Good Cop Trump, Bad Cop Hilary.

It’s easy to see the game being played, obviously Jews pull the strings and they love to play the wizard behind the green curtain. As Hilary seems weak, following the Art of War tenet of when strong appear weak, and vice versa with Good Cop Trump. The reasons for stating this play, is that Trump is not saying the full script, which means he’s hiding some, and he is. He’s a business man, oh, well who treats everything as a business? His nose knows.

For example, the perfect scenario is here,  simply close the illegal terrorist hideout they call “Israel”, a term used to ridicule religious sanctity, which they feed from. Anything that can sort their configurations of presumed saintly actions, broadcast then using NLP/Covert/Conversational Hypnosis via all of the usual Talmudic outlets. Without knowing the enemy, how can one know the enemy?

In warfare, confusion, misdirection, ambush and illusion are all extremely profound concepts that can simply be thought and many things can then chain with just the thought now in existence, In finding what the Hindus called “Dharma” do not think for one minute that this concept, and indeed similar concepts of the same nature are alien to the Jews in the Yeshivas, and from there trickle down to the Jewish Community via the Rabbinical Synagogue criminal network, because that completely is the case.

Before we go, please immune yourself, for a minute here.These Rabbi;s, who the Jews call sages from past times, have been extremely patient in their foundational plannings in what appears to be spiralling out of control for them with the advent of the internet.  The mystical, or what could be called esoteric, spiritual or varying other types of intangibles is a very interesting thing. It is, for them, to reduce the vibrational qualities of our immediate environment, primarily, also as far and wide as possible, but in concentrating on the localised attacks I think the picture can mesh as to what’s going on and how.

The minorities question is not a question when minorities are not part of the equation. The word minority is but a concept and when dealing with people, which is politics, power, money and law, then spinning the flip flops of names of groups for political game is a shrewd way to conjure. With all the emphasis placed on words now, people are certainly distracted from what’s actually happening on the field, the field of battle in warfare. It is warfare, because they’ve made it warfare, and the camps in the theatre of that war, which is not the war, but is being sold as being it, are Trump and Hilary.

As with the flip flopping of the media play, so their are analysts and observers who have taken a step back, by not having a prejudiced mind, but looking for the positives in the world of the symbolic. Now, Trump represents, paradoxically, everything that the “Conspiracy Theory” movement has been uncovering. He’s seen as White, though is actually Scots/Irish/German by blood. He’s a businessman, which he was born into and hasn’t really done much with that other than manage to fluke himself on to a popular game show and springboard from there, but wouldn’t it have been better for America to have maybe, and I say this cynically with tinges of spice for thought provocating. For me the better businessmen, if we’re accounting for trump being the best of businessmen for America, the better ones would say be the Koch Brothers, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill gates. Are these not the real people, and many more besides, who the average man on the street should choose for the Presidency, why is that not a sacrifice these people aren’t ahmmering the door down to apply for?

There are particular reasons why the two who have been pitted against one another here, have been pitted. Symbolically Hilary would represent the mother of wisdom, of which Trump is playing the father. The usual charm of the father tends to outweigh that of the mother, and the polls are reflecting that. They’re a warring couple in a friendly, stage managed, battle. Every dramatic emotion is overplayed to a tee, Mossad training is far reaching and amidst all of its sophistication, concludes with the power of the bullet in the head, or the poison in the glass. Either way, for Mossad ultimate control is gained through this leverage is always that of accessibility to the mind control victims, which is what Hilary and Trump are, of course. Who in their right minds would choose to live how everything is being orchestrated currently? At least in the Philipines now there is a modicum of common sense with the new leader, will it be seen in the West?

As long as the voluminous hordes of people find it in their hearts and souls, which make up their conscience, as long as they continue to dismiss the importance of their place in society, then the spinal column of the human kind cannot form as it should. As the earth spins, so the space makes way for our journey, and it’s the same space that we breathe, this universe is infinite in some respects, but our immediate surroundings are not. And this means that we can dominate over the things around prosperously and with accumulating wealth for all, but not down the roads that the politicians are leading us. Ultimately will come the crunch, where the politicians and their Jewish paymasters will need to be apprehended, or they will basically find ways to do more of what they’re doing now in streamlined fashion. Hassle free, no more nuisance, just free energy as served by the goyims.



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