Facebook – Zio-Marxist censor factory.

Posing as a medium for Social Media Zio-Marxist Book is in your face with nice, benevolent Jewish censorship. There’s every proof that they’re following my account and trying to do their best to subvert the message, as they know the Truth, because they have invented the army of lies to hide it. I knw the truth, and they know I know, and this is a problem for the Zio-Marxcist Facebook, because I have gathered the evidence and people are now enquiring as to what is meant by what I am saying, because they’ve never saw Truth before, but they recognise it.

I’ve litarlly just got this strange, strange message from Zio-Marxist Book, and I’m sure no one else has seens anything like this before. I was chatting with some nice folk in an open debate about our differing opinions, when Per-Arne asked me what I was talking about. I’d suggested that what we’re uncovering now is the lid off of the lie and eventually the tree of lies that has rooted itself in our minds and culture by the means of the electronic Rabbi, the television and other sources of Public Platform.

Now, the “Antisemitic” card doesn’t wash with me, as it is on the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, together with their Holocaust denial, the primary religion of all Jews. You can verify my claim here. As with all things now, it’s verifiable, and what that “King” is saying, is verifiable toxic to normal human beings.  Here, read and follow the links in this article to get a bigger and fuller picture as to what’s being hidden from the Public, in order to render them powerless and rob them blind, and on top of that, breed them out of existence. This is an evolving attack to make people not in His image, it’s to make people the Devils servants, bona fide evil entities, lost of their souls and their consciences.

Here are more links for educating yourself on what is happening to Our lives from a Jewish attack on our homes, culture and way of life. Link, Link, video of prior link.


The notices Zio-Marxist Facebook sent:



The link where all this happened is Here. I think they’re the ones who are committing their own suicides when it comes to the Homosexual Question, as they will not be passing on their genes. Here’s my thoughts on recent political events. You know, like it’s my fault. That King needs to stand up for His people, not for the ones who play to his vanities and make him big loans he charges the people for, pffft!!! The day of the polished turd is over, the King wears NO clothes!


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