Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Or as the great orator Jonathan Bowden said how liberals would correct the title of this article – “Cleanliness is two steps away from fascism.” I look around and see so many fooled by the ones fooling the masses. When it’s pointed out to them, as they protest being fooled, they’re being fooled again when they say, “No, I’m fighting against that.” they really can sometimes miss the point.

We’re all looking for answers here, and to think they’ll fall out of the sky is absurd, but at least they do, or can exist. Nothing is new under the sun, is a saying that must hold some water, I mean what’s it’s origin. Why would people use that, or any other saying if they weren’t tried and tested? Which leads to the subject of cognitive dissonance, or living a lie, depending on how naive or conniving one may be.

I just heard a short video by E Michael Jones, who is coming out with great stuff, though I’m not 100% with him on his DNA issue, which hopefully he will expand on. The thing that struck me of what he said was that during a particular time of the Reagan administration that rocked the U.S., because they allowed Japanese cars in. It’s a fair point. But the thing even more striking was that he mentioned the have’s kept capitalism for themselves and have allowed Zio-Marxist-Socialism to be festered upon the remaining members of society. Basically to leave everyone else to fight for the crumbs what spill from the table, while the have’s feast to their fill, and waste as much as they can, as to not spoil the equilibrium for them.

So, when we see them on the make believe tv shows (talmudic video) smiling gaily, laughing and joking about how life is good. Then, they’re right, they’re having a whale of a time, at everyone else’s expense, but the accountant (jew) and the lawyer (jew) cover their tracks as long as they’re kept in service. Now they have created a fair few religions out of this, and it’s for not more than division. The Church of the Homosexual being an overarching Church that accepts anyone. These overlaps, Church of Banking, Church of Charities, Church of Warfare are all justified by the Rabbinical teachings that have morphed from nowhere into the Christian churches, and how they sing their praises.

Every societal clash now can be seen as something of an ambush on traditional institutes of Tribal Nations, pitted against Modernism. The tv implants the subliminal suggestions during times of watching, the media is the chosen companion to the workplace for commuters, drugs are laid on cheaply to the workers. It’s all very snug and benevolent. When a hiccup comes, one can simply not watch, as the media likes to say when they fill the Public Service Vehicles with their degenerate and sanctimonious claptrap. All of the groundwork for the Zio-Marxist Jews has been done in advance, now we are merely seeing the implementing of it.

What can be done? Well, they have not even hit home run with anything as yet, and they’re meeting much resistance, and that resistance is becoming fiercer and fiercer, but not aggressive. The resistance to the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, taken from E Michael Jones’s book title, is matching on all levels and people are locking onto it as the finer points get raised. These finer points are the broad strokes of the Zio-Marxists that they thought they would get away with. well, it will only take a few trips to the moon and they’ll all be off this planet. I wouldn’t like to be in their shoes, I wouldn’t like to be in their anything, because they have nothing… NOTHING!!! Nothing that hasn’t come from death, cheating, looting and robbery. Bullies always come to sticky ends.


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