Ursula Haverbeck – Illegally held Political Prisoner.

I have written the following message to the German Ambassador via the German Embassy in London Aviv, demanding the immediate release of Frau Haverbeck who is being illegally held as a political prisoner in Germany. Her crime, having her reasonable questions about a certain fabrication regarding her Countrymen, past and present. I urge you to carry this message, at least in your heart, and more, when possible share further, even to the point of also addressing the relevant German Embassy in your own country. Thanks.

I have just sent this to the German embassy in London Aviv – Dear Sirs, I patiently write to you about a grave and terrible thing that I have heard from your beautiful country. Apart from Ms. Merkel devastating the whole of Europe with her own personal crusade to destroy Europe and European culture, even a little old lady is not safe.
As I’m sure you are aware Germany, as with Israel, remain the only two States without an actual Constitution that is not more than a Basic Law and that this disgraceful situation allows the criminal mafia to do the things that are done in Germany and elsewhere.
I point to your attention of the plight of Frau Ursula Haverbeck, who appears to be the victim of serious discrimination and being held unlawfully as a political prisoner. I give you now the opportunity to right this wrong and release her immediately with full due compensation, a full public apology and answers to her reasonable questions in good faith.
I eagerly await good news of Frau Haverbecks immediate release and a public statement made on the German Embassy website to inform the many, many supporters of Frau Haverbeck here in England. In the event there is no reply in the positive, I shall proceed to take measures of forwarding a petition to the relevant authorities demanding the aforementioned immediate release of the illegally held political prisoner, Frau Haverbeck.
Post Script: Please enlighten me as to what the German Government have done to aid justice for the children of England, amid such venom toward the German People’s? See video here.
I have decided to follow up my original enquiry with sending this article also to the German Embassy for clarification on these matters. Here are the German Embassy website contact details for the Embassy in London Aviv, here.
Video to the English, hereinvestigator

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