E and U are the New Twin Towers.

The doomed to fail EU, the experiment that is continuing to collapse from more than within. It is eroding itself with lies, corruption is it’s ethos and devastation of Europe it’s erroneous goal. The jailhouses will be full when the people organise and mobilise and unite with the forces of arms, when all illusions are shattered. The fallout will not even be spectacular as the indigenous Europeans have dwelt here on these lands since before time began. The foreigners have had a spell here and they have their own lands that they can use what they have learnt from us and take home to their own countries and build their own paradises for themselves and their offspring.

Europe is basically being dragged through the hedges with a hangover from 70 years of propaganda that has served only the victors of World War 2, the Criminal Jewish Mafia Zio Marxist Cabal. Under the guise of World Leaders our countries have been decimated from the top down. from behind closed doors has been the hidden hand of madness that has deformed our once great place to live and work, into a PTSD Rehabilitation Centre for the Criminally Deranged Jewish Pets from all over the worst affected countries due to Jewish greed within the financial structure of the One world government that they have created for themselves.

As ye sow, so shall ye reap!

As the Europeans are a very active and protectively organised bunch, the waking dreamworld scenario that many have of us have been born into is fading. Like the effects of a drug, the stimulus to keep us coming back for more is gone, because of the unnatural synthetic and artificial environments that have sprung up all around us. From the repealing of the Glass-Steagal so has the world further crumbled after such catastrophes as Black Wednesday, the Dot Com Bubble Collapse, The Sub-Prime Mortgage Collapse. The economy cannot, I repeat cannot continuously sustain these world wide catastrophes that are orchestrated by the banking cabals through their traders on the trade floor.

Remember the LIBOR scandal, where since as early as 1983 under Margaret Thatcher, the London Interbank Offered Rate  was fiddled everyday running up financial blackholes that the banks capitalised on, and refused to admit any problems. The monies invested in creating Alice in wonderland banking institutions would reach from here to the moon, yet in accountability, the money has not been returned. where did it go? How can every country suddenly be in enormous debt? It follows no logic that I know of, if you have anything to share, please write your answers on the back of a postage stamp as to why.

So, the crooks have been caught planning and conspiring their own agenda contrary to European interests, but as luck would have it, the EU is not an actual State. It has no constitution, but breathes life into itself by despotic governments forming allegiances between themselves with other peoples money. Nice work when you can get it. Where are the safeguard mechanisms? Where are the marshals designed to police the proper running of what must be the world’s richest amalgamating of Nation States? Do we even have either of the above. Did anyone care to think of anything preparatory ahead of time?

What kind of cowboys have running the ranch here, because they seem like a bunch of desperados taking their orders from the Israeli backed Jewish lobbys within each Nation respectively and from the invisible, yet active European Jewish Parliament. I didn’t even know Europe was Jewish, how did they get a Parliament? Too many unanswered questions soon add up to tell the tale in the end, so the Police in Brussels better start warming up those handcuffs, because the scale of this disaster needs bracing, and shiny bracelets and hemp necklaces are most befitting to the Zio Marxists that have thought they have the upper hand in conning everyone out of their hard earned cash. Enough is enough. Arrest Rothschilds, arrest Kissinger, arrest Blair, arrest soros and arrest all of the Rabbis.

Israel did 9/11 and they’re not doing it here. The place needs disbanding and they all need shipping off to Siberia where their own Jewish Autonomous Region exists and awaits. They can do what they wish as happily as pigs in mud, and good luck to them, they won’t be missed in Europe, that’s for sure. And the Arabs and Africans can go too. Fairs fair, the place has never known so much turmoil and strife. It’s not as if today’s world isn’t hectic enough without all of the problems designed to be placed on our heads by our wild psychotic lunatic fringe governments.

The chickens are coming home to roost!


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