Communism is Jewish:Organized and International Jewry/Globalism

Communism is Jewish:Organized and International Jewry/Globalism



Obama and the left are funded by too many anti-American philanthropists to keep count. Most recently, emails have revealed that Jewish philanthropist and businessman Victor Pinchuk donated over $25 million to the Clinton Foundation, and appeared on the guest list that was sent between Dennis Cheng, an executive at the foundation, and Huma Abedin, then Clinton’s deputy chief of staff at the State Department, ahead of a June 2012 dinner. Abedin noted in a subsequent email that the gathering would be hosted in Clinton’s home.

Vadim Rabinovich, of the former Soviet Union had ties to the Clinton administration during Bill Clinton’s time in office and continues to work closely with the Clintons to this day.

“I am the Obama of Ukraine.”-Vadim Rabinovich,during his 2014 presidential campaign.

The anti-American Jewish philanthropist who once referred to himself as “God”;George Soros,has donated over 7M to the Clinton campaign this year alone…. Continue reading by clicking link below.

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Source: Communism is Jewish:Organized and International Jewry/Globalism

Cutting Edge Tips on Health.

As a bit of background info regarding health. I worked in all weathers as a bricklayer from boyhood to manhood. I have built houses, factories, airports, shopping centres, universities, train stations as well as working on the roads in all conditions. Keeping fit is vitally important, so here’s some tips for the coming winter:

Drink soups, take vit D supplements, keep warm, take magnesium, everybody is lacking in magnesium. We need 375mg’s a day, and 10mgs of Zinc if you’re a man. For women during menstruation take yarrow, you will not be disappointed. I am recently hearing K2 is very beneficial, so please look into that. As a side note, we should not be reliant on supplements, they are called supplements for a reason.

I cannot recommend at least 5 lessons in Alexander technique, and also ba gua, tai chi or any callisthenics are very good. It’s just the first two are also good for self defence too, and have colourful philosophies. If you do not wish to do foreign things, then hill walking is great, get the blood flowing and the larger muscle groups in the legs going for great blood circulation and pressure. Cycling I enjoy personally, but talking to Scandinavian friends, they all ski, so jealous. My brother was an ameteur wrestler for many years, Greco-Roman and is it shoot wrestling or something, he’s quite tough, but now he owns a snow boarding place in Bansko in Bulgaria. Hi Tim, hope all is well.

For a structured way, here would be my tips: Have a good hot shower in the morning with as hearty a breakfast as you like, just do some stretches first and get grounded. Walk more, if you have sedentary job. Go swimming, take up golf, anything to get de-stressed, just get great posture from Alexander technique and the world’s your oyster. Any self-defence is always a good step in the right direction, and when feeling more adventurous it’s always exhilarating to go the forest and do foresty stuff, hunting, camping, hand gliding, mountain climbing etc. Just prepare good kit and boots, have your wits about you and please try not to die. Have fun this winter and keep National Socialist! Hail! \


Recognising International Corruption at Local Levels.

This is just a pointer as to how to recognise International corruption at local level, which is actually where the Jews make all their money. There is no money outside of localities, the People are the money, and labour the value. The Jew is the thief, now sophisticated and aided by all manner of mechanisms including human ignorance and compliance. Almost all major crime now is White Collar, not that the press will publish this. Prof. G. Manning PhD. says in the US as of 2008 5% of crime was White Collar Crime, yet accounted for 95% of the money earned through crime. Forensic accounting and financial investigation 2nd edition.

The first port of call is to question what you see. What organisation is behind it? How do you benefit yourself, is another extremely important question, because of the Jewish brainwashing and mind control, we very often are in a state of cognisant dissonance. This means we cannot differentiate between what we’ve never known, because we have no reference point to draw from. Obviously if something is for our benefit our physiology will respond. While I don’t want to get into the bio-chemistry of our functioning in everyday life, it’s just a simple fact that our physiology tells us the differences in truths and we can learn to use it.

So many charities are scams, if not all. The Church has been roped in to launder for the Jewish Mafia with the Vatican 2 Council being the administrators of that affair. Obviously, or sometimes less obviously, but generally obviously, lies when questioned draw similar responses, and often no response or violent responses. It’s a game template, we’ve been getting played and the best way to cure is to understand the problem. I hope this gives you enough to make something of a stand in stopping in your own mind and thinking things through on a day to day level in how the things around you will affect you in the future, or not.

The idea of putting oneself in an observers position first is to be knowledgeable, then with the knowledge gained, experience can be earned when putting the knowledge to the test. The long road of life awaits, and there’ll be Jews looking to ambush all along the way, so take care and learn to recognise yourself and put trust in everything that you are. Good luck and Godspeed!


President Jar of Ash

With all the tensions being built around the next Trojan Horse infiltration of the Whitehouse in DC, one can only say that a Presidential victory of the underdog at this stage would be a win for Hillary Clinton. All well and good the loveable rogue from NYC, Donald Trump, putting forth the arguments of the People, though they be as blighted as an Irish potato, and by the same villainous crew too.  My question is, just how much corruption are we looking at in fact. Apart from Haiti, apart from obvious connections to ISIS and Netenyahu and apart from the point of the Oligarchical Jews just walking away from the US on the strength of a vote isn’t at all laughable is it?

So, what of the old English story of putting the true heirs in the Tower until death?European history is pitted with such similar events, and worse. What makes this debacle that we’re seeing unfold before our very eyes, any different? I noticed that for such a businessman as Trump, and I joined his Trump University for about 5 minutes until I could see what was going on behind that curtain. Joining very often is the only way to learn from within. And in this super secretive world of comerical espionage where they people don’t even matter, let alone the votes. Then I have to lay down some twine to leave myself a path for a way back.

I have rode on the trump train for a little bit and it’s not the easiest train to ride, because it’s obviously full of Jewish rhetoric that is fuelling the thing. In contrast with other millionaires and next billionaires of past history, usually their contributing factors of the reasons why they’re so rich touch you on everyday levels. With Trump I can think of none, and certainly the same for Clinton. Usually one would be touched with a smile or a thought of how useful that rich person has been by contributing whatever it is too society. As with all things these days, tainting by the Jew is never far away.

Why is that the base level of our day is not exactly filled with overwhelming enthusiasm to do for ourselves, for our family and for our countries in that order. For years I was told doing for others is richer than doing for oneself. Yes, true, but see how long that equation can sustain life. No, we must build ourselves strong, mentally, spiritually and physically in order to fulfil  3 simple hungers within us. Of course we want to do well for another, and we wish others well, but do we not deserve for own first, and that accumulated thinking then shared as a group. I’m sure it was Jung who proposed it also, as I’m sure any decent philosopher would.

Isn’t it funny how Jung really isn’t considered a philosopher per se, yet he used his psychological knowledge to offer philosophies to shape the healthy psychology of others, and Jewish Freud then given the mantle. Of course the Jew replaces the European in the narrative, what simple solutions for the Jew when every avenue of possibility is cordoned off by your propaganda ministers. I think that what is necessary is a hurrying to crunch time, if not least in our minds, then somewhere. We need it to understand the dynamics in play, the risks and possible risks. It’s no uncertain task, yet when we are scrambled now it has been without an actual order of hierarchy.

The disadvantage set us at the moment is that there are no policings of the White Collar crimes that are looting the place in an endless looting that has been nailed to the wall as the normal way. The figures have escalated, along with the drugs, the prostituting, the illegal behind the scenes crimes that are unseen and can simply be wiped. We are literally basing our realities on what we perceive as being the reality in a non occupied land, and yet is 1000% occupied. While it is not exactly nice to walk through the valley of despair, I think in many ways it is a productive walk.

Every way possible that can be walked must be walked with an end goal in mind. Clues must be picked upon and advantages must be played. Yes, it’s a game, but most of all it is a race. And involved in those races are races, ideologies, strawmen, dreams and nightmares, all rolled over by thick lavish layers of propaganda that tease our minds this way and that. Imagine the place free of the poisonous industries that blocking the views from such great and plentiful lives. One thing about the Jews, the politicians and the hasbara agents, aka Zio-Marxists, is they never discuss conscience. Conscience is the Con science that unwravels all untruths.

I think those that have been brought up on traditional values and hold those values in esteem and revere them, understand their significance, and vice versa. Yet more, those who have trashed them after being passed them down as part of their legacy have really accumulated into an unnameable group of all sorts of liberals, leftists, anarchists, communists et cetera. Whereas the unnameable group will be continued on to be unnamed in the Jewish Press, then the opposite crew of that unnamed mob will be the ones bearing the torch of sustainability, truth in life and basically all of the ripe fruits of the labours of our forebears that are being lain to to waste by this nasty bunch of individuals in the other camp.

It’s basically a matter of driving a sub-economy against the real economy, the one already destroyed anyhow. But the dangly carrot may still work on the masses and it’s a matter of use what works. As yet we’re tied pretty much to the donkey, even carrying the thing in many ways, while it tries to catch the carrot. Yet nothing we can do, save drop the donkey and surround the carrot holder, can work. Finding out what works and what doesn’t work in a patterned sense is something that is made all the more difficult by the agents and sub agents of the same, to “only lie a little bit” You can’t only lie a little bit here, and a little bit there in this game, it’s too big a game and the tangents too unpredictable. I do like the idea of hedging in this way though. Always double your stake and only bet 2/1. This will always bring bigger returns than losses. We’re basically gambling now with time, efforts and skill, but we are mobilising, and this is a fundamental key to the organising of our groups in extremely similar ways to any who wish to gain strength.

It is a simple fact that nothing is insurmountable, and all is countable in ways that cannot be predicted, but merely can be attempted to be managed damage limitation. We can only take heart from our efforts thus far and look forward to a very, very exciting next five years were the learnings are going to be tremendous. Godspeed to all of Our People! Hail Victory! \



World War 2 – Proof Positive a War on Ideology.

The residual political paradigms sprung from what has been coined “The Perestroika Deception”, Perestroika being the alleged end of Communist rule of the former USSR. All the clues now that we’re seeing where the political ideologies of the victors are the only ones allowed, and repugnant to the Constitutionally protected Rights and Duties of the Citizen. Had there not been such a desperate need to keep Hitler’s Germany down, then we wouldn’t be seeing a continuing of that in the present day, but we do.

This continuing war scenario is very definitely from the Hellenistic philosophies of Ancient Greece, which form the very cradle of Our European Democratic process. The political stage we see before is none other than a foreign and malignant one to Our ways of thinking. All the history points to a wholesale subversion of the European Political and Aristocratic way. We are not Anarchists, we do not proliferate Anarchy, nor Communism, they have been born from the French Aristocracy and their views on Jews and their freedoms. The English Civil War, aka “The Glorious Revolution” also a patronage of Jewish ideology at war with the host nations people.

Russia had for a long time, at least 400 years, and the entirety of the Romanov rule of the world’s largest country, been wrestling with the Jewish people, only to be done away with in yet another Revolution, the October Revolution, the second within ten years in Russia. For a minority group these Jews sure do get around, and cause hell in abundance, it’s as if they’ve created a religion out of it. At the present moment now the US is battling to save itself from being strangled by the many tentacled beast that clans together from all over using it’s vast network of synagogues and high society influence.

Being with morals, ethics or virtues is not something that we Europeans, as a group of Races finding Our origins in Europe would have allowed of Our own kinfolk, but for some reason it’s the order of the day for those who profit so massively at everyone else’s cost and misery. Pay your dues, or face the wrath of the very government who claim to represent you, what could be more absurd? Where are the returns on investment from the countries earnings being stored that have accumulated from past business ventures in the name of the countries the governments represent.

Are we literally seeing a parallel universe under our very noses, where the electronic banking systems hide away all that the White Rabbit is in a hurry to fetch? There’s nothing worse in our eyes than dastardly folk, so no matter the gripes you have with other groups, please find time to look at those who sit as the bankers of this living monopoly board the Jews. Please come to your own conclusions after taking some time to study just what these muppets and their usury do to the society at large.

Being able to conjure up money out of thin air, as a monopoly, then charge compound interest, Actuarial Science, on the thing does not make you Gods among men. No, it makes you very much targets with pressures that have long been explained do not work, and always leave Jews in trouble. Take this as a warning to the Jewish people if you will. The Law of Lucky Luciano, a Jew, states that once one person has worked out your scam, then it’s time to pack up and move on. The only thing is with the many advantages for Non Jews, Jews now have nowhere to pack up and run to. Their gig is up, and it’s all on them now how they wish to proceed, because the battle lines are drawn and the People are no longer phased by the quick talking snake oil salesmen as they once were, due to their good nature, and only due to their good nature.

The good nature has been abused and then dragged out way beyond the call of duty. The day of the Jew is coming to it’s dusk and when night falls on them, and it will, then the celebrations can begin and the emperors can get some proper clothes on.


Free the Right!

Only the Right Wing of Communism is allowed in the Liberalist quagmire of a multitude of sins. The average conscience of the average liberal cannot bear to admit that Internationalism is unworkable and Nationalism is the only workable model tied with Socialism. I got to thinking that as long as there are people, there is a social by it’s very definition. So to undermine the relevance of nations is to bolster the claims of the Internationalists who are sapping the the lifeblood of the Left and keeping them dizzy and confused by controlling the narrative.

The Right way is the only way, that’s why it’s called Right, it does what it says on the tin. The Public has a right to hear from all side, and it has a duty to maintain that right for everyone. It is too long now the Liberal Communist Left have disqualified the Right’s voice without warrant and have made a sham out of the political arena by being so lopsided and siding with Israel time after time, after time.

The People have been poisoned by the Liberal Communist Jew lackies and the immune systems that are being triggered are a natural thing to quash the horsehit being constantly barraged into the Public as if it’s a type of politics that holds any water. It’s completely a base system with zero spiritual uplift at all. It is merely a token that old Jewish farts may soar the heights unknown with other people’s money being the fuel that raises them. The very People who are paying for it is the majority and they are the ones misled, misguided and misdirected to follow some fable that these are the only politics possible.

I’s been said it many times in past articles, podcasts and videos, that there is a rising up now from the frustrated masses who have learnt show much and have showed good faith and good spirit in pushing the Right agenda to the fore. It will always be being pushed further as more and more latch onto it, the old Jewish led Liberal Communist led Zio-Marxism will have shed it’s final skin. Hail the Nations! Hail Nationalism!

Great audio here: Link



Corporate Communists Creating Non Corporate Fascist Demons… like it’s a good thing.

As Stalin was quoted as saying, and he’s bound to have picked it up from elsewhere- “In order to defeat the opposition, one must lead it”.

This saying is exactly how the Corporate flunkies to the Internationalist Globalist Jews are following the template given to them by their Jew masters. As the People of the world are made into demon fascists, the media whores flog their rags full of tripe and crap. There is a growing mass opposition to this and it’s buckling their hegemony over the narrative. The Public opinion is a harsh task master, and that is what the Jewish people’s media attempts to promote, or people may starting looking at important areas, such as finance.

Remember just last year when Greece was battling with the (sp)EU over austeriy, apparently there wasn’t enough money to go round. Yet, Russia, Syria Israel, US, China and other Jewish lackey countries spend money willy nilly on death and destruction. Let me put this example to you. North Korea have flown in the opposite direction to the Jew Internationalists and the UN has clamped down so heavy on that country, for the one simple reason. It has nuclear capability, which compromises the Israeli monopoly on the countries allowed to have them. Israel has that tech in the back pocket, and anyone dare to go down those avenues without their administration is a demon fascist. even though North Korea is plugged so often in the media as being Communist, they dropped that in 2009.

Death and destruction to all, to bring peace. Look at the Calais Jungle, like the UN or governments couldn’t disband that, come on. It’s all the work of Shylock, and the money is the only thing that counts, and the Jews are the accountants. We’re looking here at Economic trade wars for protection racket mafiosi’s who have come together in their droves to assist in a global push on the People of the worlds psyche and con them into believing there’s no money. Money is a subject people need to learn about and what they don’t understand of it, they must learn. It’s imperative.

Imagine the farmer not learning about fences when the foxes are attacking the chickens, and the wolves are attacking the lambs, it’s a no brainer. This whole set up is a robbery and it revolves around money. The game is from the Book of Numbers, which is an Old Testament book, and that is what the Jews call one the five books of their Torah, pronounced Terror. That Torah has been incrementally changed to no longer represent the contents of what was a Holy book, but is now simply a manual of continuing theft practices.

I really can’t emphasise enough the importance of money in the mind of the Jew, they simply set everyone else’s aggressions against each other and clean up on the International money markets while everyone is busy. The convenience of the mass immigration as started by Merkel, has been one that came without warning. She wasn’t offering help, she was helping hiding the fact that Golden Dawn were getting nearer to being the Party in control of Greece after Syriza had sold Greece out and went completely 180degrees on their promise not to agree to a bail out. The chutzpah was on a scale of 99 out of 10.

Nationalism is the mortal enemy of Internationalism, for obvious reason, but the most obvious is the control of the money. The banks are controlling the revenues right now. The governments are nothing but false shepherds using quasi military law as a means to terrorise the people in a low impact assault on the People. Isn’t it funny how it’s the same template in use the world over? Everybody is looking at poverty while the military forces fly around in gear that could sustain infinitely the States that they’re being used on. Let’s take an example that may just make sense.

With the budgeting of the Social Security, the budgeting of the military, in balance as an accountant, how would we foresee these events unfolding should we be for example Jack Lew? Let’s say we need to have so much in the bag for contingencies in relation to Social Security, and likewise for military purposes. Well, for a start which bank are we going to keep those kinds of money in? In the US ~Treasury, where is it coming from in the first place? The Federal Reserve? How does that happen? Etc., etc., etc.

What if there was a surplus of monies from the years before, where do those moneys go? Just exactly who is doing the reckoning up over here? I can guarantee Netenyahu knows exactly how much to the dime goes where and what for, and how much his cut for running the operation is. Of course, if you have any questions, you’re a demonic fascist and should be purged from Communism, and the Jews will be at the centre of that.





More Truth about Hitlers National Socialist Germany.

As time goes by and people see the sense and reasoning to have common sense rule Europe’s ethnically largest speaking population, with obvious attractiveness to other European States then and now. We’re also learning that each marriage was given a signed edition of Mein Kampf, such was the reach from the author, and Leader of the country, to His beloved People.


Worst Goy Ever!

It struck me earlier that our paradigms have been built upon lies, and in uncovering truths we’re learning the extent of those lies. Then I thought, what if the Communists had have won the 1933 German election. Then the drug running would have continued, the prostitution, the loan sharking, the media control, the mad interest rates and God forbid as to what else. Looking at the Ukraine, Russia, East Germany and Stalinist Albania these weren’t nice places to live. In fact they were places of certain death.

As much as is known, and not known in its entirety of the NSDAP era in post World War 1 Germany, so is it also largely unknown as to what horrid liberalism the Germans were placed under after the signing of the Versailles Treaty. I’d suggest looking at the pictures of National Socialist Germany under Hitler, that the faces speak the story. If every picture paints a thousand words, then imagine the books you have read on the subject when looking at the citizens of the new nation of Germany post 1933.

It must have been an incredibly tense time while waiting to get the results of the votes and the months leading up to the voting. I know there were power struggles in the victorious party and so many Jewish people left Germany and went all over the place to get out. Does that not reflect something of a retribution they were expecting with the voting in now of the new ruling party, with 15 million votes? They scarpered to Switzerland, UK, U.S. and Scandinavia.

Just exactly what were the Communist plans for the country of Germany so soon after defeat during World War 1. With Lenins new USSR in full play, and having bumped off the legacious Romanovs who had ruled for 400 years the nation of Russia, to which the USSR ruled from. And more to look at the wars with Japan in China, and indeed their own internal war with the Nationalist Kuomanting, who were heavily supported by the US in the fight against Communism.

As usual, we will of course be shocked to learn the truths of the events, when all people wish for at heart is a simple life, free from dogmatic control, surely, isn’t it? What terrible times we have come through to be born into yet more terrible times and looking to be more terrible, but not of the will of the People. The Jewish Oligarchal Banking House of Rothschild have the motto: “Through war we can bring peace.” This is outlined in the 1934 film “House of Rothschild“, which cohencidently was the first film to have a colour scene.

No, the NSDAP did win, and they freed the good People of Germany for at least 12 years, and who knows how long into the future that seed can continue to grow, as it surely is as it’s roots have rightfully grounded themselves into the very earth that men walk upon today and tomorrow. What sickening and dishonourable courtesy the Jewish people as a tribe have shown to their most worthy adversary, whose odds were so stacked against them. But they cared not for a fate worse than slavery and through caution to the wind. They have in every other respect than the (((victors))) writing the history, actually won.

No way in the world can these Jew types keep up with what’s coming down the pipe. As we’ve seen with Hillary Clinton’s death, whether she’s alive or dead, she’s dead. There’s no defeating the Truth and the Truth is out and it’s not going back in. The meme wars will win the battle of this low intensity warfare campaign by the Jewish people. They’ve committed themselves to it, and so we match them and raise them. Even if their lies carry any weight, they’re always going to be lies, and lies beget lies and that is how the whole system, as Greg Johnson puts it “that system will collapse by its own inner contradictions” This is true, see what I mean.

Any four year old child is told not to lie and the dangers of lying. In folklore we have the boy who cried wolf, he lied and eventually when he told the truth, so he never got help, because he’s burnt all his bridges, and no man is an island. What we have here now, with the internet, is the first level playing field of it’s kind throughout the whole of known history. These are crucial times, and as the Jewish people have chosen to rearrange what liberty means, so the meaning will be re-rearranged back. As with BLM, all these cranky concepts based on feelings, LGBTQ and Feminism,  being the two most outlandish dogmas that people are falling for. So shall the record be set straight by Nationalist Socialism.

What has happened is what has been missing from the school life and the modern society has created vacuums in people’s developing and learning. These vacuums have been intentionally created, and it’s only going to get worse should it be allowed to continue, which it is not being. These intentional vacuums are being filled by dross and dogma, and lots of Jewish people’s funding methods. They use charities, they use banking, they use every possible means to further their advantage, and for what? What tangible things are they actually creating by these crazy mad meanderings?  Nought, but revolution, revolution, revolution, the inexhaustible cry for (((CHANGE))). Yes the most trusted non bigoted change they don’t want, and how well they’re versed in that.

It’s like there’s some sort of eco-plasma that doesn’t affect people who know how to think for themselves and do think for themselves. in a recent podcast on the Daily Shoah, a (((journalist))) gets grilled, and obviously she’s got no argument with the hosts ideology, even though she “says” she doesn’t agree with it. Isn’t that pure evidence of a void, and in following the maxim of natural law as said by Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, the famous US Constitutional Judge, “Nature abhors a void.”