Naming and Shaming Mossad and its Agents.

So, I’m just sitting here thinking how long it is going to be before people in public offices being asked to remove children, evict families, pensioners, arrest people for giving street dwellers food, etc., etc., etc. ever stop and think of the harm they’re doing. And the thoughts springing from that thought were very interesting, as we all know they will do nothing unless it has come down from above, or their insurance doesn’t cover it.

This has been the long game quest for me, to get to the bottom of the caper, and it’s just happens to lead me, and to lead me, and to lead me over and over again to Israel and all Jews in general. As every cliched model of processing this information regarding every last fibre of thought, action and non action is dovetailed into society for the benefit of the Jews, and they have to continuously juggle that equation, using politics, media, the usual outlets. So, in turn, every day we get on along the Mossad choo-choo, do we see that the track is still being built, but, and because of the internet, the train is travelling much faster than they can keep up with.  The deal is, no matter the train coming off the tracks, which is happening right now, in slow motion, shlomo, haha, but here’s the kicker, what if there’s an ambush, or many ambushes waiting, what’s your call?

There’s nothing good about being ambushed, especially after being given the stupidest pointless and most expensive ride in the history of mankind. Time to man up and baton down the hatches, the storm is here, woe be tide if you don’t heed the warning, and what have you got to lose being prepared anyhow? What if there is a conspiracy, Homosexuals are predatory, because they enjoy promiscuous sex, and lots of it. They keep money in their own sub-group and lure women into their way of thinking, who in turn fill their heads full of drugs to keep up now with the new hand of reality they’ve just been dealt.

Jews look to entwine vicious circles within societies of non Jews, they keep looking to stack their venom, they keep acting pro-Jewish, it’s simply their religion, and they’re a racial based religion. They don’t care about who gets hurt, they’re all flying high from an endless supply of drugs in their own clubs, clubs I’ll add where the jurisdiction is Homosexual. So the minority rule comes into play, well, we know which tribe also promotes minority rule, and jump on that fight for revolution.




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