Governmental Corpocracy, Leasing with Impunity.

The rip off governments who have managed to set up a one way street, where the coffers go to them directly, and the distribution goes back to them and their mates indirectly too. Where living in a magnetic current where sometimes we get in the way of them siphoning all the cash back to themselves and manage to have it in our hands for more than five minutes before returning back to them at their beck and call.

For all the monies these corporations make, and I’ll include the not for profit charitable organisations, that through accountancy methods that have become normal, squeeze through gaping loopholes that the governments put there, because all Jews are lawyers and accountants. Well, they’re not the only ones who can play the game, much to their dismay. There’s a whole load of accountability waiting for them down the line and they’re not going to like what they see then.

It’s all well and good organising accounts whereby the approximate values of exchanges warranting just returns are sustainable, but by Christ the runaway train that these cucks have made an industry out of is an absolute nightmare at very best. What mandate from God are we looking at, the chutzpah one? I’m pretty sure I didn’t get that memo, how about you? I have watched plenty of mafia and horror movies along the way, and I’m not seeing much difference in the stories, but the actors have different faces.

The societies of the nation states are being directed as one would direct a movie, the only luxury the Jews have is that they can twist and entwine various stories into others as they go by, as they have all the capital in the budget. More, they even have the keys to the safe where the money for the budget is kept, and if they need more, they just press the magic buttons and hey presto, magic money out of thin air just like that. Well, they may have made their religion out of it, but it doesn’t mean to say the natural order of things will ultimately follow their will, and we are seeing signs of their hurt from so much exposure, and keeping looking for more and more will eventually stack up and they’ll topple from sheer top heaviness.

I think continuing to be looking for ways to work around their madness is very profitable, and certainly less stressful. Keeping the pressure constantly on them is becoming an art form that many are showing great adeption in. The Jews are away from home wherever they are, and that’s a good thing, because once they’ve realised their (((minority status))) doesn’t wash any longer, then they’re automatically on the back foot. Not that they think like that anyhow, they’re so full of chutzpah with their smash and grab ideology that they carry on as a train off the rails. Well, it’s coming back to bite them, this is clear, unlike their consciences, that we bear for them. Just because they have none, doesn’t mean they’re free from conscience in the moral sense as part of what is a Christian society, based on the law system, if nothing more in the very least.

We’ve been sold pure snake poison as the remedy, but we never knew that the deals had been done in our favour for our interests, at cost to us, however much they want to charge. The hypnotic inducements of T.V., fancy cars, cheap products and all the modernism that they can muster to shove down our throats has cause the gag reflex to kick in, because t is 1000% poison. Not only can we not sustain ourselves, even if we were to carry the Jews and their pets eternally, we wouldn’t be able to anyhow. Not that that isn’t their insidious plan, it completely is, but no, I think there are far too many powerfully connected people who can simply knock these mugs out of the game, but until then, the children are going to be making Jews and their lackies a lot of money out of misery and corruption.


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