Capitalism is Chargeable Communism.

Whereas in a Communist State, one benefits from Communism as that which the revolution was fought for. So Crapitalism is a thing which is chargeable for the benefit of what freedoms are allowed in the class system matching the pay grade. So, while many a shekel makes a Merkel, then the history of Jews as a People wandering all over spills some rather interesting clues about how their imminent demise is to come about.

Obviously the Jews, hidden from the serfs in the backwoods of the aristocracy’s closets, can do as much mischief as they can. For example where Palestine sits they have set up a Non-Constitutional State, which was formed from the King David Hotel Massacre of 1946. Thereby now giving the area, and not the People of the area prior to the Terrorist activities in forming the rogue State.

I have spoken to former East German Germans who live and work now in what was West Germany, yet they wish for their Communism, and there is the window which displays that they are getting the same Communism benefits, but they have to pay for it now. Who would pay for that, when they have come from a State where it was free? Admittedly there wasn’t the concept of supermarkets there, as that was part of the luxurious  Capitalist West’s system. The famous experiment is with a Jewish scientist working with yoghurt culture at one of the universities of America.

Some yoghurt culture was taken in two batches from the same batches, when electrical current was placed through one of the two batches, which were the same batch before being split. The second half of the batch showed a response to the electrical current. Now, no matter how far the culture was placed, even half of the country away, the other half responded to the current when it was switched on. This baffled the Professors, and they could not identify what it was in the culture that was recognising the electrical currents from so far away. They were basically judging the awareness of the culture based on how they perceived their own awareness’s to be.

Amazingly it was the Jewish NLP Guru and CIA/Mossad/Mi5/Mi6 operative of Stanford Institute, Richard Bandler who explained that it is necessary to only charge less parts of the culture and the response will be less, and less as the batches are diminished. Until finally it is accepted by the culture. This is basically the model of how Communism morphed through the ages. Here’s what Carl Jung had to say. And here is a link to a free pdf copy.



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