FYI – Churchill didn’t declare war, it was Chamberlain!

So many people make the mistake of blaming Churchill for declaring war on National Socialist Germany, it never happened. Yes, his mother was a Jewess, yes, he borrowed as much money as he could squeeze out of them on the back of the collateral he thought secure as he had a large inheritance, and lost it like a good little goy.

Yes, he was a drunk, yes, he was behind much of the war crimes against the Boers in the Boer wars, where the Jewish paid for army sought gold and diamonds, using the unknowing minions of the Empire. The Namibian Blacks and other Black Tribal People, though some remained loyal to the Boers and the Germans, including the Irish. A portion of the Blacks were also used to do Jewish bidding, in both the South Africa Boer Wars and the Jewish War on German South West Africa, after Jews heard the Germans had found diamonds there..

Yes, he did further commit war crimes and needs to be tried for such, along with the other Jew Bomber Harris. Yes, he was a failure as a leader in the war, yes, he got America involved through the International Jewish network, which was always the plan, because, and still to this day, Germany is a powerhouse of Labour. Jews think in different ways to us normal people, they live off of people, so they need to think of ways to do that, and they’re obviously past masters at it, but Chamberlain was definitely not a Jew, though the Jews had had in England in their back pocket since 1815 and the victory over Napoleon at Waterloo, which was another Jewish set-up.

The Jewish God is the god of war, money, bestiality, homosexuality, paedophilia, necrophilia anything goes in their world, because they have no conscience. Their religion also can shift so, one minute it is the religion of lies, the next of distrust, the next of deception, the educating they get hammers homes what they need to know to be followers of the Anti Christ.

churchill-stalin-240810 (1)2

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