Jewish Charities: UK Government audit decisions after investigation.

Here is a list of Jewish Charities that have been investigated for (((discrepancies in accounting))) :-
Of course it doesn’t end there Goyim, as Disgraced Ex Executive of the gutter press organisation BBC was forced out, because of his dealing with his (((Charity))) Kids ‘R us. Like baby goats the charity was given large sums of money which suddenly and without apparent reason disappeared into thin as Kids ‘R us filed for (((Bankruptcy))), another Jewish accountants favourite trick to pull to manipulate the system.
Alan Yentob, along with the Jewish married couple Richard Curtis and accused paedophile Clement Freud’s daughter Emma Freud also have been involved in children’s programming and the gutter press organisation BBC’s “Comic Relief” with such noted people as Jewish Ben Elton, Anti-White Leader Lenny Henry and Jewish Rowan Atkinson, who ridiculed the English way of living with his dire “Mr. Bean” series. Here is a list of articles about that scandal and the crazy and horrible scandal surrounding the late Clement Freud.
Alan Yentob, et al.

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