israel, Hong Kong or Macau, though Basic Laws are used “as” Constitutions, they are 1000% not. They are a flim flam, a ghost of a thing to dupe onlookers to say, “Well at least they have that.” No, it is a Constitution, or not and they are not, simple.

So, the power of the Constitution in Constitutional situations comes into play in profound intangible ways, where the logic of the rules must be followed. Now, here’s where what I am going to call “Loophole Syndrome” the beautiful indescribable concept that can be argued until the cows come home, just to raise controversy, and Our Nations are gripped in all of these loopholic “grey areas”. Where is a Judge without a Constitution? Naewhere, Where is a Police Commissioner or governor? Naewhere again. So, placing people who have not the right to be in the Offices of Public Service in order to forward the Politically Incorrect Zio-Marxist attack on Our cultures are warning signs that the Men are asleep. No one is guarding the chicken house and the foxes are hungry.

The tables are indeed turning, that is an absolute guarantee of the present time, and more the pressure mount on the Zio-Marxist liars, who have always waved the golden banners of Truth, and kept it out of the reach of the ones under the banner, while they destroy its golden quality from the back by daubing it  with what can only be described as black magic. Through the Freemasonic networking the Rabbinical message gets passed along the corridors of power, where armed guards stand with machine guns to combat terror, while all along the evil witches inside brew more poison to inject into the fruits.

People have been largely made stupid by inducements of take it or leave it, and the perceived struggle in leaving it when contrasted to taking it, has put those offering it in the power position, and it’s still poison. It will always be poison, it was just a poison that could be brought home as piecemeal so as not to cause the family undue stress. Yes, the fathers where captured in the workplaces and sold down the river by the managements, the councils, the unions, all geared to make the man be a valueless commodity, unless eating from the poisoned fruit.

To us Westerners, we took it that everyone could easily do what we’ve been doing in industry. Yet we notice that production of work is not necessarily one that is shared by all, but we have it rammed down our throats that it is. We have been left to pay for the non producers, as was cultivated by the top heavy middle management revolutions of the 1980’s and 1990’s. These things breed cultural norms, so while the workers were disgruntled by lousy cost efficient policies, the means to voice an opinion had been ganged up on and erased out of industry for the large part. Now come the (((migrants))) what an odd bunch this lot are. When such places as the Jewish Autonomous Region remains empty of people, Angola and other Chinese Ghost citied countries have homes available by the millions. We, the European stock must have multiculturism because the Jews say so. Well excuse me, but we may have been dumbed down, but we’re not that dumb.

No, what is going to happen is the Europeans are going to rightfully bind together, “Birds of a feather flock together”. we are defending Our Right to exist, as it is Our Duties to do so. We’re sending all the imports back, bar none and we’re are having Our Cultured, Sophisticated and most of all Our Heavenly Way protected by us. The Jews can go to the Jewish Autonomous Region and get out of everyone’s hair. Take away their means to nuclear arms and build a wall around them by taking away their claims to dual passports.

Close all Synagogues outside of the Jewish autonomous region and restore harmony and balance in the Arab world by natural order. Then we can set to in conquering the galaxies and give place to posterity in this external world, where European Man is now Master of His own destiny and onward and upward we’re going. Heil og Sael! (Norwegian greeting)


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