The Twitchy Jew.

These Jews are all involved in some criminal activity or another, it’s their religion. Sometimes it may not seem like it, but you have to peel the layers back a little, they can’t breathe without criminality, it’s in their veins. It’s our job, not that we asked or voted for it, but it’s our jobs now to monitor their every move. They are only ever admitted into our societies due to manipulation of vanities to our traitorous leaders, which is a question we need to ask about ourselves as to why is that even possible, given the stakes.

Many Jews are lawyers, think manipulation training, many Jews are accountants, think creative accounting for tax evading and money laundering, many Jews are doctors, think Big Pharma. It doesn’t end there though, Jews are very active due to the training they get as Jews, it’s a military operation, their God is War and war is money. Like I’ve said before, people who don’t study what Jews are up to remain blindsided by their antics, as they have infiltrated the top of society and are working their way down. Our natural instincts are different, to work from grassroots up, based on merit and experience in working with tangibles.

Those who are studying them have seen the same template over and over again, if you can’t lead it destroy it. Simple practices for the Jews when dealing with Goyims who have no immunities to the Jewish brutal aggressiveness. They basically can’t move unless they get their own way, they have too much at stake, because they’re all up to something, so why wouldn’t it be in their best interests to pave their own way? The absolute perfect example of this paving, by this time attacking with both principles of the above. They have taken the concept of the Christian Religion and the Holy Bible and tried to lead it, Vatican Council ll as one example of Church infiltration, Schofield Bible another. They have set about destroying the reputation of the Church and the Holy Bible by deliberately misinterpreting them.

If there’s one thing about Jews, they do like their chutzpah and any chance they get to exercise the chutzpah muscle, they’re on it. As we know, the more you flex your muscles the more used to it they become, muscle memory. When not used then there is muscle atrophy, Jews know this. They have taken the independence and social natures of ourselves and morphed it into anarchic individualism and dependency. We are together much stronger, and that gives us great power, we already have immense power by ourselves, when we know how to use it. It is like anything, it can be used to do anything too, it’s not about the thing itself but about our imagination. I suggest you now to imagine can we sustain the Jewish manipulating of our minds, which is reflected in our economies, forever?

How does eating mud, if you’re lucky, sound, being stripped of all assets, as we are seeing. Imagine, right, imagine you could print off as much money as you and your friends and family needed on a whim, is that a lot of money? Well, what’s stopping the Jews, they are having their cake and eating it, it’s up to us to be good Christians, Odinists, Wodenists and Trojanists and find ways to stop the rot, because the self appointed lords and masters the Jews won’t be stopping it anytime soon.

Can we be responsible for ourselves in ways that we would wish to be, given free reign, we need to ask questions of ourselves and those answers must come from ourselves, each and every one must take responsibility, the rest will be easy. The cat is out of the bag now, so, it’s time to guide that cat onto our lap and let it purr while we stroke it happily and contentedly, and put the Jews back in the bag. Let them find other ways to exists than off of our backs. People need to start looking more at what they do, you will be astonished. Or maybe you have a good handle on what they do, well keep sharing, keep making others aware of the situation the Jews have created for themselves with their criminal actions. There will be a time when the pressure is too great and they will fold, we’re already seeing signs of this. Viva La Liberte’!

goyim know

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