My Friends Support Sweden!

I have so many friends on Facebook, over 1000 and almost 2000 soon. I have had many accounts, because Facebook has banned me in the past lots of times. I want to share my thoughts and the support for my thoughts for Sweden to be a strong self-determining autonomous country, even while belonging to EU. My friends, and I, have become very political over the years because of necessity. Much of Europe is waking up also because of necessity, and this is a good thing.

I lived in Sweden for a while before the refugees came, actually just before I left I met one, that was in 1991 Sweden for me was so magical, so natural and the people very nice and high class. I really couldn’t believe how high class and well informed. As the years have gone by so Sweden, in my eyes, has fallen because the generous nature of the Swedish people has been abused and is continuing to be abused. It has been a plan that Swedish people did not know they were a part of. A cunning and devious plan that has struck so many European countries, and also US, Canada, South Africa and Australia, who’s people are of European origins.

We are seeing terrible things happening to our lands, and it is largely because of globalism and now the immigration on top of that. So, while our mighty industries have been deconstructed or sold to China and India, now we are left fighting for our lives against slavery. It is the same battle all over the world, and the thieves continue to bounce from country to country to exploit the natural and human resources.

I have been sharing things from the great Swedish group “Folkets Sverige” as I have also become more interactive in the group and I’m enjoying the new friends viewpoints that I’m seeing. There has to be defence mechanisms in our countries to stop what is happening here. I think the Jewish funded extreme left have so many incredible and disastrous influences on the youth, which is manufactured in the universities. They are terrible and we should be looking to get away from the extreme left, as that will continue to become more monstrous. The things the extreme left hope to achieve are suicidal and genocidal, two combinations that Junker and Merkel and almost all the paid for leaders of Europe encourage through Brussels. I think we need to get back to our traditional lifestyles, be firm in that. Punish the Cultural Marxists for attempting to war against the Constitutions of our nations.

I think we are in the crucial moment right now, because any further on in generations and much of the national traditional cultures will be forgotten. Right now for Europe all of my friends are awake enough to know that Poland is actually doing great things for her People and this is achievable when we be who we really are. We are Europeans, we have shared interests in Europe. Europe is our home and we must protect it by ruling it for the best interests of Europe and Europeans first. A member of the group posted this beautiful song sung live by a Polish choir, I wish to share it and hope it is inspirational for you as it was for me and my friends. The song is here.

Lycka Till Sverige! You have more support than you know. Viva Sverige!!!


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